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Friday, July 29, 2016

Empties {July 2016}

Hey y'all!

I know it seems like I've been doing a lot of "Empties" posts here lately, but I can promise they're usually collective! Like for June's that was products used right at the beginning of June and before then. This month's Empties started in the middle of June really-& I have been trying to use up and clean out a lot of my products!

I've linked the products below that I would recommend, so you can shop the post directly!

My husband and I have been spending a lot of time on the water this summer (canoeing and boating on the lake) so we've gone through this bottle fairly quickly.
It does a great job going on (just make sure you rub it in well and spray it all over!)
I'll definitely be buying another one of these!

Nature Made Adult Biotin Gummies (3000 mug of Biotin)
I live by my Biotin, I take it every day.
I know that it helps my nails and hair grow, but I'll be looking for a different kind of Biotin after I finish up my other bottle of these. The gummies just taste rubbery.

I bought these because I had run out of my last multi-vitamin and these were on sale at Target, I was skeptical at first but I ended up loving them!
I would definitely buy them again if I can ever find them at the store!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer with SPF 15
I have had this one for a while in my stash and just decided to finally use it up.
I wasn't a big fan of it really, it was kind of watery and I don't really feel like it extended the wear of my makeup. I won't repurchase this.

I received this from Influenster to test out along with the conditioner (that I'm still using).
It worked okay, it wasn't great.
It was very, very hydrating so if you have very dry hair I think it would be good for you.
My hair is somewhat dry, but I think the hydrating shampoo+conditioner was just too much and weighted it down.
I probably won't repurchase, simply because I have a lot of other products to use up-but I would recommend it for girls with dry curly hair!

This is probably the product that I'm most sad to see go out of this whole post!
It's seriously a game-changer in the brow world, I love love love it.
I've got a few more brow products that I need to use up (including a few others from the same company) but when I'm done, I'm going back to this one!

As you can see-I've been working my way through a lot of samples!
A lot of people don't use foil packs, but I think they're a great way to find out what products you want full sized.

Maybelline Fit Me Set+Smooth Powder in Natural Beige
When I first got this pressed powder I really liked it, but the more I used it, it just seemed as though there was a lot of build up on the product and it became difficult to use.
I won't be repurchasing, so if you have any recommendations for a good pressed powder to help you stay matte all day let me know!

L'Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation in Nude Beige
I received this in one of my Target Beauty Boxes and I was eager to test this out because I've heard so much hype about the cushion foundations.
However, I was really disappointed in how sheer the product was and how much work it took to use the little sponge.
I'll be sticking to my liquid foundation and beauty blender.

Epice Purifying Exfoliant
I got this in an Ipsy bag a long, long time ago and just now finished using it up.
I guess it's an okay product, I just didn't like the scent-too chemically for my liking.
I won't repurchase this.

I was so glad I had two of these because I loved this product so much!
It was so hydrating, it almost felt like putting water directly onto your skin except my skin just drank it up.
If it wasn't $100 for 1 FL. OZ. of this product, I would totally buy it & I highly recommend it if you have the money to spend.

This was kind of shared between my husband and I because we both love it so much.
During the winter, the air is so harsh on his lips because he works outside so he uses it religiously.
I on the other hand, love to use it every night before I go to bed as like an over night lip treatment.
It's tingly and is a thick formula so it feels really good!
Highly recommend!

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment
I was kind of glad to see this go, because although it does it's job at clearing breakouts-I just don't like the cream formula (I prefer a gel).
If you don't mind the formula then go for it and pick it up, I'll be trying something new next time!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
This was another foil packet from my Target Beauty Box and I really was excited to try it...until I opened it.
It's not really a cream, more like a thick pasty gel (think like Vaseline).
The smell was really bad and weird, and I hated the consistency of the product.
I will definitely never purchase this!

On the other end of the spectrum, this was also a foil pack from Target's Beauty Box and I adored it so much!
The scent was great, it was an awesome creamy, thick, luxurious body product.
When I head back to Target, I'll be picking this one up for sure.

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe
This is a pretty good drugstore alternative to the BDB pencil I showed above.
I had this in my stash and was just going to use it up, but it had dried out on me.
Like I said, it's good-I just prefer that the other pencil is a little thinner and has a spoolie on the end versus the brush on this one.

Victoria's Secret Night Perfume Sample
I was getting really tired of having these samples rolling around on my counter so I just decided to use them up.
Night by VS is actually really good, I like that it is warm but has some sweet notes in it as well.
It would be perfect for date nights!

BCBG Maxazria
This perfume is SO sweet, but I also love that about it.
I think it would be a great summertime perfume.
I was pretty sad to see it go & I would definitely consider purchasing if I didn't already have too many to go through.

Bath & Body Works Candles

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut
If you love rich, sweet, bakery type scents from B&BW then you will LOVE this candle.
It was a little sweet for my taste so I didn't repurchase it, but it was good while it lasted.

Citron Cedarwood
I don't know if you can see in the picture, but I have had this one since 2014-that's insane.
That's why I'm trying to burn through my stash and not hoard candles.
This one smells so good, it's one of my favorite scents.
It's more of a warm cologne scent, but it has that light note of citrus that keeps it from getting too heavy. It's a definite keeper & I already repurchased it in the semi-annual sale.

Nantucket Sail
I was really sad when they didn't bring back these nautical type scents this year for summer because I had two or three that I really enjoyed.
This is another rich, cologne type scent with a hint of light citrus.

Sandalwood Citrus
This is very, very similar to the Citron Cedarwood that I talked about above.
It smells so good though!
I love the cologne scents (if you can't tell!)

Fresh Water & Sea Salt
To me, this one smells just like fresh laundry.
After it burned out, I used it on my candle melter in our bathroom & I loved how it always smelled like clean, fresh towels in there!
I highly recommend picking this one up because I think it's still available!
Also, you can't really tell in the picture but this one is in a beautiful light blue jar that I'll be repurposing.

I hope y'all enjoyed this little mini review/empties post!

Until next time. . .



  1. Wow so many empties!! I just love bath and body works candles but Inam very picky about scent!


  2. So many products! I use the Chanel serum. It's one of my favorites!

  3. You have a ton of empties. I use several of these and think I will check out the multi dummies for women. You will have to re-stock now.

  4. I've been on the hunt for a new brow pencil- I will have to check this one out!

  5. I love this style post- so fun to see! It's funny to see that you weren't a fan of the Neutrogena sunscreen as my family thought the same exact thing about it!


  6. The adult gummies are a favorite over here too! I ought to try that brow pencil as well.

  7. I wish there was a smell-o-vision way to know what those candles smell like!

  8. It's always interesting to read these "empties"!
    -Anna |

  9. I am trying to use up SO much right now since we are moving soon, but you got me beat by a TON! I'm glad to know about the gummy Biotin vitamins thought because I was thinking of trying them, but they sound kinda gross! lol

  10. Are you kidding? I love foil packs, especially for travel. Thanks for this great roundup of products to try!

  11. I love my biotin too but I just take the small pink capsules. B&BW does have some of the best scented candles!

  12. Great products! I use the L'Oreal Shampoo and love it!

    Greta |

  13. I love the banana boat spray sunscreens! And I would recommend trying the maybelline fit me matte and poreless powders! I swear by them!


  14. Sooo many products! I love eyebrow pencils they are probably my favorite makeup item to use. I've also used the on the spot before and thought it was great! Awesome post!

  15. I've been wondering how that shampoo is. I think I'll probably stay away from it. :)

  16. I have used NatureMade vitamins before- they're definitely great!

    xoxo A

  17. So many great products, I candles they are my favourite. I pretty much go through one a week lol

  18. I love Soap and Glory products and B&BW candles.
    I love reading empties posts.

    xoxo, Jenny

  19. You used so many things in the past month or so. I think it's awesome that you are sharing what must have been your favorites for the month. I'd love to try those candles!

  20. I love reading product reviews. I discovered Soap and Glory when I studied abroad and I love it! Their packaging is such a plus.

  21. I love empties posts and seeing what people think about those products! I actually haven't used any of these products, but I'm excited to try some out!
    Amy |

  22. Banana Boat sunscreen is the best. I can't survive the summer without it!

  23. So many awesome products! I love Billion Dollar Brow products (they have this highlight/concealer stick that is AMAZING) and Carmex is always a must for my dry lips.

  24. Wow, you went through so many products! I haven't used any of these products but you used some brands that I love!

  25. I'm a huge fan of brow pencils - I'll have to check this one out! Also, those candles look like they'd smell pretty great :)


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