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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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I really think that Mother's Day is a special holiday & not just because this is my very first Mother's Day to celebrate that!
Mother's are amazing people-they have to be strong and fierce, wise and intelligent, funny and witty.
They have to know how to get every single kind of stain out, be able to whip up a meal at a moment's notice, host with a smile on their face-never showing the sweat on their brow, and be able to soothe both their babies and husband in one seamless motion.
They truly are miracle workers!
I'm not quite on the level that my Mama is by any means, but I do aim to be like her one day.
And I can't deny, this Mother's Day is a very special one being my first to celebrate as Charlie's Mama. I can't remember if I've shared this here before, but I honestly didn't know how much becoming a Mom would change me but it totally has, for the better.
I have a lot less time on my hands, but I have a lot more patience and am a lot closer to the Man Upstairs because of my mom-status.
Children are little miracle workers, too ;)
But in honor of those Mother's (and mother-figures who stepped up in an absence), I wanted to share just a little roundup gift guide for those special ladies in your life.
There are so many things here that would make beautiful gifts together or separately and I just know they would brighten any Mom's day!
I feel like most Mom's are always putting themselves last, not splurging on fun things and instead taking care of those around them.
This little floral case is the perfect treat for your Mom, it's guaranteed to make her smile every single time she pulls it out of her purse...well, maybe not-but I bet she'll smile every time she pulls it out when you're giving her a call!
Every mom needs a place to keep her thoughts, ideas, and dreams and this journal will be the perfect place for that. It's beautiful enough to keep at the bedside or on a coffee table.
When I think of Mom's, I always just think of a classic lady and nothing says classy quite like a signature red mani or pedi.
This nail polish is a stunning London red & would be perfect year 'round.
Bonus points if you take her out and treat her to a mani/pedi along with the polish!
I loved the mixed-media look of this apron, it's just so bright and cheery!
I think this is perfect for throwing on over Sunday clothes before serving lunch to your family or donning while baking with the grandkids.
This is another classic gifting option for any aged Mama.
I think this could be beautiful with either your Mother's initials or perhaps, if she's just a Mom to one-her child's initials.
It comes in silver or gold and has multiple font choices as well, so it will fit any Mama's style.
We all know that Mom's have a hard time actually picking up a book to read it, but any mom can find a few minutes to scan through a beautiful coffee table book.
Bonus points on this gift if it comes with an invitation for a beach trip ;)
When I look at this stemless tumbler, I'm just picturing laying out by the pool, sipping on a nice rose'.
In reality, my future pool days will be spent splashing with little ones and making sure no one drowns, but a Mama can dream, right?!
This cup would make a perfect gift for the Mama who just needs a break-pair it with her favorite wine for bonus points ;)
These are the perfect gift for a busy Mama who is running in a million directions!
These attach to things you don't need to lose; keys, cell phone, wallet, purse, etc. and you can use the Tile app to find them!
All Mamas deserve a good nights sleep & I know I couldn't sleep even as much as I get now without my sleep mask. I don't own the silk one (but it's on my wishlist) but I have heard how great they are.
Not only do they look totally bougie and fancy, but the silk is actually really great to have next to your eye area all night, rather than other materials. It helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines as well as being more kind to your eyelashes.
I love a good personalized gift, if you haven't noticed. I just think they show so much thoughtfulness because you have to actually plan in advance to get a gift like this.
These cases are raved about for good reason, they're impeccable quality and are great for keeping your makeup on your counter or under your sink, but also are awesome for tossing in your suitcase for a quick trip.
It also has a small interior pocket for tucking bobby pins, a sewing kit, or nail kit in.
If there is something I always need in my skincare routine, it's brightening!
If you too, are tired as a Mother, then you might want to not only gift this-but pick one up for yourself.
The rose scent of these Korres products are really delightful, too.
Plus, every Mama deserves a pampering session-even if she just wears this mask while she does the dishes.
Since having Charlie, I have been on the hunt for the perfect necklace to commemorate that experience. This necklace is 24-karat plated stainless steel, so it will hold up to Mom-life and the script is just stunning. I love that it's priced really fairly too.
If there was one thing from this list that I would love to give AND mostly to receive it would be this necklace.
This daintly-decorated cake stand would make a beautiful gift for the Mom who loves entertaining or baking. It would be perfect to pull back out for showers, teas, or just having friends over and displaying beautiful desserts.
Bonus points if you make or buy her favorite dessert and present her with the whole combo as a gift ;)

I really, really hope you found some inspiration in this post to gift to the ones who mean the most in your life; whether that be your own mother or grandmother, your mother-in-law, your aunts, your sisters who are moms, or maybe your wife who is the mother to your children...they all deserve to feel special!

Until next time. . .

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