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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

5 Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting on Baby

 If you've been reading this blog or following me on social media for oh, I don't know...the last nine months?! then you would know that we're currently expecting our first baby-a little boy due this month!

There are obviously a ton of things that need to be done to get ready for your baby's arrival from the nursery to installing the car seat, but what about when you've done all the basics and then you're just in limbo, waiting for your sweet angel to make their debut?

Since I'm currently in that phase, I wanted to share with y'all some sneak peeks of our nursery along with some tips of things you can do to pass the time until delivery day!

1) Research & Pack Your Hospital Bag
Packing my hospital bag was honestly something I waited until about 36-37 weeks pregnant to do because I wanted to make sure I had everything I wanted/needed, and guess what-honestly some of the packing you can't do until you're leaving for the hospital because you use those things every day.

My favorite purchase for my hospital bag has been from my favorite retailer, Pink Blush.
You've heard me rave about their straight sizes of clothes & my favorite maternity maxi that I purchased from them...but when I was on the hunt for the perfect robe for the hospital, I was at a loss until I realized Pink Blush carried delivery/nursing robes (heck, this thing will be great for years post-baby, honestly!)

I wanted it to be blue and long enough to keep me covered when we had visitors, but it also needed to be light and comfortable so I could move around in it easily and not get too hot.
While they have tons of colors, this navy bamboo maternity robe was just what I wanted & honestly I think it will be great for our birth photos as well.

Other essentials that I've heard from mama's that have done this before: Hard candy for when they won't let you have food anymore, your own pillow and throw blanket (in brighter colors/nothing that can be confused with the hospital's), and loose, flowy, comfortable clothing to wear home-nothing fancy or restricting!
 2) Work on the Baby Book
I know not all Mama-to-Be's are doing a baby book, but we were gifted one from our sweet friends & I'm so glad they thought of that because it had slipped my mind completely.
There are pages for family history, baby showers, etc. and those can all be done before baby's arrival.
If you're planning on doing the baby book then try to get ahead before baby comes, that way you won't forget those pages!
3) Start a Journal/Notebook for Baby
Another sweet gift we received for our little one was a journal to write letters to him or to note things he did or said as he got older.
One of my September goals is to write my first letter to him before he arrives-so I'd better get on that!
Journals can easily be found at the dollar store, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. so just pick one up and give it a shot-it could be a fun memory for both you and your little one.
4) Take Stock of your Nursery
Is there anything you just didn't get at your showers or as gifts that you realize you need now?
After all was said & done and our gifts were put away in their spots in the nursery I realized that I desperately needed a few more crib sheets & several changing pad covers along with a few other things.
It was great to go on and take stock so I could place one order for those (take advantage of your registry completion discounts!) at one time and have them ready for when our little one gets here and I'm not rushing to try to get them after he's already here.
 5) Soak Up the Moment
This can mean different things for each mom to be.
Maybe you just want to sit in your nursery & contemplate what your little one is going to be like.
Maybe you want to pray over your baby's future.
Perhaps, you want to try to squeeze in as many date nights as you can before your two-some becomes three.
Or, maybe you just want to head to Target and Starbucks by yourself before you're either rushing home to a newborn or trying to take one on your trips with you.
No matter what soaking up the moment looks like to you, just do it.
Try to get the best sleep you can, eat those meals that you love that maybe take a little extra effort that you might not have for a few weeks or months, enjoy a pedicure or reading your favorite book.
Whatever it is that you enjoy that might get put on the back burner for a while, just do it!
And a bonus sixth tip...get excited! Your sweet baby (& mine!) will be here before we know it and while our lives will be totally different, they will be changed for the better.

If you've had a baby or babies before, what did you do to pass the time while you waited on their arrival?!
Hopefully our little guy will be here soon!

Until next time. . .

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  1. That robe looks so chic and cozy, lady! Baby is going to be here before you know it! :)

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