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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Charlie: Ten Months

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Weight: 18 lbs 9 oz
Height: 28 1/2 inches long
Charlie won't have another checkup again until he's 12 months old (a whole year old!), but I do feel as though he's growing steadily!
I've finally cycled pretty much all of his six months clothes out of his wardrobe & he's steadily filling out the 9 month outfits, so I've been focusing on buying 12 month clothes for the end of summer & fall (it's insane that I'm thinking about Fall)
Also, if y'all have any suggestions on footie pajamas in sizes 12/18 months please let me know!
Charlie's sleeping great; he goes down every night at 7/7:30 and wakes up between 7/7:30 in the morning.
He'll take his first nap at 9:30 AM and his second nap at 1:30 PM
He's an awesome sleeper!
Charlie loves his Mom's on Call schedule. We technically are somewhere between the 6-7 month and the 8-10 month schedule and I don't foresee us moving to the 11 month schedule because it's not breastfeeding friendly.
Charlie is still a super healthy guy!
He had his 9 month checkup at the end of June & his pediatrician was very impressed with his lack of sick visits this year. He did have some sort of slight summer cold the past week or two, but it cleared up on it's own and didn't really effect him.
Very little crying for our sweet, loving guy.
Pretty much unless he's overtired he's a happy, go-lucky kind of boy.
Charlie still loves to eat: his current faves are berries, mango, green peas, and any and all breakfast foods.
Sitting in his own chair.
Riding on his toy truck, tractor, or car.
Petting Forrest
Playing outside
Hats (most of the time)
Having his diaper changed/laying on his changing table
Has four teeth
Began pulling up on furniture
Can cruise along furniture or holding someone's hands
Experienced his first Fourth of July
Can now sit at the table in his booster seat without the tray (if needed)
Places You've Gone:
Sand Harbor Fireworks
Mama & Charlie's Favorites:
Don't get me wrong, I love Charlie in a sweet bubble or jonjon, but as we slowly inch toward one year I am trying to put him in more separates like these short & shirt combos (that are still SO sweet!
They just look a little bit more mature, but don't worry-we're still going to wear our bubbles as long as Daddy will let us!
Charlie is a really independent little guy who loves practicing using a fork, I picked these up from Target in a pack of three for four dollars and they work really well for him.
They even have a little kickstand under the bottom so that the tines don't touch the table when he sits the fork down.
I've gone back and forth trying to find a sippy cup for Charlie.
He doesn't take a bottle often, so I didn't want to start that after he was a year old so we tried several different cups. Our pediatrician recommended that we only use a straw or 360 type cup (for his teeth) and so we stuck with this one and he's actually really getting good at using it!
Charlie got a lovie blankie from this brand at one of my baby showers & he loves it so much.
He doesn't take a paci anymore and so he uses this when he goes down for a nap and to sleep at night.
Charlie has several of these "Noisy" books and he loves them all!
They have textures to feel, sounds to play, and words to have a story.
These books are also super durable and are some of the only ones I can leave out for him to look at because they're very difficult to tear up.
My parents got Charlie this riding truck as a gift and he loves it so much.
He not only likes to sit on it and push the buttons and push himself around the floor, he also loves to push it around and practice walking.
It also has a little storage inside of the seat and so he keeps some toys in there, too 😉
Out of all of the things that are on this months list, these are the one thing you should immediately add to your cart!
I have two silicone placemats, but they don't work in every single restaurant (if the tabletop is textured or if there is a fabric topper on the table), so these sticky placemats work great.
They have a sticky strip on four sides and you just peel it off and stick them to the table.
They come off pretty cleanly (the residue comes off with soap and water) and Charlie hasn't torn one off yet which is saying something because he definitely tries.
These that I have come in three packs of twenty so I just toss one twenty-count in his diaper bag. They're also pretty to look at!

Well y'all, the next time I share our boy will be eleven months old-and then a year!

Until next time. . .

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