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Friday, September 13, 2019

To Charlie: A Letter To My One Year Old

My Sweet Charlie Man, 
I absolutely cannot believe that we're already here-one full year of loving handsome, mischievous, hilarious, special, sweet you.
As I look at the picture below, just a few short days after we brought you into this world, I distinctly remember the exhaustion & the overwhelming feelings that were going through my mind & body when those beautiful photos were being snapped.
You were so worth every moment-you are worth every single moment. 
 You are so, so special to me & your Daddy.
Our first baby, our little boy.
We decided on you & prayed for you.
You are our biggest blessing.
You changed our whole worlds-rocked them, really. But in the best way.
Nothing is the same & although it took some getting used to, being with you is the best new normal.
You have given me some of the best moments in this past year; spending time on the farm as a family of three (plus Forrest, of course), seeing you learn to love Forrest, watching you see all things for the first time and the wonder with which you experience them.
I love the way you are so focused and determined.
When you want to learn something, you zero-in on it and keep at it until you've gotten it figured out.
I adore the mornings we spend together, when I go get you from your room and bring you into bed with me for a few minutes. Nursing you has given us a bond like no other.

 We have had one full year of all of us learning this new way, of studying up on the best techniques for allll the baby things, of cheering you on at each new milestone, of seeing you succeed, of watching you grow and change each day, and most of all just loving you.
When you give those sweet, sloppy, open-mouth kisses or nuzzle your head up against my shoulder my heart both melts & bursts into a million pieces simultaneously.

Your Daddy & I have so many hopes and prayers for you in the future; 
We pray that you continue being determined and that you're able to focus that in a direction that drives you in the direction of all of your goals, because you have the ability to go so far, sweet boy.
We pray that your heart stays just as kind and pure as it is today. You're so sweet, generous, and affectionate and I love your heart.
We pray that your bravery holds true. You are so fearless, sometimes it scares my Mama-heart, but I know that's just who you are and so I try to swallow that and take a note from you, that we can all take a few more chances.
But know that for all of our prayers and hopes for you, while we do have them, we will always be your biggest cheerleaders and your supporters.
We will be your teachers and your confidantes.
We will love you & always, always have your back.
We love you so much, Charlie Horse!
Happy first birthday!

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  1. just casually holding back tears after reading this. so so sweet mama.


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