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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Toddler Amazon Finds

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Since becoming a mom, I have also become a huge Amazon advocate-it's the best for finding things you never even knew you needed!
I thought I would round up some of my latest Amazon purchases for Charlie that I've made over the last few months.

Some might think it's a bit too early for Charlie to have a pillow, but he's been sleeping with a blanket & a tiger stuffed animal for quite some time and he had gotten to the point where he was making a pillow with his tiger, so I felt bad and purchased him a little pillow for his crib.
He's been getting better about learning to use it and although this particular pillow came with two white cases, I also picked up two navy cases to have more to switch out & to match his bedding.
I bought this for Charlie a few months ago at Target & recently found it even cheaper on Amazon-only $5! This has been & still is one of his favorite toys, he plays with it every single day without fail. It's great for hand-eye-coordination, plus you can use it to teach colors, etc.
If you spend any time outside at all with your little kiddos, you need to snag these mittens.
Mittens are so much easier to get on toddlers because you don't have to worry about individual fingers going into glove fingers. It's also great to have multiple pairs on hand in case you lose one or need to wash them.
I learned that I needed these clips the hard way, by losing Charlie's first pair of mittens.
When I went back, I ordered the three pack of mittens & this two pack of clips. They attach to the mitten on one end and I just clip the other end somewhere on his sleeve.
That way, even if he takes the mitten off it still stays attached to him and we can easily find it to put it back on.
These will save you so much money in lost mittens!
Right before I sat down to work on this post, Charlie and I were actually in the floor playing with these! There are SO many opportunities for learning with these cups plus they are super inexpensive at only $4-they were a no brainer for his stocking this year!
First of all, there's the obvious-he can learn to stack all of the cups together or on top of each other.
There are also numbers on the bottom of each cup, tiny shapes cut out of the bottom of each cup, and all the different colors. We've been working on orange & yellow today!
These are the first sippy cup we ever used with Charlie because I didn't want to start the bad habits of the traditional sippy cups.
I will say, these do leak some but after a few months of having him I've learned lots of tricks to help with leaking!
They're inexpensive, easy to wash, and both I and Charlie love that he can get every last drop out of his cup with the weighted straw.
This was one of the Christmas gifts we got Charlie this year. I love buying him Melissa & Doug toys because they're wooden & really durable. This one has different shaped holes for the different blocks and you can also dump all the blocks out of the back after you've put them all in.
He plays with the blocks, truck, and the toy people in the front so overall it's a great toy that makes for many different avenues of play.
I wanted to include a couple of my Amazon book buys for Charlie on this list. He has tons of books from many different places, but Amazon is always a quick go-to to find any book you want.
This book is one of his favorite night-time books and we've probably read it over 1,000 times at this point, but it's just a really cute book!
We are definitely Auburn fans (that is Chris' alma mater and we both love visiting there since we live so close by!) and so any time I get a chance, I grab a new Auburn book for Charlie.
This one is another Christmas gift & it is just the sweetest book. I think it would be the perfect gift for a baby shower of an Auburn loving couple as well.
It has a place in the back to write down Auburn memories so I need to write down Charlie's first trip to the Plains, his first Aubie Claus visit, his first Homecoming, his first Tiger Walk, etc. before I forget!
Ah, this is the classic book that started the "Goodnight" book obsession.
We picked our first copy of this book up at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention last year as a souvenir for Charlie from our trip.
We wrote a special message in that book & wanted it to be more of a keepsake, but when we saw how much he loved it and wanted it read to him every night we ended up picking up another copy.
It costs less than $7 so it was worth it to have a second one on hand for him to read every night!

These are the most recent toddler finds from Amazon that I have to share with y'all, although I'm sure there are tons more I could think of if I had the time. I might even come back & share another one of these posts if y'all enjoy this one!
If you have any Amazon suggestions or favorites from your toddler, please leave them in a comment below-I am always looking for new things on there.

Until next time. . .

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  1. well you know I love this post HAHA! we have the growing up auburn book, so sweet and a great shower gift too!


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