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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.32]

Now that it's November does anyone else feel just a tiny bit of panic set in that maybe you aren't ready for the holidays just yet (I'm talking to you out there that haven't even started Christmas shopping) or maybe you just aren't ready for 2018 yet?
That's me today-I just looked at my planner and saw what all has to be accomplished before the end of the year and I'm tired just thinking about it.

But let's take a break from all that for like, 15 minutes.
Check out what's up for this week's Ten on Tuesday!

I don't always share a lot about my horses on the blog, mainly because they currently reside at my parents farm and I don't see them every single day.
But this past week I spent some time hanging out with Willow and she was being a little nosey when I pulled my phone out 😉
Is there anything better than a soft pony nose?

'Tis the season for Christmas cards! 🎄🎅
I've already shared my favorites (& I've ordered mine already!)
but I wanted to let you know that it's the details that truly matter when sending out stationary-like calligraphy addressing.


I've shared some really good posts on the blog the past two weeks, in my opinion and I don't want you to miss any of them!

Did you know that Joanna & Chip Gaine's Hearth and Hand collection released at Target on Sunday?!
Here's a few of the pieces I'm hoping to pick up:

We all know that Ina Garten is one of the kitchen queens of this world-check out her Thanksgiving recipes here to impress everyone at your table.

Is it totally out of fashion to still be reading magazines?
I know most everyone probably reads digitally now, but I still love to read both books & magazines in their paper forms!
Two of my favorites, especially for Fall-time are Martha Stewart Living (because she's almost as amazing as Oprah) and Southern Living.
They have the best recipes & decor ideas.

Rachel shared a really cozy, Fall appropriate look over at Something Delightful.
The orange cardigan is something I totally need, right?

Get rid of these 31 things to make your life happier & make you more successful.

It's the 300th episode & supposedly there will be characters that remind us of Izzy, George, Cristina and more!

Let me know what you're into this week below...

Until next time. . .


  1. I used to have a horse when I was younger. I kind of miss having a horse but I live in the city currently. I have not even thought about Christmas cards this year. I may have to put something together but I would love to take Christmas pictures (which won't happen this year). I need to check out your recent posts!! Also, I will be taking a trip to Target very soon.

  2. I'm just NOW starting to grab Christmas gifts. I'm usually way more on top of things. Sigh. Oh well, there should be a lot of great deals this month so that will help!! Aw, your horse is too cute - look at that nose!!

    I LOVE reading actual magazines; I subscribe to so many of them. I actually have a feature on my blog called Glossies Made Me Do It all about ideas you get from magazines. We'd love to have you join in - first Friday of every month (and the link stays open for a couple weeks after).


  3. I absolutely cannot believe (but also can) that it's the 300th episode of Grey's this week. It's funny, I was thinking about how practically unrecognizable the show is now compared to the earlier days and wondering what to do with that. So, I look forward to this week's episode! I appreciate the diversity of your round-up as well as the price-points on the merchandise!

  4. Ugh can I just have one of everything from the Hearth and Hand collection? The cookie cutters are too cute!


  5. Your horse is adorable! I used to ride growing up and I miss it every single day. Also, the Hearth & Hand line is SO dangerous. I just want it ALL! I already picked up a few things and started decorating for Christmas.

  6. Magazines are still in :) I like the 31 things to get rid of in your life. It's always good to be intentional about things like that!

  7. I totally felt that panic when I realized it was november and christmas was right around the corner. I'm so not ready!

  8. Can't wait to see the things you picked up from Hearth & Hand! I'm been waiting to go myself until my paycheck comes in haha

  9. That chick fil a sauce find SAVED my life! I'm obsessed with it!

  10. I always thought it'd be great to have a horse! Willow looks precious :)
    -Carine |

  11. My mother-in-law has horses and I absolutely love spending time with them. Even my kids are obsessed with them!

  12. I need to get back on the Grey's Anatomy bandwagon! I love that show so much and am behind like 2 seasons!

  13. Christmas cards are the most exciting this period!

  14. I haven't seen the Gaines collection in person yet but I've heard nothing but good things about it!

  15. Christmas cards! Nothing lovelier than some Christmas music, and signing cards by a fire!
    Tori || Victori Media

  16. Totally making my own Chick-fil-a sauce! That sounds delicious!


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