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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Charlie: Twelve Months

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Charlie will have his twelve-month well check later this month & I will update and reshape with his new stats; I can't wait to see how big our precious love is!
Y'all, I took this picture last Sunday & for some reason to me he just looked like such a BIG boy all day. He ate pizza like a big boy (& had the pizza stains to prove it!), was dressed like a big boy, and was talking up a storm in the stores like a big boy. He's so fun!
He is somewhere between 9-12 months in most of his clothes, although the 9 months are getting tight!
I've been buying 12-18 months for the cooler weather and he'll be in them soon enough.
He's a sleep champ!
I am so thrilled that he falls asleep somewhere between 7 and 7:30 PM and wakes up somewhere between 7-8 AM.
He is still taking two naps a day, but I think that will be changing sooner than later because he's getting a little bit too busy.
Charlie's schedule is still pretty much the same as last month, he wakes up between 7-8 and I go get him from his crib & bring him in bed to nurse him for a few minutes before we jump up and start our day.
After we go feed Minnie Pearl (our bottle calf!), we come back and he plays for a little bit while I fix breakfast and then after that he eats and then goes down for a nap.
After his nap he'll get up and nurse again, then play for a while (we may go outside or something fun), then he'll have lunch about 12:45 and then go down for a nap at 1:30 till about 3 PM. He'll have a sippy cup of breastmilk and after that, it's a day of just playing or going to the farm until it's time to feed Minnie Pearl, then come home and feed Charlie and bath, then one more nursing session, a book, and bed.
Charlie is still as healthy as a horse!
We have seen the beginnings of tantrums this month & I dread it, but I know it stems a lot from not being able to communicate his feelings to us just yet.
He fusses mostly when he doesn't get to do things he wants (when he has to leave the farm, etc.) or when we need to change his diaper-he's not a fan of slowing down ever!
Being outside (always)
Driving or Riding anything
Playing in the water (whether the bath or his pool)
Going out to different places, he loves to people watch
Raspberries, cotton candy grapes, chicken & dressing, and peanut butter toasts are some of his current favorite foods.
Hearing other babies cry
Having to leave the farm
Struggling to learn something-he's so strong willed and determined, when he wants to learn how to do something, it frustrates him when he doesn't succeed right away, but he always keeps trying until he can do it!
Has stood solo a few times
Is now giving kisses (when he wants to)
Can drink out of a straw cup without handles
Is biting off foods instead of having to have his food cut into small pieces
Not a milestone; but a memory...when we took Charlie for his smash-cake pictures, he freaked out and started crying-needless to say, he overcame that fear later (check out the picture at the top!)
Meeting Coach Tubberville!
Places You've Gone:
Jacksonville & to Mamma Goldberg's-hopefully we'll get to take you to a game one day!
Clay County Cattlemen's Rodeo-your very first rodeo!
Your Aunt Trystan's & Cousin Cleo's baby shower
To Auburn for Homecoming & the Ag-Roundup Tailgate (to celebrate your & Daddy's birthdays) {Technically, this is happening today on the 14th, but I wanted to include it!}
Mama & Charlie's Favorites:
Carter's Two Piece Pajamas
I love footie pajamas on Charlie, don't get me wrong.
But the older he gets, the easier I find it to have these separates on him and plus, they are just so sweet!
This striped set is currently on sale for just $10 and I adore the neutral gray, but they come in several other colors/patterns.
Custom Embroidered T-Shirt
This is a custom tee I had done by a local girl, she does all of Charlie's custom pieces (this was one for our aquarium trip!)
She has a website now, so you can purchase from her there & you should, because her work is impeccable!
Even Superheroes Have to Sleep
This book was a gift from a sweet friend's Mama & hands down-it's one of my all time favorite children's books for sure.
It's so funny and I love the colorful illustrations.
I think it'll be a fun book for Charlie to read for years to come & I think it would make a great gift for any baby showers or children's birthdays you're going to.
OBall Car
I picked this toy up on a whim during a trip to Target for Charlie and he really enjoys it.
The tires have little balls inside so they rattle and roll around, plus he can easily grasp it.
Stacking Rings
Y'all, these are so cheap. Seriously one of the most inexpensive things I've ever picked up for Charlie, but he loves them SO much!
These are great for his hand-eye-coordination, too.
Goodnight Tractor
Every single night before bed we read Charlie a book (usually it's Christopher that does the reading). Lately, the book of choice has been Goodnight Tractor and it's one of the few books that Charlie will sit stock-still and look at 100% while you're reading.
He loves to turn the pages of every book we read to him, but he seems to study these before turning them-it's so sweet!
Contigo Straw Cup
Charlie has several sippy cups, but I feel like they're always in the dishwasher, so we can never have enough.
I wanted to start buying some that would grow with him & this one definitely fits that bill.
It's a good sized cup, but Charlie holds it pretty easily, it doesn't spill, and is pretty durable. It's also super easy to clean!
Until next time. . .

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