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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.3]

Hey y'all & welcome back to Ten on Tuesday, I hope your week has been treating you well so far!
Let's jump into my Ten on Tuesday :) 

If you love Fixer Upper as much as I do (hello shiplap everything!) then you're probably looking forward to their new behind-the-scenes spinoff show! This clip explains why they don't show every single room in the reveal and I love it!

This guy will probably only sound familiar to maybe a couple of you, especially if you're from Alabama. But Riley Green (who went to my alma mater, Jacksonville State University) released a new single and I'm kind of obsessed with it. Can't wait for his next EP to come out!


Those of you who follow my Instagram stories (@SouthernAndStyle) probably saw these cute bookends from my visit to Target on Wednesday. Y'all, when I looked them up online and saw they were only $20, I knew I had to have them. So guess who's cart they're sitting in right now...🙋

This past week we had our front porch and back deck pressure washed and now I want to decorate them both & make them comfy and cute for Spring and Summer because we really do spend a lot of time outside when it's warm.
I looked at this outdoor sectional, this four-piece set (I love the color!), and chaise lounges like this one...but I haven't committed to anything yet.

On our front porch, I was thinking about one of these on each side of the door on our porch...and of course, I need these to go with!

Since I've been dreaming about decorating our outdoor spaces, I've also been dreaming about putting in some new landscaping. But until that actually begins, I'll just read this Southern Living article about dreamy hydrangea gardens that have us wishing for Spring.

Here's to being back at work, for only two days this week! I went back to work yesterday & today as well. But tomorrow I'm having surgery so I'll be off for the rest of the week. I would appreciate your good vibes & prayers for the surgery to go well!

These are my favorite Larabar ever (& I'm about to start ordering them on Amazon because that's a great price). They're so moist and filling, I love that they only have three ingredients!


We savored the last day of my Spring Break (on Sunday) by going canoeing on the Terrapin River and we had a blast!

It was our first time taking Forrest canoeing and he did great, he absolutely loved it and loved taking a swimming/fetch break.

Pardon my natural wavy hair pulled back in a ponytail, but I loved being able to go makeup free & natural hair on my last day-my husband and pup didn't mind!

If you love makeup as much as I do, you should read Annaliese's blog about her 9 Best It Cosmetics Products! I'm dying to test out this brand & since she's one of my fave bloggers, it's easy to take her recommendations!

As my two-year anniversary to my sweet, sweet husband gets closer (the end of next month!) I'm reminiscing on our graduation+one year anniversary shoot and wishing we could do another one!


I saved this for last because it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing picture (we've since pressure washed our table and deck, promise!), but this past week I so loved being able to sit out on our back deck and enjoy the Spring weather while reading, working on blog posts, and just relaxing.
It will spoil you, that's for sure!

Well y'all, that's all for this week's Ten on Tuesday!
Let me know what's on your top ten list for the week down below.

Until next time. . .



  1. I looooove decorating my porch + patio with pretty spring flowers every season! Makes 'em so much more colorful and inviting. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. I'll pray that the surgery goes all fine and wish you speedy recovery.

  3. Oh my goodness I love fixer upper! I didn't even know this about them!! Also, it looks like such a relaxing and sweet spring break. love the idea of sharing some random thoughts w/ readers!

  4. I gota try going canoeing. My partner always talks about it but I'm terrified of being flipped over haha! Although with the heat now it wouldn't matter

  5. I hope your surgery goes well! Enjoy your short work week and best of luck with your recovery!

  6. I am decorating my new place! I am so excited when I receive something new. It really is excited to change a place to make it your own!

  7. front porches in the summer are my fave spot to hang out on! & good luck with your surgery girl, thinking of you xx

  8. I live in Alabama, too! Fixer Upper is one of my favorite shows and I am about to watch that clip! I hope your recovery goes well!

  9. I love your keyboard cover! I have a rainbow one. I think it's saved me from having to replace my laptop due to spills at least 10 times. :P

  10. Wishing you luck with your upcoming surgery! <3

  11. Good luck with surgery babe!! hope it goes well.

  12. This is my first time visiting your blog. There really is something for everyone here. The canoeing trip looks so peaceful. I love spending time outside.

  13. I LOVE fixer upper but I don't have cable so I had no idea there was a spinoff coming. I'm so excited!

  14. I just recently started watching Fixer Upper but I love it! Best wishes for your surgery!

    Ellie |

  15. Great post! I love decorating my outdoor patios also. So fun and bright colored! Your canoe trip looks so fun! I love canoeing :)

  16. Best of luck with the surgery! Love that you took the dog on the river with you, looks like a good time was had by all.

  17. Your canoe trip sound so fun! and your anniversary photos were awesome!

  18. I want to try more it cosmetics cosmetics too!! :)

  19. Hope your surgery went well! My son was on spring break too last week and I fully enjoyed not using the stove or oven while he was away :)

  20. You all should do a shoot every year. It will be awesome to watch your family grow over time. I LOVE Fixer Upper, I didn't know they were going to have a spin off. EKK!!

  21. Canoeing looks so relaxing, I don't mine your pretty wavy hair in a ponytail at all! The fixer upper behind the scenes is something I have to check out!

  22. Your dog is cute! Best of luck with your survey. Sending all the good vibes your way!

  23. I need those bookends! What a steal! Also, I highly recommend It Cosmetics products! They're my absolute favorite. If you check on QVC, you can typically get them cheaper or with a brush included for the price of the product!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  24. Ok Ok Ok, so i'm so hung up on #1! I LOVE Fixer Upper! I think JoJo and Chip are my family :) LOL, I love them! And where can I find me some shiplap, I want some in my living room, yes!

  25. What! I didn't know that fixer upper was getting their own spinoff show! I'm so excited to see it!

    The Classic Brunette

  26. Prayers your surgery goes well. Rest up and enjoy the weekend!

    Greta |

  27. I hope your surgery went well! I love decorating after spring cleaning. I wish I could relax outdoors like you but because of the hot humid weather here, there are so many mosquitoes. x

  28. Loved reading your post! Canoeing on the Terrapin River looks so much fun. I feel like going for outdoor activities soon!

  29. I love decorating after spring cleaning! And glad you are feeling better!


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