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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.35]

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Happy Tuesday, y'all!
I hope each of you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend full of food, family, friends, and football-all the best things in life, am I right?

Speaking of football, my Auburn Tigers took home the Iron Bowl win against Alabama and clinched our trip to the SEC Championship to play Georgia again!
I'm not a fired up, ride or die football fan-but I love Auburn the community and the school, just the entire feeling of Auburn, it's unlike anything in the world & I'm so proud of this team!

P.S. this picture is like 3 years old & Chris and I look like babies!

My skin has basically been revolting lately, I'm thinking it's just the change in the weather-but I'm trying to get things balanced so I've been looking at my skincare trying to decide what to nix and what to add.
In my research I found 6 Reasons to Add a Toner to your Skincare Routine and so I'm definitely going to be doing this every night...anything that will shrink my pores!

My oldest sister & I are headed to Atlanta in January and of course I'm going to try to trick her into visiting the brand new Draper James store!

If you missed Saturday's post; make sure you go check out Forrest's Adoption Story & I also give 10 Reasons to Adopt instead of buying a pet-it's got lots of good puppy pics in it too 😍

Have you seen on Facebook where everyone is sharing the photographer who took picture's at Lowe's pictures?!
This almost makes me want to go have a photoshoot in the garden department, almost!

This video of a protective Golden Retriever mom is so adorable!
She doesn't want anyone touching her baby!

I was wearing this palette on my eyes on Friday at my family's Thanksgiving gathering & when you mom notices how bomb your eyeshadow know it's good.
At under $40-this palette is a stunner & a great buy. Everyone needs it!

Yesterday I got most of our house finished being decorated for Christmas-I have just a few last minute touches, so of course Chris and I cuddled up after dinner, had hot apple cider,  & we I watched CMA Christmas, which is my favorite because it's got all of my favorite country musicians singing Christmas songs.

I picked up these beautiful monogrammed cards yesterday on sale for less than $10!
It's so difficult for me to find things with my last initial, so I jumped at these. 😊

 Has anyone else been watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies?!
I have a DVR full of them and whenever I know I'm going to have an hour or so to kill, I put one on.
Sunday night while I was working on our tree, I watched One Starry Christmas and loved it so much...basically if there's a cowboy, I'm gonna like it. 😉

So y'all-let me know if you're ready for Christmas yet below-do you have your decorations up? Do you have your shopping done? I'm dying to know!

Until next time. . .

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  1. I love me some football!!! My skin was having some issues previously too but I have gotten it under control lately (thankfully). I completely agree that adopting and not shopping is the way to go with fur babies. Hallmark Christmas movies are my jam!!! I've watched a few so far and I plan on watching some more this weekend.


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