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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fall Book Review

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I have a confession to make.
I had to take a slight reading break.
I read the first book on this list & then after that, I wasn't in the mood to read for like, two weeks-which is crazy for me because I've always got a book going.

But I guess my mind just needed a little break, and now that it's over I'm back to readying-yay!
I managed to read four "real" books since my last roundup in September and then one book that I'll elaborate on more in just a second-but they were all pretty good books, so let's chat about them.

This is another book focusing on a couple within the Amish sector, which Beverly Lewis is famous for.
I thoroughly enjoy these, especially this one since it followed a young couple who want to court each other but it's during a time where the Amish are beginning to split into a New Order versus the Old Order where things are not quite as traditional.
It was very interesting to me to learn about the New vs. Old Orders and I of course (like any chick) liked the romance aspect.
If you like sociology or just learning about different cultures or lifestyles than your own, I highly recommend reading some of Beverly's books!

I was able to get an early release copy of this book through a blogging program that I'm a part of, so it actually releases mid-February...but y'all, this is probably either my favorite or second favorite book on this entire list this time around-it was SO good.
The story follows a young Isabella Grayson who is the daughter of a successful newspaper owner as she discovers her passion for journalism & her passion for learning more about aviation.
It's got a little romance but a whole lot of sass in the main character, which I love.
She's headstrong & passionate which are two things I enjoy in a lead character.
I highly recommend you check this book when it becomes available-you can preorder it now for $15!

If you love a good Hallmark channel romance story, then this one is totally for you.
I loved the setting, the Four of Hearts Ranch in Texas and the main character is another fireball woman, Maggie Hope.
She is a journalist (I'm starting to see a pattern of the types of characters that I like to read about-haha!) who has an advice column.
She covers for a friend who is another journalist and ends up interviewing a cowboy named, Tru.
The story involves a bet, a rough childhood, a story of overcoming obstacles, and learning to ask others before you tell yourself they deserve better.
While some might say it's stereotypical, I think it's a good light read and after reading things like Girl on the Train like I did last time, I needed a few "feel good" stories under my belt.

Christmas at Carnton by Tamera Alexander
If you've been following my blog, you've probably read about my trip to Nashville this past summer with my husband. And, as a huge history buff I had to squeeze in at least one historical outing while we were there-I chose to go to Franklin, TN to visit Carnton Plantation.
So, it seemed only fitting that I chose to read this book to get into the Christmas spirit.
This book is either my favorite or second favorite on this list (competing of course with, Across the Blue).
It's the story of young window Aletta Prescott, who loses her husband in the Civil War.
She's left alone with her young son & another child on the way.
In the beginning of the story she loses her factory job & finds employment at Carnton for the holiday season.
You can tell that the author has been to Carnton and done their research-since I had been there I could trace Aletta's footsteps through the house & property and really envision it in my head, it was wonderful!
Although there were some sad parts, overall I loved the Christmas spirit that it imparted upon me and would definitely recommend for you to pick up for the Christmas season.

With the holiday season coming up, I couldn't help but pick up this little coffee table/reference guide for entertaining!
I've always loved formal occasions, what's not to love?
This book, while being beautifully bound in a linen-type cover and having beautiful photographs, doesn't skip on actual information.
It takes you through all kinds of settings; everything from setting a dining table all the way to serving breakfast in bed and all the places in between.
I love the fresh ideas that it brings.
I think this would be an especially good gift for a newly engaged or newly-wed couple, perfect to help them build their registries or be of great assistance for a first dinner party.

Let me know what you're reading below-I'm always looking for more inspiration!

Until next time. . .
Some of these books were provided by BookLookBloggers & Blogging for Books in exchange for honest reviews, but all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.


  1. I think it is awesome that you make time to read! How To Set a Table sounds like a great gift idea.

  2. These sound like such good stories, especially Christmas at Cranton with the holidays coming up. Now if I just had more time to read...

  3. Betting on Hope sounds like the kind of book I’d like a lot! Adding it to my Goodreads shelf ❤️

  4. I love Christian fiction but I've actually never read any Amish fiction! Maybe I should check out one of Beverly's books!

    xoxo A

  5. ah i need to get to the library! I have so many books on my "to read" list - adding across the blue now!

  6. I can always appreciate a good book list! And you've got a good variety going. The table setting book caught my attention- I'm looking to step up my game this holiday season :)


  7. Oh I need to check some of these out!! You read so much

  8. I'll have to check out some of these books! I'm always trying to find new good reads.

  9. I've never heard of these, but after reading your review of Across the Blue, I'm definitely interested in getting my hands on that. I'm currently in the middle of reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer and Once and For All by Sarah Dessen.

  10. Great selection of books. I have always tried reading books outside of my favorite genre. I will consider some of the books you mentioned.

  11. I'll have to read some of these books! Across the Blue seems great!
    -Carine |

  12. I'm reading all of the self-help books before the new year and my new jobs stops! But Across the Blue looks so good!

  13. I've been addicted to the 'Daisy Dalrymple mysteries' on audiobook!

  14. I haven't read a good book in awhile, so I'm excited to check some of these out.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  15. I'm not currently reading anything now, but I do have a few books on my "To Read" list! Here are a couple for inspiration: Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines-- I really enjoyed The Magnolia Story, so I really want to read the new book! Also, The Road Back to You by Ian Cron-- I've been into the enneagram lately, so this one sounds interesting.

  16. i LOVE reading books that have a physical location I can visit... how awesome that you got to tour carnton and read that book!


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