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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Letter to Myself at 15

To my fifteen-year-old self, 

It's me, the twenty-one year-old version of you. I know it doesn't seem like you'll ever reach this point in life, but you will & it'll be the sweetest ride. Enjoy everything. Every single bump, every jolt. It won't be easy, you'll spend some nights in tears over boys that broke your heart & you'll spend more nights laughing until you cry with your best girl friends. 
Those sleepovers that you do every weekend? Take those in, look around & take a million pictures. By the time you're twenty-one, some of those girls will hate you. Some of them don't live near you. Some of them have families of their own. 
Eat way too much popcorn and watch too many movies. Gossip too much. Do each other's hair and makeup. Swim in the dark and sleep until lunch time. 

Don't waste time on guys that don't try to be with you. You'll find the man of your dreams. 

Remember that cute, older guy that lived down the street? You'll be together one day. And trust me, he's worth the wait. 

You've got so much to look forward to. You might lose your high school friends, but you'll gain friends that you couldn't imagine your life without.

Friday nights will always be the best memories, cheer on your team and don't miss a game. Oh, and you'll win the rivalry game your senior year-soak that up. Legends never die. 

Most of all, be confident. Don't waste your time feeling lost and confused because you don't fit into some box that everyone tries to put you in. Stand out and be proud. Be loyal. Be smart. Study hard. Be sweet. 
And above all, just enjoy it. 

Your Twenty-One Year-Old Self

P.S. & for the love of everything that is precious, learn how to do your hair & makeup...& maybe buy some new clothes. Or don't, because all of that stuff that was in style back then...definitely not in style now. 

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