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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Five Mama Essentials

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P.S. How was Charlie ever this small?! I can barely remember that!

I've officially made it 5 months as a Mama (23 weeks, to be exact!)!
It's been quite a journey & to be 100% real with y'all, it's not always sunshine and rainbows.
I am so incredibly thankful to have been entrusted to be Charlie's Mama. He's the sweetest, happiest little boy who makes my heart burst. But sometimes he also wakes up three times in the middle of the night, and sometimes he doesn't want to take a nap, and sometimes he is scared of the vacuum cleaner so I have to hold him and try to vacuum at the same time (okay, that last one is every single time!)
But despite all of those things, I wouldn't change my position for anything in the world.
But there are a few things that I trust to get me through each day. . .
Actually, I could name about one billion essentials, but these are the first that came to mind!
I love having a few essentials and a few little luxuries that just make my mama-heart happier.
I've had an espresso machine on my wishlist for a really long time, but I couldn't stand the price tag.
Basically, all I really wanted was a milk frother to froth milk for coffees at home.
I picked this one up at Target with some Christmas money and it has made my inexpensive coffees at home so much more luxurious. Call it bougie, call it self-care...either way it's a small thing that has become essential for me and makes it a little bit easier since it's so much tougher to get out for fancy coffee now.
I wrote a blog post about a year ago on how to get your best night's sleep & this was part of one of those tips. Now that I'm a mom, the sleep that I do get is so essential.
I was gifted an eye mask just like this one many years ago & it has been so helpful in blocking out the light and helping me get really good quality sleep in the time that I do get to rest.
The molded shape keeps the eye mask from irritating your delicate eye area, too!
I have been getting the Sephora Play! Box for several months now & have found so many awesome products in there that I have ended up purchasing full sized.
This eye cream totally changed the game for me after bringing Charlie home.
I knew just how important it was to make sure I was still taking care of myself while taking care of him, so I was diligent about using an eye cream-this one is wonderfully hydrating & magically makes my dark circles disappear after applying it. I will always repurchase this for my AM eye cream now.
I'm pretty sure I shared this in our one-month essentials blog post but it has definitely stood the test of time, until he's almost six months old & I think this will continue to be a staple for a long time.
If you're breastfeeding, you have to hydrate a lot-even if you aren't, it's so important to stay hydrated anyways!
This cup keeps your water cold and keeps ice all day long, I just use these straws and they work great. Definitely something you need to always keep on hand!
Oh, and another plus-you can use these for coffee too, that way that cup you pour at 6 AM will still be warm when you finally get around to drinking it at 8 AM.
This is probably the biggest help to me out of all of these things on this list.
I was recently sent this devotional book and while I always read the books sent to me, I don't always love them-and I'm always brutally honest about that with y'all.
I didn't know what I would think about this one; would it be cheesy? would it even really apply to me?
Well, it rocked my world.
I love that the daily devotions are short (usually just over two pages and totally readable), they are extremely relatable even to me as a young, first time mom, and they always seem to come just on time.
I love sitting down in the mornings with my planner & my first cup of coffee and catching up with the days devotion, but you know what-they are still as powerful when I don't get to them until after I've tucked Charlie into bed at night.
It's all a part of self-care for me, taking a few minutes to support my soul and lift myself up...that's definitely an essential.
I hope y'all enjoyed this little roundup of some of my essentials & I would love to know what little things made your life a little easier (and maybe a little more luxurious!) the first few months of becoming a Mama. Leave me a comment below & let me know!
Until next time. . .

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