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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Charlie: Eight Months

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(He won't have another visit to his pediatrician until he's 9 months old, but his 6 month stats are below)
Weight: 14 lbs and 11.5 oz 
Height: 26.25 in
He's fully in his 6-9 month clothes and I am SO thankful that it's short and bubble season around here because I don't have to worry so much about pants being the right length on his long legs.
He honestly wears his pajamas until after his first nap, then we change into a onesie for bumming around the house.
He only wears his smocked things or bubble outfits when we go somewhere nice because all he's going to do is get them dirty if he wears them at home 🙈😂
He does really, really well for his naps.
He takes two one-hour naps each day with a thirty minute catnap in the evenings.
His nighttime sleeping could be better, he still gets up at least once at night but since he's still a little guy I don't mind too much-usually that's somewhere between 3-5 AM.
He will occasionally sleep through the night, so I know it's coming and I'm trying to embrace those nighttime cuddles while I still get them.
Charlie loves his schedule, I can definitely tell a difference in the days when we follow it closely and when we don't.
We're finally 100% following the Mom's on Call 6-7 month schedule and will soon be swapping over to the 8-10 month schedule (which makes me SO sad because that will mean he's just that much closer to being one year old!)
Little man is doing great, health wise!
We spend a lot of time outside & it's hay season around here, so we have ventured out to help Daddy wrap hay a few times and of course, that kicks up the allergies for both of us so he has had a little runny/stuffy nose but nothing major.
We're so happy to have made it to eight months without any crazy illnesses, but definitely credit that to nursing, vaccinations, and making sure to build his immunity.
Bless Charlie's heart, he has been a little more fussy this month with his teething (still no teeth to show for it, either!) but he tries so hard to be happy.
Other than when his teething is hurting him, he's a cheerful guy. And he can usually be distracted by a trip outside, so it's not too bad.
Charlie still adores being outside, especially if you let him sit in the grass and crawl around.
He loves his big brother Forrest & will crawl over to him and try to touch his collar, Forrest is a patient pup and doesn't mind Charlie's touches and we definitely monitor the situation.
His new stroller-he loves going on walks around the neighborhood or going shopping and being able to see out!
Drinking out of an open cup
Eating food with his hands/trying new foods
His favorite foods right now are strawberries, blueberries, pancakes, and he loves to snack on puffs
Tommee Tippee Bib
When he can't have something that Mama & Daddy are eating (salsa and chips/spicy things/etc.)
Strangers-he's definitely having some separation anxiety right now and I don't mind him clinging to me 😉
-Sitting up! I finally feel confident in leaving him to sit by himself, because he can go from sitting to laying down easily
-He got to stay with his friend Anna Claire (her mommy kept them both for a few hours while I took Chris to get stitches in his leg) and that was his first time staying with someone not family
-Army-crawling all around the floor, he can go absolutely anywhere he wants to...and fast!
-Swapping to a big-boy car seat instead of an infant seat & a new stroller, too!
-Eating with his hands and starting our version of baby-led-weaning
-Says ma-ma-ma-ma-ma all the time & I'm LOVING it (He's also starting to say DaDa and Bye Bye, too)
-Helping me celebrate my first Mother's Day
-Getting his first two teeth; as of Mother's Day his two little bottom teeth are peeking through
-Clapping! It is SO sweet.
Places You've Gone:
To the Cheesecake Factory for the first time
Wrapping hay with Daddy
His first County Fair
Mama & Charlie's Favorites:
My oldest sister gave Charlie this book for Easter & it has quickly become one of our favorites to read! We love tacos around our house & our lab, Forrest has two "pet" dragons that he loves so it combines a lot of our favorite things. It's a pretty quick read & is funny, too. I think Charlie will continue to love it as he gets older.
Since Charlie has started eating finger foods, especially when we're out and about at restaurants things can get pretty messy, pretty quickly and this silicone placemat helps keep the mess to a minimum. It just sticks to the table and is relatively hard for Charlie to pull off. It keeps his food off of the table (because who knows how clean those are) and makes it a little easier for us to clean up his mess.
I've mentioned this on our favorites before, but it's still going strong eight-months in...I think it was a pretty great Christmas gift from one of my sisters to Charlie!
I can sit him in front of me on the table or in a chair at our kitchen table and the tray corrals his food now that he's working on eating with his hands. It cleans up really, really easily too and doesn't stain.
When Charlie goes out with us, we love to dress him in cute little shortalls!
The one pictured is from MudPie, but we have some from Bailey Boys and other brands. I purchase a lot of his through resale groups on Facebook or consignment sales. But MudPie does run sales quite often that are usually a great deal!
I picked up an activity cube for Charlie at a consignment sale, but the one I linked is very similar to his! Now that he's sitting up confidently and is starting to try to pull up I decided it was time to pull this toy out for him to try and he really enjoys it. The four sides and top provide a lot of different ways to play and keep him entertained.
I was getting so, so tired of having to lug around a huge pack of wipes in Charlie's diaper bag but could never find small sample sized packs, so I was really excited when I found this carrying case!
It fits perfectly in the pocket of his diaper bag and fits a good number of wipes. I can just pull it out by the wrist strap, grab a diaper and run and change him without having to lug the whole bag with me too, which is nice.
Lots of big changes have been happening for Charlie-one of those being that he finally is in a big boy car seat. We chose Britax because they are one of the highest rated brands. This one in particular was super easy to install, is supposed to stay cool (super important in the Alabama heat + Charlie is a hot-natured guy anyway), and although this is somewhat superficial, but I love that it's a dark color and matches the dark leather interior in my car.
When Spring rolled around, I knew it was time to ditch the socks and pick up some new shoes. He has some little loafers he wears with his nicest outfits, but these sandals are on his feet pretty much every time he leaves the house. They match with everything from casual shorts and t-shirts to his nicer bubbles and short-alls. They're also pretty inexpensive which I love, because he'll have to size up soon! They come in several colors, but I went with the brown because it will match everything he has.
Another gift from my sister, but this is one that Charlie has played with on and off for a few months...but since he's started teething in earnest now, he's using it a lot more. In fact, sometimes I'll catch him kicked back on his play rug in the living room gnawing on it-so cute! It's easy to wash too, so no worries there.
While we purchased his carseat from BuyBuyBaby in store, I hadn't done enough research on strollers to purchase one that day-but I knew I needed one because we love to go for walks and go shopping, etc.
The associate at BBB was very helpful and after leaving the store, I did a little more research & decided to go with one from Baby Jogger. Now, it's not a jogging stroller-that's just how the brand started and they've evolved over the years.
But according to the BBB associate, this is the slightly less expensive version of the UppaBaby stroller and after researching myself, I honestly think it's better!
I love that this can transform into a two-seater stroller using two seats like the one pictured, a baby seat, a bassinet, etc. So if we end up having a second baby, this stroller can work for that baby too.
But after having this stroller for a few weeks now, I can honestly tell y'all that I love, love, love it.
It's fairly easy to fold up, it's really well made and sturdy, and I love how easy it is to maneuver for a bigger stroller. Would highly recommend it!

Until next time. . .


  1. such a cute family! all these baby things overwhelm me like crazy, I haven't even started thinking about it yet ahhhh

  2. Ahhh, Charlie is so cute and getting SO BIG!

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