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Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Things Every Southern Girl Should Have

When you grow up in the Bible Belt, there are just some things that are must-have's for a Southern girl. In this post, I'm going to share with you the top ten things that I've always heard that a good Southern girl should have. Hope y'all enjoy!

1) A string of pearls.

Wordless Wednesday - Fighting Sororities For Some Prep

Whether they have been passed all the way down from your grandmother, were a gift from your beau, or you treated yourself after a big promotion at work; every good Southern girl should own a string of pearls. They can go with anything from a simple t-shirt or a an evening gown. 

2) A pair of diamond studs.

Round Diamond Stud Earrings

This follows along with the pearl necklace a bit, but all good Southern girls should have a simple pair of diamond studs. They make great gifts from parents or beaus & you can wear them every single day so you'll always get your money's worth out of them. Plus, aren't diamonds a girls best friend?

3) Something Monogrammed, Something Seersucker

All good Southern girls know that monograms are the world's greatest invention, but seersucker is a close second. I was going to include seersucker separately but when I saw this dress on my Pinterest feed I knew this had to make the list. I want this in my closet, don't you?

4)  The perfect cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots :) love the worn look of these!

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I have an obsession with cowboy boots. 
It takes time to find the perfect pair, but every good Southern girl should own at least one pair that are broken in that she can wear to tailgates, barbecues, or even weddings. 

5) A Lilly Pulitzer dress.

Lilly Pulitzer Gabby Shift Dress in Jellies Be Jammin worn by @Haley Shepherd | Sequins and Things

Lilly is known for her fun, flirty prints and her variety of styles of dresses. Lilly can be worn to church for Easter, to weddings, to tailgates, or out to dinner. Every Southern girl should own at least one Lilly, because they just make you happy.

6) Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers sandals now available at Perspicasity, Seaside Classic, and Seaside Kids!

As you can see, Jack Rogers come in every color you can imagine & also in a variety of styles that aren't pictured. These sandals can be paired with a Lilly to church or a wedding or even with Norts and a tee to wear to class. They are the most versatile shoe I have found! Every good Southern girl needs a shoe that she can just slip on and be automatically classy and sassy. 

7) The perfect Mason jar

This mason jar glass from Kiss My Southern Sass reads, "When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea, & thank God you're a southern belle". Perfect for sipping sweet tea by the pool or at the tailgate!

Get it here for a discount when you use the code KMSSJSU 

8) A classic purse.

hermes bag and scarf Frockage: Hermes Birkin bag

Whether it is Birkin or Chanel, every good Southern girl should invest in a quality bag. We all need a bag that will be able to take us from class, to work, to cocktails afterwards.

9) The perfect pair of cutoffs.


A Southern belle can spend her entire life searching for the ideal pair of cutoffs only to find that the best ones can't be bought, sometimes you have to do them yourself, or sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon amazing ones at the thrift store. The point is, they are a Southern staple and it just would be un-Southern not to own a pair. I love how in this picture they're dressed up, but you can also slip them on over your bikini for trip to the lake.

10) The perfect beau.

Saddles & Sperrys...Here Ya Go...This IS The Man Who Lives Here's Summer Style...Simple Shorts, Simple Shirt...Throw On Flip Flops Or His New Croc Slip Ins, He's Ready For The Night!!

I just want a man that looks like this and loves God. Is that too much to ask?

It doesn't matter if he prefers Chubbies or Wranglers, it's what's in his head and his heart (and maybe his trust fund too!) that counts! If he treats you like a princess, takes care of you, prays with you, makes you laugh, and ultimately loves you more than anything else...then that's the perfect beau, and doesn't every good girl (Southern or not!) deserve that?

I hope y'all enjoyed this fun little post, I know that everyone isn't Southern, but I'd like to think that these can apply to anyone!

Until next time...

xoxo, SS

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