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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rustic Nursery Reveal

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(Photographs were taken by Amy-Cole Photography)
This post has been a long-time coming, I knew I wanted to share it with y'all after Charlie's arrival but I totally underestimated just how little time I would have for creating and crafting posts after he joined our family!
But after a long wait, today I'm sharing his rustic inspired nursery with all of y'all and I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration if that's what you came looking for.
When we were deciding how to do his nursery I knew I wanted it to be cozy and playful, but also put together.
I started out with his crib, which I knew I wanted to be bronze iron but it had to be affordable. I was able to find this one from the brand Little Seeds at a great price and we've been so happy with it.
After that, my inspiration stemmed from this print by the brand Little Unicorn called Rolling Hills.
It was everything I could've wanted combined with Chris' wishes as well so we went with it from there.
Another large component that his room was based off of was this cowhide rug, from a local store called Southeastern Salvage. I love it because it's real, so it's perfectly imperfect. There were even some in the store with brands on them!
I actually made his crib skirt with the help of my sister-it's a new-sew technique that will allow for me to move it up as I move his crib down so it won't ever pool in the floor.
His sheet is from Little Unicorn, and the heirloom embroidered quilt was a gift from my mom.
The painting over the crib is one I commissioned by a local artist, I found a picture I liked but couldn't get in touch with the artist to get my own print and I really wanted a painting, so this artist recreated a similar painting and added in a few details that I wanted-like my sweet Paint horse in the lower right corner.
All of the stuffed animals inside his crib are gifts from sweet friends & family and we treasure each one!
Our wingback chair is actually a reclining glider that we got from the Pottery Barn Outlet-it was probably my best buy for Charlie's room & I'm so glad we splurged on it. It's been the best place to rock him to sleep and read bedtime stories. The pillow is from Kirkland's and the blankets were handmade by both of our paternal grandmothers.
A favorite find of mine was the side table, which is actually an outdoor table.
I picked it up in store at the end of the Summer for a steal of a price and have been so happy with it as a place for our book of the night.
The painting is actually one that I did with one of my grandmothers 17 years ago. She's no longer with us, so it's so special. This room definitely reflects the heritage of Charlie in the touches of family.
Ignore the pile of stuff in the corner (there's always a stockpile situation with baby's, am I right?!)
I chose our curtains from Target, the buffalo check was just the perfect accent to go with the flow of the room. Do be cautioned though, if you order-the contrasting color is actually more of a cream than a white, but that worked in his room because our trim is off-white and not stark white.
The red rocking chair was a gift from my aunt & uncle, and the Chick-Fil-A cow was a gift from one of our friend's who owns a Chick-Fil-A...he's huge!
We chose his bedroom furniture from a local antique mall-it was raw pine and we had a friend of the family paint it a dusty grey/blue shade that will hopefully grow with him as he gets older.
The painting above the bookshelf is a rendering that my oldest sister did, based on the Rolling Hills print and the drawing to the right is one that one of my grandmothers did many years ago of a horse. The original frame that it came to me in broke, so I bought this frame & just reframed it using the old mat.
The lamp is from Dollar General of all places (it's one I had at my bedside in my college apartment) and the framed photo next to it is a postcard that we received that I fell in love with.
My oldest sister painted the C with Charlie's name & the star is from an antique store.
I just love all the little touches in this room-I wish I could share more links on where to get them, but we did this room very much on a budget with a lot of repurposed items like this mirror.
The mirror belonged to my mom & she gave it to me for my first apartment, I painted it back then and we ended up leaving it gray for Charlie's room.
The lab picture is from Hobby Lobby, but looks just like our Forrest.
The lamp & pulls on the dresser are also from Hobby Lobby (they have the best sales!)
The changing pad is also the Rolling Hills pattern and his laundry basket is from Kirkland's.

The big pony was a gift from his cousin, Dexter. The Tiger was a gift from our dear neighbor & friend-we can't wait to have him carry it down to his first game on the Plains!
And the pony on the right was a gift from my parents and middle sister.

This sweet stocking was a handmade gift from one of the ladies from our church, she actually crochet  this little cowboy hat and boots too-so special!
I can see him loving this tractor stocking for many Christmases to come.

This door hanger was another sweet gift that we wrote his birth stats on, it now hangs from the door of his room.
My sister wrote up an ear tag for us after he was born-it's even in the color that we do for our boy calves...attention to detail is important on the farm 😂

And this was baby Charlie's coming home outfit, done locally by our sweet friend, Beth.

I so hope y'all enjoyed today's photo heavy post-it's been one I wanted to share for a long time!

Until next time. . .

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