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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Wreath DIY

I know when Halloween ends & November begins, it seems like everyone jumps straight to Christmas. I'm a huge fan of Christmas, but you can't just skip Thanksgiving!

My mom asked for a Fall-inspired wreath & I was more than happy to help her out, & this is a wreath that can easily be changed into a Christmas wreath...let me show you how to make it!

First, you have to gather all of your supplies.
For this wreath, I headed to Hobby Lobby & picked up several things from the Fall aisle (all 40% off!)
I got several sprigs of leaves, a small burlap pumpkin, and a sprig of assorted Fall floral (sunflower, leaves, etc.)

I got a grapevine wreath (which wasn't on sale, so I was able to use my 40% online coupon)

And a roll of burlap ribbon...

I worked out where I wanted all of the leaves, going up one side of the wreath.
I attached them by simply inserting them into the vines & twisted them in the back until they were secure.

Then, I moved to the other side, where I started by placing the pumpkin (twisting the wire in the back) & then I worked in the other floral pieces behind it in the same manner.

The bow at the bottom was possibly the hardest piece of the entire wreath.
I measured out the ribbon as much as I could while it was on the roll (so I could minimize the mistakes).

The size of the bow depends on how big you want it to be, but basically I looped the burlap to the size I want my first loop to be, then I move to the other side & make a loop of the same size.
Then I make a slightly larger loop-after going back to the first side, then I move to the other side and make a loop slightly larger than the one in front of it.

I take a small piece of burlap & cut it, then I wrap that around the middle creating the bow.
I put the "tails" on the bow separately & secure it all with hot glue.
Do NOT hot glue the actual bow to the wreath if you want to be able to transform it to a Christmas wreath/Spring wreath/etc.

I didn't mention this in the above supply list, but I raided my gift supplies when I was trying to find a way to secure my bow to the wreath.
I had about 6 inch piece of thin navy blue ribbon in my stash & I used it to secure the bow to the wreath (simply tying it instead of gluing it) & it looks great, you can't even see it!

Here is the finished product!

It looks even better hanging up on my mom's red door & the best part of it is that once Thanksgiving is over, I can take all of these pieces off, go to Hobby Lobby & pick up some more Christmas-y decor & change the entire look & save lots of money.

Let me know what you think? I am obsessed with it & can't wait to do Christmas ones for C's house...that is if I can bear to part with my precious U's!

Until next time. . .


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