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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Charlie: Seven Months

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(As of his 6 month visit, he was. . .)
Weight: 14 lbs and 11.5 oz 
Height: 26.25 in
with a 44 cm head circumference
Still growing into his six month clothes-he's a long guy, but his waist isn't very big so bless his heart, he's having a hard time filling out his pj's and other clothes!
Teething is torture for babies AND Mamas, it's no joke.
He had been doing really well with his sleep, but now he has a really hard time going down at night and is waking at least once during the night.
I just feel so bad and know that once the first one breaks through, hopefully it will get better!
Charlie thrives on his Moms-on-Call schedule!
We haven't switched over to the seven month schedule yet, completely but he's still doing really well with his naps and eating times.
Charlie had his six-month checkup at the beginning of April & his doctor said he was a really healthy guy! She was impressed that he made it through his first six months with no ear infections and no bigger illnesses, and I was happy about that. She said he was a little light for his age, but didn't really see any problems with it so we're happy all around.
Very little crying for this guy!
Of course having his shots upset him & his routine some, but he bounced back quickly and has been pleasant ever since. He doesn't even fuss too much with his teething, just at night.
Being outside! Any time Charlie is fussy or upset, just taking him outside and sitting in the grass to play for a little while really makes him happy.
Petting Forrest, this month is the first month where he's really actively paid Forrest attention and it's so sweet.
Sitting up/sitting in the buggy at stores/sitting at the table in a high chair (he loves being a big boy!)
Babies! He went to visit a friend who just had a baby and he just wanted to love on Cooper, it was precious.
Eating what other people are eating (he wants to try EVERYTHING)
Drinking water out of a grown up cup or glass
Getting those stinkin' shots! They really upset our little man this time around.
Trying to sleep while teething
Sitting up solo for longer periods of time
Places You've Gone:
To Mrs. Tori's to have your 6-Month pictures done
To Emiliano's 9th birthday party!
To the Pediatrician for your 6th month checkup
To see the Easter Bunny!
On a date with Mommy & Daddy to Birmingham to Buy Buy Baby, Field & Stream, Chuy's, Lilly Pulitzer, and Shoppes at Grand River Outlets
Mama & Charlie's Favorites:
I picked these up from TJ Maxx for a steal & they have slowly become our favorite bibs. They wash so well, roll up really conveniently for taking to go in the diaper bag, and cover a good area of Charlie. They're really durable as well.
I actually picked these up for Charlie's Easter basket, because I knew he'd be closer to actually crawling by Easter (it's going to happen ANY day now, y'all!) but we broke into them early and now we keep some in the diaper bag in case we need a distraction. The peach flavor smell (& taste!) so yummy!
These are on super sale at Old Navy right now, so I couldn't not mention it.
It's the perfect weather right now for Charlie to start just wearing a casual outfit like this bodysuit during the day when we're just chilling. I love the little sharks!
These are an absolute must for keeping Charlie's puffs in the diaper bag.
They keep the snacks secure, but make it pretty effortless to just grab one or two out of the cup without having to unscrew a lid, etc.
I always try to share a book that Charlie & I enjoy with you each month and this one has been so fun!
Christopher has actually taken over reading bedtime stories to little man on most nights and so I always try to pick out a farm related book to make it a little more enjoyable for Da-Da.
This one is about three little piglets that are reluctant to go to bed, and this book makes them realize that bedtime isn't so bad after all. Right now Charlie doesn't have much say in bedtime, but I bet this story will be one he loves for years to come!
I actually picked up this driving toy at a consignment sale that I went to and when I pulled it out the other day, Charlie just loved it!
It makes all kinds of sounds and has lights and music, he loves to try to drive the tractor or truck when we're at the farm so this is his way of having his own way to drive.
My mom & sister picked this up for me from Wal-Mart and y'all...this is going to be a game changer for us!
The blanket is really big, has a waterproof bottom and an easy to wipe off (yet soft and comfy) top layer, it zips up to carry easily, and even has a pocket on the front to carry your phone, a book, or some toys.
Charlie loves to hang out outside and so we just spread this out underneath a pear tree in our yard and hung out yesterday, he loved it!

Until next time. . .

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