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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Charlie: Two Months

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 TWO WHOLE MONTHS with our boy! ❤
You can check out his one month update here, it seems like just yesterday I was sharing that here...time is just flying by.
(Just a little behind the scenes of what our photoshoots look like...big brother, Forrest is never far away)

Weight: 11 Pounds 10.5 Ounces

Height: 24 Inches
He's pretty much wearing solid 0-3 month outfits and starting in some 3-6 outfits (like some of his Baby Gap clothes). He's outgrowing some of my favorite outfits and it makes me so sad!
We've had some huge improvements with his sleep, but I'm trying not to get too excited about it because I know just how easily that can go away.
He typically takes a few naps throughout the day, he has basically transitioned to having to nap in his bassinet in our room-he can't sleep really well for long periods of time in the living room anymore.
We start trying to put him to bed around 7, for an 8 o'clock (hopefully) bedtime.
Sometimes he gets there, sometimes he doesn't. We're trying to get there though!
Usually we can get a five hour stretch out of him at night, then he'll wake up to eat, then sleep for two or three more hours so I consider that a win at two months old.

Still eating at 2 hour intervals during the day, but like I just mentioned we do get those longer stretches at night usually.
He's napping more regularly for longer times, just at fewer intervals.
Still no real schedule, because we don't focus on actual times of day, just lengths between naps/eating/etc.

So far, our boy hasn't had any big health issues.
He has had two colds, but we do take him with us basically everywhere we go which equals being around people which equals germs. Plus it's just that gross time of year with weather changes and people being sick.
We're thankful that it wasn't anything that couldn't be treated with his nose frida, humidifier, and some snuggles.

Our little guy really doesn't cry unless he's over-tired or over-hungry.
He wants his diaper changed immediately, but as soon as you pick him up and head in the direction of his room where we change him, he seems to know it and stops crying.

Laying on his play-mat
Riding in the truck
Sitting with us at the table at restaurants
Being talked to
Forrest licks (we're working on the no-licking thing)
Sitting still in his carseat
Having his nose wiped/cleaned out

Holding his head up really well for very short periods of time
Pushing up on his arms while doing tummy time
Places You've Gone:
Auburn! (Several times!)
The Vet School (for Forrest's appointments)
Acre for a yummy lunch date
To Aunt Judy & Uncle Bill's house
To the dentist with Mommy & Daddy
Your first trip to Waffle House 😂
Trunk or Treat at church
Farm City Luncheon
To the polls to "vote" for the first time!
To your first Clay County Farmer's Federation meeting/dinner
To the local City Council meeting so Mama & Daddy could receive a Proclamation from the Council

Y'all, I don't want to brag but I feel great.
Literally probably better than I did before I got pregnant with Charlie.
I'm down to lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and I want it to just keep coming off.
I try to be more active (it's been hard this past week with the rainy weather), but walks in the neighborhood with Forrest and just keeping busy around the house plus watching what I eat and trying to drink lots of water-those are the things that I attribute my success to.
It must be working because I've gotten lots of compliments about how I've looked lately so that's always a positive feeling!

This was convenient for bringing Charlie home in his first month when he slept a lot on the couch next to me during the day, however really where it has come in handy is using it inside of his Halo Bassinest! It's the perfect size and it makes him feel so cozy and safe, so it's the perfect mix of having him comfortable and close to me at night but not co-sleeping in the bed with us.

Charlie has several pairs of pajamas, but some of my favorites are the ones from Old Navy.
This pair in particular are so cute for wintertime because they're Christmas red & have different cute doggies on them! I also really love them for their price and the sweet inverted zipper detail (aka it unzips from the foot).

We haven't always swaddled Charlie, but in the past few weeks that's been the only way to get him to stay asleep for those longer stretches.
Sometimes we use a Rafe+Moose swaddle blanket & other nights we use this super sweet swaddle sack from Halo.
It's SO easy to use because you just zip their body up, tuck their arms in and then wrap the swaddle around them, using the velcro to keep them in place.
This one is actually on sale & I'm SO tempted to pick up another one.

This might be the most pricey thing I've ever mentioned for Charlie, but it's probably the thing that's given us the most peace of mind, especially with his cold/cough he was dealing with for the past week.
It's an oxygen and heart rate monitor that he wears on his foot while sleeping and it connects to an app on my phone that I can check at any time.
It's really the best thing!

I don't really use this as a nursing pillow, but we do use it to prop our boy up in and he loves it!
He's so alert and loves to sit up and be able to see around him, so we love using this while we're playing with him-I'm sure it will continue to come in handy as he gets older.
We have this cover for ours and love it!

In a moment of desperation, I discovered that Charlie loves the sound of white noise by playing this video for him & it quieted him down right away and almost immediately put him to sleep.
Well, after a week or two of using my phone to play this YouTube video all night, I picked up this white noise machine on Amazon & never looked back.
It's portable so we'll be able to take it with us when we travel and it has tons of different sounds-it's super affordable as well.
But the video works too ;)

We registered for this & got it as a gift for one of our baby showers and it's one of my favorite things to use for tummy time for Charlie.
He loves that it plays music and has a mirror, I love the little pillow to prop him up on and I'm sure he'll love all the little toys as he becomes more able to grab and hit them in the future.

Well, these are our favorites for month two & a little update on our sweet baby boy...let me know if you have any tips for helping him sleep longer through the night, kicking the swaddle habit in the future, and any product or toy suggestions for the next month with our sweet love!

Until next time. . .

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  1. so glad to hear you are feeling great and lucky you - losing weight as a side effect :)


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