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Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Goals

Hey y'all!
We're creeping our way slowly into my favorite part of the year-the holiday season.
Today kicks off the beginning of three posts per week as we gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas content because I can't wait to give y'all help as you complete your Christmas shopping lists.

But today's post is all about goals-goals for this upcoming month & checking up to see how I did for October's goals...let's take a peek at how I did for October's goals:
Hit 50,000 Steps Per Week:
I consistently got over 50,000 each week in October-sometimes going up into the 70,000 step range!

Take Another Round of Outfit Photos:
Success-once again!
My sister took some outfit photos for me on our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and then I took another set of photos on Halloween that I'll be sharing this month.
I'm loving sharing my outfit creations with y'all & hope y'all are loving it as much as I am.

Purchase New Fall Plants & Re-Do My Front Porch:
I'll count this as half-done.
I did pick up some mums for Fall & instead of decorating the front porch (because our trim & columns just got finished yesterday & the door is next) I decorated some hay bales with my mums & pumpkins (you can see it in this post!)

Get the Downstairs Painted
I'm so excited that I've checked this off of my list. I'm hoping the next step will be staining our concrete downstairs, but that's a bigger job that I won't be able to tackle by myself.

Hit 950 on Instagram
As of today, right this second, I'm sitting at 944 followers on Instagram, which is incredibly close to my goal.
At one point this month I did hit 950, but with people following just to unfollow I lost that.
I'm working on posting diligently & interacting and engaging so I get real followers that actually care-like you!
If you aren't following Southern & Style on Instagram, will you do it?
I share super cute pictures of my pup, Forrest (like this one) sometimes! 

November Goals:

Get Christmas Cards in & Mail them Out
I ordered our Christmas cards Wednesday night (I can't wait to share them with y'all!)
and I'm hoping to get them in the end of this week or next.
I've got a post coming up where I'm going to share them so I can't wait to do that.

Finish my Christmas Shopping
I've been trying to do this for months, but November is the month where I really like to kick it into high gear because I like to fully enjoy the month of December without rushing around to pick up last minute gifts.
Also, I think it's more special if you put thought into gifts & don't just run to the store and pick something out because you feel obligated to purchase a gift.

Stick to at Least Three Posts Per Week
This is the holiday season & there is so much I want to share with y' guides, sales, party outfit inspiration, etc. but I also want to keep up my Ten on Tuesday posts so the only option was adding in another day for posts!
Don't worry, you'll still see life+style type posts as well with my book reviews, outfit posts, and more!

Try Out a New Thanksgiving Recipe
Whether it be dessert or a side dish, I want to try my hand at something new this year!

Pull Out the Christmas Decorations
I'm really wanting to do it this weekend, but my husband isn't a fan of Christmas before Thanksgiving-so I might have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving!

Well, I think that's enough to challenge me for this month...let me know below what your goals are for the month of November!

Until next time. . .


  1. I hope you achieve your November goals! I'm also looking forward to putting out Christmas decor after Thanksgiving :)

  2. Ah good luck on your Instagram goal girl!! IG is so frustrating these days but it's always better to have real followers than bought ones! :) I want to do Christmas cards this month too!

    xoxo A

  3. Just followed you on instagram! I can get really disheartened with instagram, I feel like EVERYONE just follows and unfollows. It's so annoying. You have great goals for November! I don't think I will finish my Christmas shopping this month BUT I'm going to try to start haha (:

  4. Great goals! And ugh aren't those follow-unfollow Instagram trolls the worst?

  5. These are great goals for November! I'm actually working on both a Thanksgiving sides and a desserts post so I've got you covered there haha!

  6. I am so ready to pull out the Christmas decorations! So fun :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. Such great goals for November, I need to start making my Christmas cookies.

  8. I love these goals! I've got so much on my to-do list for this month!!

  9. I can't wait to fill out all our christmas cards, I ordered them a while ago with a coupon code from minted. so they have just been sitting in a box. I also need to redo my back patio gardening but for some reason, I am not really up to it.... maybe when it gets a little cooler. I also really want to buy a second christmas tree for our master bedroom :)

  10. Sounds like an exciting month ahead!! I really want to get our Christmas shopping started too because December is busy enough as it is!!


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