Thursday, December 14, 2017

I'm Dreaming of a White(ned) Christmas

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 Happy Holidays, y'all!
This time of year can be so busy and tiring, it leaves you with hardly any time for yourself.
On the other hand-this is also a season in our lives that is highly photographed-from Christmas card photos to family photos at holiday parties someone always has a camera out & if you're like want to be ready!
Not only 'tis the season for photos, it also 'tis the season for coffee & wine-just pick your poison!
Both of these do a number on my smile, so when Smile Brilliant contacted me for a collaboration I jumped at the chance.
I've wanted to whiten my teeth at my dentist's office forever, but the price tag swayed me.
Smile Brilliant's prices range from $179 (heavily stained teeth) to $129 (for lighter stained teeth), which is practically a fraction of the cost of whitening at a dental office.
They also have options for those with sensitive teeth or those with less than sensitive teeth.
 When I received my box in the mail, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed by all the steps but the instructions are so easy to follow & although they provide three sets of the base & catalyst to mix for the impressions-I only needed one set for each impression because it was so easy.
There are also instructions & tips on the Smile Brilliant's website to make it easier for you.
  After you send off your impressions, you receive two custom-fitted trays (one for top & bottom) and they truly fit perfectly!
The process for whitening is so easy; simply follow the instructions on the color-coded cards (orange for whitening & purple for desensitizing).
1) Brush with only water on your toothbrush
2) Put a thin line of whitening gel on your trays and apply to your dry teeth
3) Set your timer for the time you're most comfortable with (I started at 45 minutes per time & have worked my way up to 2 hours over time to help with sensitivity!)
4) After your timer ends; rinse your mouth & dry your teeth
5) Apply the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes 
Then just sit back & wait for your pearly whites to develop!
After using this product for the past few weeks, I'm ready for all the Christmas parties, I won't even be hiding my smile this year!
I love so many things about this product, but the run-down is this. . .
-It's easy to use, all of the instructions are very simple & they have great online customer service as well
-It's inexpensive when you compare it to the price of a dental office whitening (who doesn't love saving money?!)
-You can do it from the comfort of your own home!
I mean, look at how Amy-Cole Photography was able to capture my smile in our Christmas photos!
If you're going to do anything for yourself this holiday season, please consider taking care of your smile-it will give you so much confidence and make your season (& smile!) merry & bright!

And y'all as if that wasn't good enough...y'all didn't think I'd let an opportunity to give y'all presents pass, did you?
This giveaway is for a $139 Smile Brilliant credit & is open to my readers in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia and will be open for one week-so make sure you enter to win!

If you're not in the mood for a giveaway (or you just can't wait to get your hands on this kit, you can use the code SouthernAndStyle10 for 10% off anything on their website!) 

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ten on Tuesday

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It has been one heck of a weekend (one heck of a month, actually) and it's thrown me off my blogging/social media game...but you know what, I'm not even mad about it.

This weekend, Alabama had record snowfall-especially in my part of the state where we had from 10-13 inches of snow...totally unheard of in Alabama!
A lot of people lost power, including my family and I'm going to have a post going up this week about why that's such a big deal, but basically it was a weekend that forced me to dial back on putting up posts.
It was enjoyable, but now I'm back to the holiday hustle!

I told you Alabama was a winter wonderland over the weekend!
This shot was actually taken Sunday evening at sunset, so the snow had begun melting (it started on Friday night), but it was still so pretty.
There will be a full post with a lot of the wintery-snowy shots I took, but I thought this might tide you over!

I really enjoyed Easily Inspired's post; Coping with Country.
If you've been reading around these parts for a while, you know I'm a massive country music fan-it's pretty much all that I listen to.
That post totally resonated with me because it has different playlists of country music for everything you're going through from heartbreak to life changes.
It's good stuff & totally worth checking out.

This is a product I've pretty much raved about for...maybe three years now?
I worked with Exuviance back when I first started Southern & Style (anyone remember when it was Southern Stylista?!) and I've fallen in love with every product of theirs I have ever tried.
But this one-the Performance Peel is a favorite & every time I see it on sale at Ulta or wherever, I always pick it up.
This is something I use about every other week, depending on how the texture of my skin is doing at that point in time.

I love that it helps my (giant) pores reduce their size & it's a game changer for my skin texture.
It also has improved my skin's tone & made it seem more bright, which I appreciate.
Basically, I'm trying to stay looking young for as long as possible & the Exuviance peel does that for me at under $80. I don't know about where y'all live...but I can't even get one single peel for less than $100 at my local medi-spa, so this is a great deal & you can do it in your pajamas at home on your couch in less than an a half-hour.
P.S. I think this would make an amazing Christmas gift for the skincare lover in your life-or if you're trying to introduce someone into skincare this is a great first step!
You can find it on Exuviance's website or Ulta!

If anyone wanted to know what to get me for Christmas...Nichole Kidman & Keith Urban are selling their estate in Franklin, TN.
But seriously, give me all of that natural light!

I have a Christmas home tour coming up on the blog soon, but I wanted to share a sneak-peek of our tree with you today because I'm so in love with it.
It's a rustic mix of both pretty/themed ornaments and also some personal ones that we love.
Also, is anyone else currently obsessed with Rae Dunn?
I've liked it for a while, but never found any up until maybe last week when I was in TJ Maxx and found two mugs & a coffee canister.
They're SO cute & fit our decor perfectly.

Have you heard of the pickle ornament Christmas tradition?!
This is one we had growing up & it was so fun to sneak down to the living room and try to beat my two sisters to being the one that found the ornament.
It was one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I've already got a pickle ornament for my house-even though Chris and I don't play the game, we'll save that for when we have kids!

I've started thinking about what gift guides y'all might still need as Christmas inches nearer and nearer.
One that I think most people might want is stocking stuffers-so until I get that post put together, here are three ideas-all under $10:
-this facial spray, it smells so good and is so calming to my skin
-this fast drying top-coat, an essential for at-home manicures
-a pretty ring/jewelry dish that will fit in with any decor

If you're the youngest, then you feel this list too-I mean, especially number ten. Having two older sisters ultimately helped me be the coolest.

Has anyone else been on a Christmas music kick?!
I can't get enough!
Lately, when working on blogging or anything else that I have to really think while I'm doing it, I've been listening to instrumental Christmas music on Spotify and it's so relaxing & is the perfect background noise.


If you read my December Goals post, then you know it was one of my goals to reach 1,000 Instagram followers before 2018 and y'all-I made it!
I know 1,000 isn't many to some, but y'all-when I started this little blog/instagram of mine all I wanted was an outlet to post things that really didn't fit on my personal social media accounts.
I didn't want to bug my friends, family, or anyone else that might see my personal accounts with pictures of home decor or beauty items so this was my free space.
I'm just so glad 1,000 people want to see what I have going on!
If you want to follow along, you can find me @SouthernAndStyle

Tell me below-if you're in social media/blogging, do you set number goals?
I would love to know what your next goal is!

Until next time. . .

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Goals

December is probably one of my most favorite months of the entire year; it's so warm & cozy, I love the festive feeling that you get when you see all the sparkling lights, the decorated storefronts, and the wrapped presents with the shiny bows.

Let's see how I did on November's goals. . .
Get Christmas Cards in & Mail them Out:
I do have my cards in, but my oldest sister is doing calligraphy on them so when she returns them to me this weekend I'll make sure to get them mail out quickly!

Finish My Christmas Shopping
I'm almost done, I just have to purchase a few more things for Christopher & two other gifts-I'll be done!

Stick to at Least Three Posts Per Week
Done & done!
I'm so excited to have kept up with this throughout the month of November & I'll definitely carry it out through December as well.

Try Out a New Thanksgiving Recipe
I tested out a recipe for sweet potato casserole & it was a hit at our Thanksgiving gathering.
I'll be preparing it again for a family Christmas party, so I'm excited about that too.

Pull out the Christmas Decorations
I got the Christmas decor up the day after Thanksgiving!
I still have a few things left to put out, but it's pretty much done 🎄

For December's Goals. . .

Get the House in Shape for our Christmas Party
We have a family Christmas gathering & I'm so excited to host everyone!

Finish my Current Book
This is such a busy time of the year for me & so I'm in the middle of a book and I really would love to finish it before the New Year!

Try Out my New Elliptical
Chris & I bought a used elliptical machine a few weeks ago & it's still in our garage.
I need to move it into our basement and then try to get in at least two workouts per week if I can squeeze them in-we'll see how it goes!

Reach 1,000 on Instagram
I have been working on growing my Instagram & since I hit 950 I've been growing faster, which I am so thankful for!
I would love to hit 1,000 followers by the end of the year!

Let me know below what your goals are for the last month of 2017!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.36]

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Now that December is finally here, can I just say that I am thrilled & totally in the Christmas spirit?!
This past week was a busy week and this week is going to be/has been busy too but it's worth it for all  the joy and excitement that comes with the season.
Also, I just want to address the fact that there was no Saturday post up...I had a post scheduled & had left the house before my 6:30 posting time, so I just assumed it went up...but blogger flaked on me and it didn't post & by the time I got home that evening it was too late to post it so you'll get that one this week!

Last Thursday I made a little trip to Birmingham to spend the afternoon with my sister doing all kinds of fun stuff.
We met at the Summit & browsed through Belk, Lilly, Anthropologie, and Paper Source...then we were starving so we headed to the new Bar Taco & y' was so yummy.
We split the chips & guac and then I had a lunch combo of a chicken taco, pork taco, and chorizo taco with chicken soup (& Mexican street corn on the side too!)
It was basically my favorite meal ever.

After that we headed to Mountain Brook Creamery for a quick and delicious ice cream, then after a quick stop by Trader Joe's I headed back home!

Have you seen these deodorizing hairbrush liners?!
Not only do I think they would be amazing for keeping your hair fresh, I think they would be a game-changer for keeping your hairbrush clean.

On Sunday afternoon I had a lazy day & spent it working on blog posts and watching maybe one of the best Hallmark movies I've seen in a long time-The Christmas Train.
If it shows again, you definitely need to watch it-it has Brad Paisley's wife, Kimberly in it & I just love her!

 On Thursday night when I got back from the 'Ham, my mom & other sister came over and we headed back to my little Junior College town to see their Christmas musical.
I wore these shoes and was totally obsessed. They were warm & comfortable & cute!
 My former school always puts on an amazing show & of course I had to come see my favorite Mary (Callen-on the right below-has been one of my favorite people since she was a little girl, so it was fun to see her perform!) and her cousin Madison is also one of the little girls I grew up loving!

Did you catch my surprise Monday post?
I linked up with Sarah, Victoria, and Emily to share my Christmas wish list.
I also really need to add this cozy robe to my list as well because I wish I had it on right about now!

I made this Green Chili Chicken Bake last week & it was a winning recipe-quick & easy!
We ate it with Spanish rice this time, but I think next time we would eat it in burritos-it's yummy either way.

I smelled a sample of this perfume in the Holiday issue of Marie Claire & now it's definitely been added to my wish list-it smells so good! 

So on Friday I'm hosting a family Christmas gathering & so when I was planning out this week's schedule to get the house prepped, I turned to no other than Better Homes & Gardens to help me whip the house into shape.
Their 7-Day Cleaning Plan is perfect for any gathering that you're having at home & so I'm going to combine a few days and get my house holiday ready 🎄

Saturday I performed the ultimate act of selfless love...I woke up at 5 AM to go to Livingston, AL (three hours away from where we live...on the opposite side of Alabama, almost in Mississippi) to attend a bull sale with my husband and his parents.
It really was enjoyable to spend time with him & plus he treated me to Dreamland ribs & banana pudding on the way home 😋

Erica shared 10 Ways to Choose Joy this Christmas season & it's totally spot on...I especially love the idea of sharing season's greetings with everyone-it doesn't happen all year that you can share "Merry Christmas!" as you open the door for someone else!

I hope y'all enjoyed this week's little roundup, let me know below what you're up to this week-any last minute additions to your Christmas wish list?

Until next time. . .

Monday, December 4, 2017

My Christmas Wish List: 2017

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I hadn't originally planned to share my Christmas wish list with y'all this year, but when Sarah, Victoria, & today-Emily sent out their list of prompts for their December link-ups, I couldn't resist participating in a few of them!
Since y'all didn't get a Saturday post due to a error, I thought today might make-up for let's chat about what's on my wish list.
This is the highest end item I've ever put on a Christmas wish list-so I'm basically shouting this one out to my husband, but I've got a Tacori wedding set and I really adore my wedding band.
I've wanted a band for my right hand for a while, but this would also be perfect to wait and receive for an anniversary gift or when we decide to have babies. Definitely not something I expect at all, but definitely a wish!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before on the blog, but I've been journaling daily since my high-school days so needless to say I go through journals quickly.
I love this yellow one that says "A Likely Story", but I also love leather bound journals and decorative journals as well.

When this first popped up in an email from Mark & Graham I knew I needed it in my life!
It's the perfect size to use as a clutch for going out to dinner or for drinks, but it would also work for slipping into a larger bag to keep items separate.
It's a quality piece that I feel would last and age well, too!

This is more of a stocking stuffer item because it's only $6, but I do need another bottle of this because mine is almost used up.
If you've read my Spring Nail Polish Picks from last Spring, you would've seen that I use this every single time I paint my nails to make the polish appear as though it's actual gel polish-just without the time spent at the salon (& without the price tag!)

I've wanted a monogram necklace for a long, long time and I'm hoping this is the year I'll find this one under the tree!
It's such a classic, timeless piece-especially for us Southern gals.

I'm a sucker for a pair of cozy socks, but I especially love these double-layered ones because they are so warm.
You can pick up cozy, fuzzy socks pretty much anywhere but this $5 pair from Target are a pretty good deal.

If you were to creep in my kitchen drawers, you would quickly realize that I have an addiction to tea towels.
This one from Etsy is so pretty & dainty!

This is another item that is high on my list this year after wishing & dreaming over it for several years now.
I'm not big on buying new purses...I honestly own maybe four bags total (not including my clutches, which I do love) so wanting this is kind of out of character.
But I adore the Axis print & love the quality of these bags.

I have a favorite local boutique that is always burning these candles when I'm shopping there & they smell so good.
I'm usually loyal to Bath & Body Works candles, but I would consider branching out to try this one!

I've been obsessed with Ginger Jars for a while now & have started quite the little collection, however there's always room for more of these in my house because I use them everywhere!
Etsy has a selection, but I recently found some affordable ones at Target as well.
My favorite ones I've received though were finds by my mom & sister that they discovered at a local antique shop.

I was able to try out the Wonderful Double Cleanser through Influenster & I know I'll be so sad when I run out of it, so I thought Christmas was the perfect time to ask for this set of Ole Henrikson products that includes that cleanser that I love so much!

I'm a face masking fiend-I love doing them, especially sheet masks because they're so much less messy than traditional masks.
This set from Sephora seems like a great deal, but you can also usually find great sheet masks from TJ Maxx too.

This highlighter has been on my list for quite some time, but I've been struggling to pull the trigger on this too because it's a little pricy.
This link has it for $19 though, so if you've been wanting it or wanting to buy it as a gift-this is the place to get it!

I definitely don't expect to get all (or any!) of these things, but they are all things I've had my eye on for one reason or another...maybe you've found something to get the 20-something woman in your life ❤

Until next time. . .

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Gifts for Women: On a Budget

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Is anyone else completely into the Christmas spirit, now that Thanksgiving is over?
I totally am!
Our Christmas tree is up & most of the decorations are out, it's just a good and cozy feeling...and one of my favorite parts? Giving presents!

There is just something special about picking out the perfect gift for each person on my list, I work on it all year long to get it just right & I love it so much.

Today I'm rounding up gifts perfect for the woman in your life, especially if you're shopping on a budget. Everything on this list is below $40, but most of it is much less than that!

Some of my favorites from this list would be the idea of giving a yummy favored coffee with a pretty mug-I love little sets like this so much!

The tumbler and the planner would also make an adorable match made in heaven-perfect for the girl in your life who is always on the go.
And while all of these gifts are cute when paired, they are equally as amazing on their own!

All the items are linked below in the widget-make yourself at home & click away to find yourself the perfect present!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.35]

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Happy Tuesday, y'all!
I hope each of you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend full of food, family, friends, and football-all the best things in life, am I right?

Speaking of football, my Auburn Tigers took home the Iron Bowl win against Alabama and clinched our trip to the SEC Championship to play Georgia again!
I'm not a fired up, ride or die football fan-but I love Auburn the community and the school, just the entire feeling of Auburn, it's unlike anything in the world & I'm so proud of this team!

P.S. this picture is like 3 years old & Chris and I look like babies!

My skin has basically been revolting lately, I'm thinking it's just the change in the weather-but I'm trying to get things balanced so I've been looking at my skincare trying to decide what to nix and what to add.
In my research I found 6 Reasons to Add a Toner to your Skincare Routine and so I'm definitely going to be doing this every night...anything that will shrink my pores!

My oldest sister & I are headed to Atlanta in January and of course I'm going to try to trick her into visiting the brand new Draper James store!

If you missed Saturday's post; make sure you go check out Forrest's Adoption Story & I also give 10 Reasons to Adopt instead of buying a pet-it's got lots of good puppy pics in it too 😍

Have you seen on Facebook where everyone is sharing the photographer who took picture's at Lowe's pictures?!
This almost makes me want to go have a photoshoot in the garden department, almost!

This video of a protective Golden Retriever mom is so adorable!
She doesn't want anyone touching her baby!

I was wearing this palette on my eyes on Friday at my family's Thanksgiving gathering & when you mom notices how bomb your eyeshadow know it's good.
At under $40-this palette is a stunner & a great buy. Everyone needs it!

Yesterday I got most of our house finished being decorated for Christmas-I have just a few last minute touches, so of course Chris and I cuddled up after dinner, had hot apple cider,  & we I watched CMA Christmas, which is my favorite because it's got all of my favorite country musicians singing Christmas songs.

I picked up these beautiful monogrammed cards yesterday on sale for less than $10!
It's so difficult for me to find things with my last initial, so I jumped at these. 😊

 Has anyone else been watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies?!
I have a DVR full of them and whenever I know I'm going to have an hour or so to kill, I put one on.
Sunday night while I was working on our tree, I watched One Starry Christmas and loved it so much...basically if there's a cowboy, I'm gonna like it. 😉

So y'all-let me know if you're ready for Christmas yet below-do you have your decorations up? Do you have your shopping done? I'm dying to know!

Until next time. . .