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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Five Things I Always Buy At: Old Navy

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I recently started following a YouTuber, Meagan May who started a little series on her channel about basics from different stores all over the internet and it got me to thinking about things that I always purchase from particular stores because sometimes we just like things from one store more than others, right?!

Today I wanted to share with y'all five things that I always head to Old Navy for when I'm shopping.
I might have similar items from other stores, but ON is my favorite for these five things-heck, it's honestly a favorite for lots of things but definitely these five.
I have love, love, loved ON's tunic tops for a long time but especially when I was teaching.
The neck isn't too low and they cover your hiney which I always found helpful (even when wearing pants!) Also they tuck in well to shorts for summertime. They're just really versatile pieces and ON always has tons of prints and styles but I particularly like this white version.
Please ignore the fact that Charlie has his full-on winter hat and coat 😂 and focus on the the super cute jammies that he is wearing!
We love ON's pjs because they're simple and adorable-they come in so many cute prints for both boys and girls. The ones pictured are a winter pattern, but they have lots of neutral options as well. and of course, seasonal options too!
I have never loved wearing jeans, until I discovered Old Navy's jeggings.
They are just like good skinny jeans-thick material that is just like jeans and functional back pockets. The waist band is also really thick and holds you in well. They're my favorite pants!
I have them in probably four or five different washes and they just hold up so well.
They go with so many outfits, so I included two pictures to show you my favorite ways to style them. (also the picture below is so old! I think it was back when I was at JSU in school)
FOUR: Shorts
I had to search for a picture in some of Old Navy shorts, which is crazy because I own probably six pairs of them-I guess I just don't take a lot of pictures in them!
In my opinion, ON does shorts really, really well.
They're always a good length on me and I love to get the higher waisted ones.
They always have good solids and printed options (I own a mix of both) and they're so comfortable.
The picture above is one from our honeymoon; I brought tons of their shorts for walking around Charleston and Savannah and they were great for the weather and the traveling.
The perfect combination of cute and comfortable.
FIVE: Ankle-Socks
Ankle Socks 3-Pack for Women
This is random, but these are one of the main reasons I wanted to share this post with y'all-because of the random things!
I think that ON has the bets value on ankle socks; you can buy them in sets of three for for $6 or sets of 5 for $11 but I always wait until they're running at least 40% off because that's the best deal (usually you can get 50% if you're patient).
 I love having cute socks (since they're covered when you're wearing shoes) and ON has the cutest designs like these animal print socks!
They don't last forever though, so just a warning that the quality isn't the greatest but they do hold up fairly well over time.
I wear a pair of socks around the house every single day, all day and wash them daily so they do wear with all the use and washing so they last me about a year since I rotate between so many different pairs.
They are definitely worth adding to your Old Navy shopping list, though!

 I would love to know y'all's thoughts below on these type of posts because I have a few more from other stores that I would love to do; not just clothing either...the comment box below is a great way to let me know your thoughts!
Until next time. . .

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