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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ten on Tuesday [No.57]

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I think I say this every year, but this year I mean it more than I ever have before...
I don't think I've ever been more ready and excited for Spring than I am this year!
I absolutely thrive on being outside, and being able to be outside also means more time with I'm so thankful that Charlie loves being outside as well & that the weather is finally cooperating and making it possible for us to play!
We spent some time outside this week just playing in our front yard and I had to take the opportunity to snap some sweet pictures of Charlie in this vintage Carters bubble that I found at a consignment sale.
And this one below was taken after spending the day out and about, he just looks like such a big boy with that long, shaggy hair (that we have to get cut soon, because it cannot be tamed!) and his t-shirt and shorts.
Has anyone else been following March Madness?
I'll be honest, I only slightly kept up with how Auburn played all season long, but I knew they did well. When they made Sweet Sixteen, my husband and I got really into following along & we cheered them on up until they faced Virginia Saturday night in the Final Four.
Y'all-it was such a heartbreaker!
But I really enjoyed watching them and getting to "know" Coach Bruce Pearl more, I'm just blown away by the type of man and Coach he is.
I can't wait to follow along next season!
Have you ever heard of the organization Be The Match?
I watched Hoda & Jenna yesterday morning and was actually tearing up at a story of a little girl who needed a bone marrow transplant & was able to have her life saved by one single donor, the only donor on the registry that matched her. It was absolutely beautiful!
I encourage you, if you aren't on the registry and are willing to go to the website where I linked it above and ask for them to send you a swab so that you can be registered, too.
I'm about 75% sure that I've talked about Red Land Cotton on the blog before, but just in case I haven't-they're an Alabama based farm/company that grows cotton for all of these beautiful heirloom products like sheets, towels, etc.
At our last Young Farmer's Convention I bought a towel set at our live auction and have loved them ever since trying them for the first time-they're so luxurious (& currently on sale!)
Well, while perusing their website I found that they do baby bedding and I'm SO tempted to pick up this beautiful sheet, crib skirt, and heirloom baby quilt set while it's in stock and on sale-it's just so beautiful and I'm sure the quality is impeccable.
On Friday night, I was craving a local restaurant's buffalo chicken pizza, so Chris & Charlie and I went out and enjoyed a fun night out as a family of three.
The restaurant is at a marina on the lake and so it's always fun to go look at all the boats (Charlie's eyes were SO wide walking through the showroom) and then having dinner with a nice view.
This is also the very first restaurant we ever took Charlie out to eat at & now it's the first one where he ever sat in a big boy high chair. He's growing up so fast and I love it so much (this is my favorite age so far) but I also just wish it could somehow slow down, just a little!
Spring decor is in full swing around our home!
I don't really go "all out" for seasonal decor, with the exception being Christmas, but I do love adding small touches.
This dough bowl was a silent auction purchase at one of our conferences & so I added a Hobby Lobby ticking stripe table runner, moss eggs from Hobby Lobby, wooden eggs from the Target Dollar Spot, and of course one of my Rae Dunn mugs 😉
It's just fun to add some simple touches, and being poultry farmers-we can leave the eggs out all Spring!
If you don't follow Carly over at Carly the Prepster then you should!
She's witty and her life in the North East couldn't be more different from my life, but that's why I love reading about her experiences.
This outfit post that she shared was giving me all the feelings-that skirt is absolutely on my Lilly After Party Sale wishlist!
The first Tuesday of each month, my ladies' philanthropic group meets and each month has two different hostesses.
April was my month to co-hostess and I enjoyed it so much!
My co-hostess, Mrs. Donna decorated the tables beautifully-the lavender was the perfect touch for Spring and I brought the program, explaining Christopher & I's win as Outstanding Young Farm Family for 2018 and how as a woman, I am an advocate for agriculture.
Christopher & I also spoke last Wednesday morning at a local elementary school for a career day and that's another thing I enjoy SO much!
Just the other day, I convinced Christopher to ride to the pasture with Charlie and I just to check cows and have a few minutes of downtime.
We strolled around and checked on all the mama's and their little ones & the best part is always coming up to the top of the hill as we're about to leave and checking out the view from what will one day (hopefully!) be our back porch.
Y'all, I dream about this place.
I love this place SO much and cannot wait to wake up to this each morning.
Also, peep the cows (those little black sprinkles at the tree line) they're the best part of the view.
Okay, I lied-this is the best part of the view. My boy looking up at his Daddy beats everything else.
I didn't want this week's Ten on Tuesday to pass without sharing one of Charlie's six-month photos with y'all, even though I'll be sharing more of them in his next monthly update!
He was a little sleepy & isn't always the most smiley when he doesn't know the people around him, but Tori did an awesome job capturing our sweet man.
In this picture he was just done and laid down on the little wraps, but it's the most precious shot to me and I can't wait to get copies and frame it!

Until next time. . .

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