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Saturday, June 24, 2017

#GoingToTheUpchurch Our Rehearsal Dinner

Welcome back to my #GoingToTheUpchurch series on my and Christopher's wedding back in 2015.
So far I've covered...
So if you want to go back & see any of that, feel free!

I absolutely loved our rehearsal dinner; my sweet mother-in-law has a band of talented friends and family that always come together to decorate for weddings and events of each other's families and they do an amazing job.

These photos were taken by my sweet friend Casey's mother, Mrs. Neina-she was so sweet to capture this special evening for us!

The day that our rehearsal took place, my bridesmaids and mom and sister went out to get our nails done for the wedding as well as lunch (which ended up being a whole ordeal in itself-getting lost in Gadsden 🙈)

The decorations and the invitations were just stunning and went with our them of rustic elegance perfectly. 

My number one favorite thing about this day was having my best friends around me!

Don't I have some good looking best friends?!

My precious brother-in-law had to photobomb our kind of "end of the night" picture (with my bow bouquet!) 

Mrs. Neina was so sweet to take some family photos that my Mother-in-Law wanted as well and they turned out so great!

My sister dressed my niece in Lilly for the occasion ;)

Gosh those kiddos are cute!

This picture above was probably taken just before Christopher lit one of those napkins on fire...

This is my matron and maid of honors with their gifts; monogrammed tote bags with robes inside!

Then we had to run through the ceremony...

And if you can't tell in the picture below, there was a giant puddle right at the end of the aisle that as we were practicing, everyone had to step over because it had rained earlier in the day.

I can't say enough sweet things about Southwind Plantation (Mr. Bobby & Mrs. Ginger Watkins) because Mr. Bobby told me he would go out the next afternoon with a shopvac and vacuum up the water if it was still standing there so that we could get married with no puddle!

It was a hot, humid night (as evident by pulled back hair) but we had so much fun just hanging out with our friends and families-getting ready to get hitched!

That night Christopher spent the night with our friend Kane (standing up in the blue shirt in the last picture) and all but two of my bridesmaids came and stayed at our house with me!

We had one last slumber party and it was so much fun, I absolutely loved it!

Until next time. . .


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  1. What a lovely rehearsal dinner, lady! Digging these super cute shots!

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