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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.15]

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Hey y'all! Hope you're having a wonderful week, I know last week felt like a weird one so everyone is trying to get back into the swing of things after the Fourth of July holiday.

Let's jump into this week's Ten on Tuesday!

On Saturday we celebrated something very, very exciting...our sweet puppy, Forrest, had his 1 year adoption anniversary! He's actually a two-year-old labrador mix that we adopted from our local animal shelter and one of the best decisions we ever made.
This past year we have laughed more, smiled more, learned to love again (after losing the first dogs we had adopted together) and more.
With Forrest, we've been on adventures, we've learned to love the water even more than we did before (he loves the lake, the river, the creek, mud puddles, the swimming pool...he's not picky about his water). He's melted my husband's heart and he captures the hearts of everyone who meets him, everyone loves him and always compliments how well behaved and beautiful he is.
We are so proud of him & we love him so much!
I love jim enough to put a no-makeup picture of myself on the blog, because he looks so cute in our selfie!
He's always right by our sides (either me or Chris, he's gotta be with one of us!)
We honestly couldn't love him more.
I think I'm going to do a post about our reasons for adopting a dog, in honor of his one-year anniversary with us! Would anyone be interested?
 Who wouldn't love that cute, dirty face?
And pretty labs+sunsets just go hand in hand 😍
Have you checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog yet?
I know I have & I've got my eye on a couple of things-but I'm sure I'll have my eye on more when the sale opens on the 12th (to cardholders!)
These will be amazing for Fall, I wish these weren't so expensive-they would be the most versatile beauties for Fall, this will be perfect for wrapping up in when the night's get cool, and even my favorite jewelry brand is going to be on sale!
Have you checked out last weekend's post yet?
I spent some time diving into this seasons latest trends (palm print, pom poms, millennial pink, gingham, etc.) and finding good deals on each of them.
Check out the post, I linked tons of options at the bottom that aren't even in the graphic!
I felt like such an adult yesterday because I took myself to an appointment with my oral surgeon (I have the worst white-coat syndrome ever!) I had to have the last step of my dental implant put in and I didn't realize he would be numbing my mouth and there would be stitches eating things like pizza and burgers are out of the question at least until the end of the week.
The only plus to this really long rant is that I can eat this ice cream, Dr.'s orders! I pick mine up from Publix (sometimes they have them BOGO) and it tastes so, so yummy.
This past Saturday, in addition to being Forrest's one year adoption anniversary, Chris and I also finally got to go out and celebrate my birthday.
If I ever have the opportunity to plan our dates, I always choose Auburn.
 This city has long been a favorite of mine, since I was in high school.
It's so gorgeous and while it's growing, it still has a small town feel.
 I ended up wearing this dress, sandals very similar to these, and although you can't see in this shot-I'm wearing these earrings (my all-time favorites for how cute they are, yet still comfy!)
It was the perfect outfit for walking around downtown and Samford Park and then out to dinner.
Of course we had to stop at Toomer's for my favorite lemonade 😋
Y'all, campus at Auburn is just beautiful. There was even a blogger taking fashion-y photos while we were walking around, I can see why!
Our dinner for the night was at Acre, which is my all-time favorite restaurant. If I could choose anywhere in the world to eat, it would be Acre-hand's down. 
Our appetizer was fried green tomatoes with fresh heirloom tomatoes and arugula, crab meat, house-made pimento cheese, and a spicy aioli-the best!
My entree was a blackened snapper with a crab-boil butter, crab meat, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fried okra, and a blacked lemon to squeeze on top.
Y'all, when I say this food is top-notch, I mean it. I scraped every last bite up and so did Chris (he had  Hereford beef tenderloin, fingerling potatoes, and green beans).
If you're ever in Auburn-go to Acre!
Hallmark just released their lineup for Christmas movies for this weekend, I know what I'll be doing!
Caroline shared a recipe for the yummiest-looking berry trifle that I'm just dying to test in my kitchen. It sounds so easy and refreshing for summer, too!
If you've got a garden or a local farmers market, take a look at these recipes to use up all of your fresh goodies! And if you're in the mood for something a bit more light and fresh, here are some cool salads for this summer!
This summer has been such a busy one on the farm; on Sunday Christopher & I cut the hay at my dad's farm and honestly-those are some of my favorite days. It's just us, riding in the tractor (it has a cab with air conditioner and a radio, I'm a fan), and we have such long talks about everything. They're truly some of the best "dates" we've had.
Plus, you can't beat these views.

I'm going to have to sweet talk my sweet photographer friend to come up to the farm and do a hayfield shoot one day. I missed it by a few minutes, but when the light hits this field at just the right's so hazy and buttery and dreamy, I just love it!
Well y'all, that's all for this week's Ten on Tuesday! I hope y'all have a great rest of your week!

Until next time. . .

xoxo, SS


  1. Happy Adoption Anniversary to Forrest - he's so cute! The pictures of the farm are gorgeous!



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