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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fall 2014 Playlist

When I think of fall, I think of Pumpkin Spice lattes, apple cider, bonfires, candles in warm scents from Bath & Body Works, and layering clothes. But one thing that gets swept under the rug sometimes is the soundtrack to fall. It's not the same as the soundtrack to summer which is all feel good, upbeat song about the beach or the lake. Fall has those party songs, those sing-along songs, but it also has those slow songs that can either bring a tear to your eye or make you want to pull your girl/or beau in close. 

Here are a handful of what I'll be playing this fall...what about you?

1) Burnin' It Down 
-Jason Aldean-

2) Perfect Storm
-Brad Paisley- 

3) It Goes Like This
-Thomas Rhett-

4) Sober 
-Little Big Town-

5) Tailgate Blues
-Luke Bryan-

6) Carolina
-Corey Smith-

7) Old Flame 

8) That's How I Know You Love Me
-Justin Moore-

9) Who I Am With You
-Chris Young- 

10) Whiskey in my Water
-Tyler Farr-

Some are old, some are new but all of them are really good. 
Give it a listen, they just might surprise you. 
They're perfect for sitting up on a tailgate by the bonfire or riding dirt roads with your best friends. 
I know I'll be playing them when I go shopping or to class!

Until next time...
xoxo, SS

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