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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ten on Tuesday [No.55]

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Y'all, can you believe that it's been since the first week in January since I've shared a Ten on Tuesday update with y'all?!
Basically 2019 got here and I absolutely hit the ground running. Life has been so busy (with no end in sight) but it's been the best kind of busy...let's catch up!
The biggest of big deals was our short trip to New Orleans with the American Farm Bureau to compete in the Achievement Award category. We placed in the Top Ten in the nation which was a HUGE accomplishment for us. We were so proud of how we finished and it was such an honor to just be able to attend.
Also, I was so excited to wear this fun Lilly I snagged during the last After Party Sale-it was perfect for NOLA!
Also, you can't really tell in this pic, but we took a selfie with the President himself!
He came and spoke at the convention & regardless of your political views it's always neat to be in the same room with the leader of the free inner history nerd was geeking out!
Another fun thing-we took Charlie to the aquarium for the first time!
We went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta (which is a little over an hour away from us) and although we weren't really sure what he was going to think or how it was going to go...he rocked it!
He was so interested in seeing all the fish and the big tanks, we can't wait to take him back when he's a little bit bigger and I think it gave us confidence to take him more places like that!
 Big milestones are happening over here since my last Ten on Tuesday update.
Little man is eating solids now, three times a day.
His most recent favorite is peaches!
I put up a lot of fresh veggies in our freezer each summer and so it's been great to have those to pull out and put in our Beaba baby food maker to whip up for him.
I love knowing exactly what's going into his food, from where it was grown all the way to how it was made.
Also, Charlie has slept every single night in his crib since we came back from New Orleans!
He was napping in his crib before we left, but when we came home we made the transition and he's had a few rough nights but also has been sleeping through the night a lot more consistently so everyone is much happier!
He's such good guy, we're so blessed with him.
If you've missed some of my recent posts, I shared a five month update for our little guy and some of my Mama essentials.
 Just because I can't not share these again and again. . .
He's growing up so fast and I can't resist doing cute clothes and cute photos while he'll still let me...I mean, wouldn't you want a chance to kiss those sweet cheeks and thighs too?!
The lipstick I used was Mary Kay's Firecracker and his little onesie is this one (on super clearance if you want to hoard for next year!)
Okay, I'm a huge nerd-I'm fully aware.
But I'm here to share my obsession with the Hamilton soundtrack.
The music is incredible, the lyrics are fun and relatable, and I'm just a big history nerd.
I'm crossing my fingers that Hamilton comes back to Atlanta this year and the tickets are somewhat affordable and somewhat easy to get my hands on because I'm DYING to go.

From basically day one, we've taken Charlie most everywhere we go, and we go a lot.
He's been to a lot of different things and everyone just loves him!
A few weekends ago, we took him to the Alabama Cattlemen's Convention in Birmingham which was so fun-he found lots of things to add to his first birthday & Christmas wishlist from the Happy Toymaker-those toys are incredible!
 And we also took him to his first National Wild Turkey Federation banquet and live auction, he was such a doll baby and didn't fuss at all. He just snuggled up to his daddy and fell right asleep, even though we were sitting right next to the auctioneer!
If y'all are as Amazon addicted as I am, I hope you'll pop over to my Amazon Shop to see some of my favorites!
I have them broken down into categories for Women, Home, Children, Books, and Miscellaneous so there's a little bit of everything. If I've added something, it's been purchased and endorsed by me!
Also, if you're in the market for an Easter basket I recently purchased Charlie's basket and liner on sale & I cannot wait for him to have this for many, many years to come!
I don't know if any of y'all follow April over at Smidge of This but she shared this phenomenal Brussels sprout recipe on her Insta the other day & I had to test them out. She claimed they tasted like salt and vinegar chips, which are a favorite at our house...and guess what y'all-they didn't disappoint!
Highly recommend trying these out for yourself, even if you don't like brussels!

Let me know below what is up with y'all!
Until next time. . .

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