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Monday, October 31, 2016

October Empties

Hey y'all!

I've been so busy the past month or so that I haven't even emptied my empties y'all are reaping the benefits!
I will say that these are some of my favorite kind of posts because you truly know someone's true opinion of something if they have used up the entire thing, so I'm going to give you my full reviews on each product!

So many good stuff this month!

Sometimes if you get the "good" magazines like Bazaar or Elle they send the deluxe foil sizes.
I don't mind trying them out because I love sampling products & saving money-they add up!
This shampoo and conditioner were really soft & smoothing...and I love the scent-it really sticks to your hair.

I thought I was going to hate this shampoo, it's all green and cruelty free so I was thinking it was probably overrated.
I was a bit irritated because it didn't foam enough & I love a good foaming.
But this actually cleaned my hair unlike anything else, I don't know if I could stick to it permanently though-I think I would go through a ton of it trying to get a foam.

I actually used two of these (I had received them as samples) and I like doing these during the weekends.
They really do clean out your pores & it's weirdly fun and satisfying to pull them off.

I love trying these out once again because I am able to learn if I want to purchase a full size or not.
This is one product that was decent, but if you check out the Exuviance cleanser below then you'll see the one that I want to purchase.

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Frost Gentle Foaming Handsoap
First of all, this scent is not currently available...but Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is very similar!
I love the foaming hand soaps, the scent to this one was very strong so if you don't want your hands holding onto the scent of pumpkin I wouldn't pick this one up.
There are tons of great Fall scents to choose from right now though!

So, I really like these razors. They last a really long time, but I won't be repurchasing...and my reason is going to sound silly.
The handles don't fit in our razor storage in the shower, so I need to buy something that fits better!
Silly, I know.

Y'all, I am SO sad that this product is gone.
If I had to pick a favorite product out of the entire would be this one.
It's creamy and gentle...well, all the things the name says!
I'll be repurchasing this one soon!

This was from the Target Beauty Box & it was the perfect size to take on vacation.
The scent was awful and I won't be repurchasing based on that, but I do have to say that they did a killer job of taking off makeup.

This was an Ipsy sample and I kept it beside my seat in the living room to moisturize my hands.
Unfortunately this sample was too small to really get much of an opinion.
It was a little watery for my taste-but the grapefruity scent is pretty nice.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Hand Gel
When I found out that VS doesn't make this hand sanitizer anymore, I seriously wanted to cry.
I loved the luxuriousness of having this by my desk to use daily, and I am just so sad that I won't have it anymore.
If you have a favorite sanitizer-please let me know!

These perfume samples are perfect for stashing in your purse, by your desk, or to travel with.
I loved this one because it's so sweet & feminine. 
If I needed perfume (which I don't) I would purchase this one, it's not even expensive!

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum
I have been working with Valentia on different product campaigns almost since I started my blog and have never been disappointed in any of them.
This one smells incredible and is seriously so hydrating.
I cannot wait until my new one comes in the mail because my skin is sad without it!

Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
I received this as a birthday gift & y'all-I'm obsessed with these B&BW soaps.
It smells just like the beach & the gritty texture makes your hands feel so soft.
I'm sure this scent will be back around this coming summertime!

Philosophy Lemon Coconut Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath
I can't speak to using this for a bubble bath or shampoo, but it's a perfect shower gel.
I purchased this from TJ Maxx and loved using it.
It's so rich & creamy, the scent is really tropical too.

Dessange Paris Balancing Shampoo
Guys, this came from a Target Beauty Box & it's probably one of my most favorite things I've ever gotten. It really kept my hair weird as that sounds.
I'm definitely interested in repurchasing these!

This is my favorite conditioner of all time, I'm not even joking.
I've tried high-end, I've tried store brand and none of them have come close to how this one smooths and strengthens my hair.
I saw the Target display for Hask products & so I'm excited to be able to purchase these products there now.

I usually just buy whatever shave gel is on sale, but Skintimate is always my go-to.
I've been using it for years and will probably always buy it...unless there is something on sale for cheaper ;) 

So I heard of these lotions (the spray kind) and just had to try one out!
While I found the formula to be a bit thin, it was really quickly drying.
The scent was really nice too, I will be repurchasing soon!

Nature Made Adult Biotin Gummies
I always keep biotin on hand because I feel like it makes a major difference in my hair and nails-my skin too!
The taste of these was a little flat, but they were bearable and not too expensive.

This was another Target Beauty Box find & y'all I love these rich, creamy night creams.
This one had a very strong, almost cinnamon-like scent so that might be off-putting for some but I really enjoyed it.

Body Merry Stretch Mark & Scar Cream
This is basically a coco butter in a fancy jar.
I was sent this to try out & I felt as though it gave me really soft skin...I didn't notice any difference in my stretch marks.

Bath & Body Works Praline Pecan Cobbler Candle
This candle smells so, good. I wish that B&BW had come back out with it this year.
It's a warm Fall scent, kind of a blend of cinnamon and caramel...and a little nutty too!
Plus, the jar top is really pretty-I'm going to have to keep it and use it to decorate :)

Village Candle (from Publix) Warm Apple Pie
A while back Publix was having a buy one get one free sale on these candles, so of course I picked two up. Guys, these smell SO yummy.
You need to run to your Publix and buy one-they last a really long time as well.

Bath & Body Works American Apple Candle
This smelled like biting into a really fresh apple, the perfect apple scent.
The label was really pretty & I wish that B&BW would bring this one back too...seriously, they get rid of all of my favorite scents!

Well alright guys, that's all for this month-let me know if you've tried out any of these products below!

Until next time. . .



  1. Bath & Body Works soaps are the best, I just love the smell!

  2. I hate it when B&BW gets rid of my favorite candle and hand soap scents- I feel your pain, girlfriend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Always spend way to much money when we hit bath and body works. Sometimes just so hard to decide.

  4. Pumpkin everything FTW! I actually have the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin soap that you mentioned in my bathroom right now- it's a favorite. I laughed to myself when you mentioned Taylor Swift's wonderstruck perfume. I got it for Christmas from my mom two years ago. It isn't empty yet as I have SO many perfumes and like to switch em up. I just love the way that one smells on me, but as a 26 year old I am embarrassed to say what it is whenever I get compliments! lol. XO

  5. I have been using the pore strips and while I thought they would eliminate blackheads I am seeing that they are doing something. I would love to try the moisturizer that has the cinnamon scent.

  6. Spray lotion? I'll have to look into that. My skin gets so dry, it's ridiculous.

  7. the philosophy lemon coconut looks like the perfect scent!
    xo, Hannah

  8. I love your reviews of all of these products. I have bad allergies and am having to make some changes.

  9. This is such a creative way to share recommendations! Love it!

  10. I need to try out that soap that smells like the beach! <3

  11. Scented candles are my jam! I actually started getting cheaper candles from TJMaxx because I go through so many of them... it's an expensive love!

    That is interesting about the smell of face wipes. You would think the company would want to fix that since I'm sure it deters a lot of people!

  12. I always love these posts! So many great products!

    The Blush Blonde

  13. Love bath and body soaps for this time of year! I can't wait until their christmas collection comes out!


  14. Looks like you've tried a lot of great products lately. I live for Bath & Body Works soaps and candles. So good.


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