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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.31]

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Happy Halloween, y'all!
I hope this week's "Ten on Tuesday" finds each of you well-I hope y'all are all getting to enjoy this crisp, cool, and sometimes downright cold weather we're having down in Alabama right now!
I for one am a huge fan of cool weather so I'm enjoying every single second while it tip-toes in between hot as blazes and freezing cold.

On Saturday, my husband I went to the Alabama State Fair with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and we had such a great time!
It was freezing cold, but we went out to eat, went to the concert, walked around the mid-way, and I got a lemonade so it was a win.
Fair lemonade is always the best. 
Brother's Osborne played that night and it was a pretty good show, they sound almost exactly live as they do on the radio.
But man, I enjoy guitar solos as much as the next person but I feel like half of their concert was guitar riffs and solos...I can't sing along to that!
They did play my favorite country oldie-Dinosaur by Hank Williams Jr. so they redeemed themselves there. 😉
Have you ever seen them live before?!

Have any of your Target's changed over to this new design?!
It's so beautiful & aesthetically pleasing-I hope our Target decides to change over.

So sometimes when I'm working away on blog posts or online banking or whatever I'm doing on my laptop, I have music playing in the background.
Sometimes it's Spotify, but sometimes it's also YouTube.
Recently I've been tying in Country Coffeehouse Playlist & really enjoying what's been coming up-it's a fun way to discover new music that's for easy listening.
My recent favorite is a cover of the One Direction song Perfect by Lucie Silvas-it's so, so intensely good. Her voice is amazing. I highly recommend checking it out!

I love purses, bags, clutches, etc. but I just don't ever want to spend money on them.
That's probably why I only have four bags to my name currently and three of them have been gifts. 🙈
But when I saw this clutch come in my e-mail last week, I fell in love.
It's perfect for Fall & Winter, I'm definitely adding it to my Christmas list for this year!

If you're an antique lover like me, you probably adore ginger jars. They have the prettiest aesthetic & are beautiful to display (you can even hide things inside them!)
This ginger jar with gold detailing is a perfect example of one you can buy new that's stunning with an antique feel.

If you're going out tonight & you're looking for a last minute costume idea, consult the gurus over at Southern Living!
They rounded up some fun combo outfits for you & your beau or your bestie to dress up as...personally if I could get Chris to dress up, I would love to go as Johnny and June Cash.
Or, we could go off-list & be Forrest Gump & Jenny-that one is easy and cute!

I may have already started a small wishlist for Christmas...I can't help it, y'all-it's all the Hallmark Christmas movies I've been watching, they're just getting me in the holiday spirit!

These pearl stud earrings are perfection & so classic.
This sheet mask set from Sephora would be perfect for me and it's a great buy too-very affordable!
I have coveted this perfume and have to smell it every single time I go by a perfume counter in a department store-it's so intoxicatingly good.
How cute is this long-sleeved tee? The pup on the back looks like my Forrest!

So I was outside on our deck taking some product shots for Instagram & future blog posts and my furry sidekick was hanging out with me, practically begging for me to take his picture-so of course I did!
Forrest is the best dog in the world & so photogenic.
Would anyone be interested in a post about him? (How we got him, etc. Let me know in the comments!)

I've been on a cleaning binge lately, maybe because it finally feels like Fall or maybe because I know the holidays are quickly approaching & we'll be having people over more.
But whatever the case, I had been cleaning our master bathroom & practically dying because of the chemical scent lingering in the small quarters, so I went to Target (the answer to all of life's problems in my opinion) and found this cleaner.
It's on the "green" side, but has awesome cleaning power. It cut right through grease in my kitchen and grime in my bathrooms while leaving a pleasant scent behind.
I bought the grapefruit (& later the apple-that's how addicted I am) and the grapefruit is the best, but they have tons of other scents.

Since it was so cold on Sunday, I whipped up a big batch of this potato soup in my crockpot (a great, inexpensive piece of kitchen equipment you totally should buy if you don't have one!)
This corn-potato chowder is next on my list to try!
I especially love any type of soup that is super easy, the potato soup I made only had 4 ingredients (not counting seasoning)-it uses frozen hash browns too, so it's super fast.

Let me know what you're eating this week, especially if it's easy or crock pot related!

Until next time. . .


  1. Don't worry, I've already started a Christmas list too! I even went by Target (totally agree that it's the answer to all life's problems) after work today and stocked up on some Christmas decorations as they were putting them out haha. Such a fun time of year!


  2. Oh shoot! Target with the new beauty aisles!!! It'll be even harder for me to not spend money there oh my goodness!

  3. The fair looked fun!! And the target redesigns look awesome!

  4. My DVR is FULL of Hallmark Christmas movies! I'm trying to hold off on watching them but I'm going to need to start clearing them out to make more space soon!

  5. I work downtown Minneapolis by Target Corporate so our Target was one of the first to change. It is just beautiful! Love the new design.

    xoxo, Paige

  6. Your pup is SO cute!! I always love fur baby posts. <3

  7. Your pup is precious! How fun does the state fair look?! My radio station broadcasted live from the largest fair in Vermont but since we're a small state it really wasn't a big fair and was kind of a let down lol!

    xoxo A

  8. I always start gift shopping right after Halloween so I'm right there with you on the Christmas list haha. And I love my slow-cooker baked potato soup too! The state fair looks like so much fun!

  9. Totally agree! Fair lemonade is EVERYTHING!

  10. haha! Im pretty sure I mentally create a Christmas list in my head all year. My husband spoils me (within reason.) haha! I have a lab too, a chocolate!

  11. Oh my goodness, pearl studs are always my favorite go - to!

  12. Your pup is so cute!! My little buddy always hangs out with me while I'm taking pictures too.

  13. That new design at Target looks nice! I'd lovelovelove it if mine changed over to that design soon!

  14. Your dog is adorable!! Thanks for that corn potato soup recipe, definitely going to make that this week.


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