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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What's Up Wednesday [6.26.19]

I am SO excited to be back with a post y'all!
I have been so wrapped up with trying to balance a super mobile baby, keeping our house somewhat clean, feeding said baby (& a hungry husband!), making our lab feel loved, and also somewhat keeping up with our business & farm stuff-needless to say, blogging has sort of fallen to the wayside, but I want to make sure to give this area of my life some love too.
This isn't a regular posting day for me, but I've been wanting to participate in this link-up for a while and I actually remembered it ahead of time this time so life is good!
So let's just jump right in with what's up, this Wednesday.
1. What We're Eating This Week. . .
This week is a busy week, but I've got a few things on mind.
Monday I had a late appointment, so Chris ended up eating some BBQ with his family & I grabbed some Taco Bell on my way home. It's a guilty pleasure that I don't have very often-but there's just something about having a crunch wrap supreme every now and then that is just so good.
Tuesday, I pulled out half of a Pioneer Woman lasagna that I made a few months back & we ate's a great meal to make & freeze half for busy nights.
Today, Charlie had his nine-month checkup & I did grocery pickup on my way home from there so we ended up doing something easy, but new, again tonight; Big Mac Sloppy Joes!
Thursday & Friday are still up in the air, but I'm craving something spicy so I may do Buffalo Meatloaf and there may potentially be a roast in the crockpot on the menu one night as well.
2. What I'm Reminiscing About. . .
Charlie being little!
He has grown up so fast in the past month; it seems like he just started crawling & now he's pulling up and seems like he's going to try walking any minute, he's eating us out of house & home, and he's starting to talk more and more.
He's just not a baby anymore & it's SO happy and so sad at the same time.

3.What I'm Loving. . .
These are a few of my favorite things lately-
I picked this up on a whim on a recent Ulta run & it's so, so good.
It's rose-scented but it's not overwhelming. It goes on pretty thick but it's so moisturizing. I'm excited to keep using this!
During the Summer, I live in Nike shorts.
These black on black ones are a necessity as a mom & for life on the farm because they're basically stain resistant. They're so comfortable and cool as well.
My sister, Trystan, loaned me the My Favorite Murder co-hosts book & I love it so much.
I've waited forever for this to come out and to get my hands on it and now that I'm about 3/4 of the way through it I can say that if you love MFM then you should definitely read it.
It's real and raw and open, everything that we love about Karen & Georgia in book form. I even felt like I was reading their parts in their voice.
I had 25% off at Kirkland's for my birthday & ended up grabbing this welcome mat (which is already very affordable anyway!) We needed something new right at our front door and I love the classic look of this one!
4. What We've Been Up To. . .
It has been so busy lately around the Upchurch house.
Monday I had an eye appointment (with a doctor who is only at the office I use from 5:30-7:30 PM, who does hours like that?!), Tuesday was relatively normal-we did spend some time on the farm with Chris which was so nice & so needed, Wednesday was Charlie's 9-Month appointment & grocery pick-up, Thursday and Friday should both be pretty laid back as well and I'm hoping I get the chance to spend some more time with Chris on the farm & also getting some of the bigger chores done around the house!
5. What I'm Dreading. . .
The heat!
I know that makes me sound like a wimp, but y'all it's already so hot outside and we've got a lot of Summer left around these parts.
It's so hard to get outside myself & with Charlie it's extra hard to enjoy being outside.
6. What I'm Working On. . .
I've got a super-fun collaboration coming up in July & I have to say, after getting my product samples in the mail I'm converted to this business for sure.
I can't wait to share it with y'all!
7. What I'm Excited About. . .
I'm excited about the Fourth of July!
We're still trying to work out logistics for Charlie, but I'm hoping we'll still be able to go to the lake for fireworks for his first Fourth.
I'm also really excited for the Alabama Farmer's Federation Commodity Conference in August because we're going to Chattanooga & we're going to do our best to squeeze in a few hours for the aquarium which I think Charlie
will really love!
8. What I'm Watching/Reading. . .
Well, I already sharing this, but Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered is on my night stand as my current reading.
I've been binging Bones on Hulu for a while now & I'm currently on Season 10. I'll be so sad when it ends because it's got everything I love in a tv show!
I need to start this current season of The Handmaid's Tale but I just can't bring myself to be tortured yet.

9. What I'm Listening To. . .
I'm always listening to My Favorite Murder if I'm listening to a podcast, in my work truck I've been playing The Brother's Osbourne cd on repeat (yes, I still listen to cds in my work truck 😂), and other than that I've been really enjoying Riley Green's music-but mostly the older stuff!
10. What I'm Wearing. . .
Y'all-those shorts I mentioned above have been in constant rotation with oversized Comfort Color tank tops. It's easy and comfortable for everyday wear taking care of Charlie.
I did wear this maxi (mine is in a print, this is the current version-a solid navy that I also love!) for my birthday date with Christopher. It was so comfortable but also beautiful & I loved it!
Also, this is worth noting-these are my favorite socks that I wear around the house & with my tennis shoes daily. They're comfortable, cute, and don't fall down in your shoe!
11. What I'm Doing This Weekend. . .
We don't have any firm plans for this weekend & I'm really excited about it because our last few weekends have been booked with activities.
Maybe I can convince my husband to throw something on the Big Green Egg and we can spend some time hanging out on the patio.
I'm also hoping we can get my new hoses installed on the deck so I can finally make watering my plants just a little bit easier.
Oh the things that excite us when we get old 😂
12. What Else Is New. . .
I think that covers everything!
Although I do want to ask; I'll be picking out new glasses really soon and I'm trying to find the best deal for some really cute glasses.
I don't wear mine every day, just in the morning & at night before and after I put in/take out my contacts but I would like to have a pair that look good in case I do need to wear them out and about.
So leave your suggestions in the comments below, please!

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