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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Empties [No.7]

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It's wild to think how much has changed since my last Empties post, back in April.
We've officially had our first full Summer with Charlie and he has transformed from a tiny babe to an almost toddler (I'm not willing to concede to that quite yet!)
Today's Empties is full of lots of products that I have loved (and some that I'm indifferent about or didn't like at all), but I want to share them all with you. Please let me know in a comment below if you have used any of these products and your thoughts on them!
I don't usually purchase holiday specific soaps (except for Christmas) because I tend to feel as though you can only have them out for a short time.
But the scent of this soap got me in the Spring mood and I had to pick it up, we just finished it off in our master bath after Easter was over.
The label was beautiful for before Easter, though!
This is the quintessential Fall hand soap-it's bright apple and fresh air, to me.
I love the label and the font of the title, I love how the scent lingers on your skin. It's so good.
Bath & Body Works Peony Pomegranate Foaming Hand Soap
I'm so sad that B&BW doesn't appear to be carrying this currently (maybe they'll bring it back this Fall/Winter) but it smells so good. Slightly fruity, slightly floral and all wonderful.
I especially like the label on this one!
I loved this scent for summertime in our guest bathroom.
It smells so clean and fresh, though pretty much if there is a scent from B&BW that has bergamot in it, I'll probably like it.
This one definitely gives a warm summer beach day vibe and I loved the label too.
Although I wasn't wild about the label on this one, the scent cannot be beat. Especially for the transition period from Summer to Fall-it's just the best.
It's a combo of outside (breeze and rain) and lavender. Just very fresh and almost laundry-like.
This was a very bright, fresh soap with a clean citrus scent that I loved. I also found myself really enjoying the black label on this one and almost wish they would make more of them (although seeing how much you had left was a little annoying).
This is a great, basic conditioner.
I honestly don't pay a lot of mind to the conditioners I use and don't mind going for a cheaper one from the drugstore.
This one smells really nice and made my hair come out soft and manageable.
This body wash does exactly what a body wash is supposed to do, it cleans you up.
I will say, this bottle lasts forever too.
The scent is okay, a little more musky than I was in the mood for, but I finished it up.
Overall, I think it's a good drugstore option.
When I think of Summer scents from B&BW, this is one of the classic ones.
It is so fresh and the mix of the coconut and lime reminds me of beach vacations!
This is my all-time favorite shave gel, and as I'm currently using up the Wal-Mart brand version of this, I'm wishing I had just repurchased the Skintimate brand because it's so much better.
This is very moisturizing and feels so good on my legs that can get very dry, it also helps me get a better shave.
I received this in an Influenster box & while it was nice and I feel as though it did make my hair really soft, it wasn't much more than regular conditioner, so I wouldn't waste my money.
I grabbed this on a whim at Target because of the clearance sticker (don't lie, you do it too!)
but it has become my favorite nail polish remover because you use less. It does such a good job!
I've already repurchased it.
I had only ever tried my favorite dry shampoo from Dry Bar until this came in my Sephora Play! box.
I didn't think I really needed this product, but I love the texture it gave and just how refreshing it left my hair. I will definitely be picking it up, I just want to kind of wait and see if it ever goes on sale.
I was sent this sample size in an Influenster box & after trying it out, I was so sold that I went and bought the full size after I finished out the sample.
It smells so good and leaves my hair feeling so soft, it makes me want to remember to use a heat protectant.
Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life
I love Soap & Glory's products, they all smell great and leave your skin feeling luxurious.
This scrub was no different, the scent is slightly sweet and the scrub itself is just the right amount of grit, not too harsh but it definitely exfoliates really well.
I'm using up one I had in backup from B&BW right now, but I'll definitely switch back to Soap & Glory when that one is done.
As you can see, I have both a full-size as well as a sample size of this product.
I tested out the sample from Ulta and fell so in love that I purchased the full-size.
It's everything I want in a hydrating moisturizer and I plan on picking up another full-size when I finish up my current moisturizer.
I was so thrilled to see this in one of my Sephora Play! boxes, but honestly once I tried it I was underwhelmed.
The scent is amazing, it smells like those yummy white chocolate macadamia nut cookies you can buy, but the scent doesn't linger and I feel like it's pretty overpriced for a body cream who's scent just goes away.
I love using up sample perfumes, they're great to tuck in your purse or for travel, but they're also awesome just to test out on a regular basis because I don't wear it every day and I always get them in my boxes and packages.
However, this one was not awesome.
It honestly smelled like mosquito repellant-it's a no from me.
I thought this perfume was nice, but a little mature for me.
It would be a nice daily scent since it's more soft, probably okay for if you worked in an office or as a teacher, etc. and didn't want your scent to be overwhelming.
If you're looking for a sexy date night perfume, especially during Fall & Winter I think this one is a winner for that.
It's slightly sweet, a little spicy, and very warm. I would totally purchase a full size of this one!
I wish I could remember who I heard of this from, because it is BOMB!
I know a lot of people love NARS or Tarte concealers and I'm sure they're great, but this one is less than $10 at Ulta (plus you can use their coupon on it) and it works so, so well. I always keep at least one on backup.
I know a lot of people love Caudalie products, but I didn't find this one to be special.
I used all of the product, but didn't see any skin changes so I wouldn't recommend.
I also didn't like the scent at all.
EOS Lip Balm Smooth Stick in Sweet Mint
This is my very favorite EOS product, it smells so sweet and minty (it almost freshens your breath when you use it!) and I love the convenience of the traditional chapstick type tube.
Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet
This was an Ipsy bag find from long ago & when I recently cleaned out my lipsticks, I knew this one needed to go because it was old & also because it had melted.
It was a beautiful wine color that was perfect for Fall, but thankfully I have several similar shades.
EOS Sphere in Coconut Milk
This is such a good option from EOS.
I do wish it came in a stick instead of the sphere, but the coconut milk flavor is slightly sweet and just smells really good. These are also really moisturizing for your lips.
Vera Wang Princess Rollerball Perfume
I grabbed this for like $5 at Kohl's one day and it has taken me forever to get through this rollerball!
I liked the scent, it's very clean and slightly sweet which is my favorite for day-to-day.
I think this could be good for all ages of women as well.
I was excited to try this hyped product from my Sephora Play! box, but was underwhelmed by it.
It sunk into my pores, but didn't really make them "disappear".
I don't really love a powdery look anyway, so this product just wasn't for me.
Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine
I am pretty disappointed that this isn't made anymore, because the shade of this bronzer was perfect for contouring on my skin tone.
This pan lasted forever too!
I did like this moisturizer, especially because it had some SPF in it which is always nice.
It wasn't my all-time favorite, but it would do in a pinch because it's not bad-it's just okay.
I never share my toothpastes here in my empties because I think it's pretty boring, it's just the same old same old every time I use one up.
But I did get this sample from Influenster and I really, really enjoyed it so I wanted to share with those of you who are considering swapping over to a more natural toothpaste.
I have tried those in the past and didn't like them, but this one didn't leave a weird film on my mouth and left me feeling clean and fresh.
I will definitely repurchase this when I finish my current Crest tube!
I love trying out new cleansers, especially ones from the drugstore & this one was a winner.
The smell is fresh and clean, plus the baking soda in the formula gives your face a nice scrub that is gentle on your skin. It left my skin feeling very clean, but not tight or stripped.
Acure Facial Cleansing Gel
This is a very basic cleanser, it's pretty affordable and does a good job of cleaning your skin but I wasn't crazy about the way it smelled and how it left my skin feel.
I've tried this moisturizer a few times & while I love Clinique products, this is just not my favorite.
I feel as though it almost just sits on my skin and doesn't soak in.
Plus, it has a strange scent that reminds me of old ladies 🙈
I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings on foaming cleansers.
I love how they feel, like they're really getting your face clean, but I have heard that they can be drying.
This one claims to not be drying and I didn't find it to hurt my skin at all, but I'm still a little weary.
It was just a fine, okay cleanser. Nothing special, but a basic drugstore item that would be okay if you needed one.
I always keep these hand sanitizers everywhere, especially with a baby. There's one in his diaper bag, one by his changing table, one by my seat in the living room, etc.
The Bath & Body Works ones are so fun because they have good scents, this one is lemony fresh and I highly recommend.
Sephora Micellar Cleansing Water in Yuzu
They don't seem to offer this on their website anymore, which is just as well because it was just an okay product, nothing special. I would recommend the other micellar water below or the Simple brand that you can pick up at Target.
It takes a lot to win me over, especially in a sample size.
This toner came in my recent Sephora Play! box and after using it for a few weeks, I was sold.
After having Charlie, I really struggled with breakouts and balancing my skin and it's texture.
This product really evened out my skin and helped me control and keep the breakouts at bay.
I will be purchasing the full size immediately.
Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water
I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed this cleansing water, since I'm pretty loyal to my Simple Micellar Water. This one took my makeup off and was very gentle, plus it had this wonderfully fresh scent from the Matcha Green Tea Extract in it.
I would probably buy this again during the Sephora sale.
I absolutely have loved these sheet masks from Exuviance.
I tend to get acne scarring & some slight sun damage and these really do help take those spots away when used regularly. They're also super hydrating. I love all the Exuviance products that I've tried in the past and these were no different.
Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks
One of my favorite things to get in subscription boxes is face masks and the like.
These under eye masks were fun to use, they're gold and look pretty.
They did offer some moisture but not a ton, and I do have to say that I'm sure there are less expensive options out there. But these would make a fun gift for a friend since they are pretty!
These were given to me by my sister because she tried them out and didn't love them.
I honestly didn't mind them at all, I especially loved the packaging because it kept the wipes really fresh (since I don't use one every night). They aren't quite as gentle as the Neutrogena ones, but I would probably pick these up again.
Would it be an empties post if I didn't include Neutrogena makeup wipes?
Probably not.
These are my favorite old stand-by and I always keep them stocked in my cabinets, usually a giant pack from Sam's Club.
My only gripe is I wish they could get a good plastic closure like the Equate ones.
Since I've been sharing a lot of baby & mom type content, I wanted to make sure I saved Charlie's empties as well so I could talk them over with y'all.
When we first brought him home, he had pretty delicate skin and would have baby acne breakouts any time we used scented products on him.
It is so difficult to find baby products without some kind of fragrance, but Aveeno really does save the day! This wash was so gentle and soothing on his skin, we loved it!
This is the main moisturizer that I have used on Charlie his whole entire first year of life, because it just does so well on his skin.
It's a thick cream, but absorbs well into his skin and doesn't leave him greasy.
I swear by this and the whole Aveeno Baby line!
When Charlie was finally able to start using scented things, this became one of my favorite items.
We used up a sample size of the bedtime lotion and I have another already stocked as a backup.
It smells so soothing with lavender and I selfishly love the purple bottle 😹
Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil
This was part of a sample back we got as a registry gift and this was really good, especially when Charlie was first born and his skin was more dry and needed something really gentle-this baby oil did that. It has great natural ingredients and didn't irritate him.
Johnson's Head to Toe Wash & Shampoo
I think Johnson's is the traditional baby brand & while Charlie wasn't able to use it at first, he has grown less sensitive over his first year.
We used up this sample size shampoo & body wash when I was trying to see if his skin had adjusted and he did well with it.
This is such a traditional baby scent that everyone loves!
I normally really enjoy the almond scent from B&BW but once this one got started it became pretty overwhelming. I liked it when I pulled it out of the wall for a few days and then put it back, just not all at once.
White Tea & Sage Wallflower from White Barn
White Tea is one of my favorite scents of all time and this wallflower was probably one of my favorites that I've ever had.
It smells so fresh and clean, but also neutral so it didn't overwhelm the room it was in.
I will definitely try to find this scent again!

Well, that's all y'all!
That was a ton of products for four months but like I've mentioned in previous empties posts, I'm really trying to be diligent about using up products that I own and not just buying more and more while I still have things in my cabinets.
There were also no candles this time around because I haven't been burning them too often & hardly using my candle melter for the ones I have burned up, but maybe next time!

Like I mentioned at the top, please let me know below if you have and love any of these products-I would love to know!
Until next time. . .

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