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Monday, August 1, 2016

Insta Lately

Hey y'all!

I haven't shared what I've been putting on my insta with y'all lately, so that's what we're going to do today!

I like to share behind the scenes stories or details that sometimes you can't share on the quick platform of let's see the other side!

Alex & Ani U/Alex & Ani Auburn/Maybelline Mascara

I love posting flat-lays of the products or items that I've absolutely been loving lately, so you'll see that from time to time.

This summer in Alabama has been a rough one, so I've sworn by Tula's products for keeping my skin looking great, but not only that-I've needed a lippie with staying power; enter Too Faced Melted lipstick (mine is in the color berry!)

Another all time fave in this post is the Bamboo perfume that I've been wearing.
You know what people say about scent association?
As in, I have a scent that I wore on our wedding day & now every time I wear it, that scent takes me right back.

This Bamboo scent is so fresh & clean, I absolutely have loved it for my first summer being a real, true adult. I know that when I wear it, I'll remember our trip to Nashville, decorating my first classroom, adopting our pup, and the many other memories that we've created these past few months.

Estee Lauder/EOS Lip Balm

This is an oldie, but I still wanted to post it because I loved the pink tones in this picture (especially since I do love all of these products so much!)

Funny backstory behind this photo; my husband and I were in Montgomery, AL at the Renaissance Hotel (which is on the Riverfront in Montgomery).
I had a plan all in my head to take a gorgeous photo of my bags on the bed looking out over the Riverfront...and then they placed us in a room overlooking the parking garage instead.

So I proceeded to take this photo (the only "blogger" photo of the trip), but it has my most favorite scent ever from Bath & Body Works in it-B&BW, bring back Magnolia & Mimosas!

BB Cream/Blush & Bronzer Duo/Jewelry Box

True life, the background of most of my flat-lay's are towels!

I was using my "It's Summertime, Let's Get Ready Quick!" makeup routine when I decided that I needed to feature it on insta at least.

It consists of a BB cream, a bronzer/blush duo that also doubles for eyeshadow, and then I thought that my turquoise bracelets would make a nice match with the BB cream...and then in true Lilly-lover fashion I pulled over the small box that I keep my earrings in to make a cameo!


I was perusing my local Target the other day and I knew I needed a new primer (I'm SO ready for our Ulta to be built!) so I headed over to NYX.
I picked up this Angel Veil primer and Butter Gloss on a whim, but I actually have ended up loving them both!

The primer goes on so smoothly, not sticky and it doesn't feel like it leaves a residue.
The gloss is really sticky and unfortunately doesn't have a lot of staying power, but I've actually learned to love it.
The color "Dulche de Leche" is gorgeous!

I purchased these flats for less than $20 when I saw the Halogen ones from the #NSale.
I think they're an amazing dupe and so comfortable! 
If you're a teacher looking for something your feet can last in all day & not break the bank, I highly recommend these.

Dress (sold out, similar linked)

I used this photo to announce my new blog name, but it's also the dress that I bought at the Lilly Pulitzer store in Green Hills for my birthday.

It's a Sophie in the print Southern Charm and I'm so excited to have another Lilly dress that I can wear to teach in!

This summer I have began taking my skincare very seriously, partially because I have lots of amazing skincare products and I just need to give them a chance and try them out.

Right now, my nightly ritual includes the Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser because it cleans my face so well and takes off any remaining makeup and leaves a blank canvas for my other skincare.
Did I mention that it's less than $10 for this giant bottle? Since stumbling upon this brand, which you can find at Wal-Mart, I swear by their cleanser and moisturizers!
  Then I move onto the Exuviance Non-Acid Peel (I use this about once a week to exfoliate and firm my skin.
I follow that with my Valentia Rose Hydrating Serum which smells absolutely amazing and keeps my skin so smooth and hydrated.
And lastly I smooth on my DMAE Moisturizer which is supposed to help with preventing wrinkles, etc. and then top it with my EOS lip balm!

Lilly Pulitzer Maxi (Similar)

This is one of my favorite pictures because it reminds me of relaxing summer mornings which are now gone :(
I loved looking through a magazine (especially Lilly!) and sipping from my Biscuit Love mug while Chris eats breakfast, but after today I'll be back to the school grind.

I thank you all for sticking around & hope you enjoyed this Insta Round-Up!
If you want to see more images like these, then please follow along at @SouthernAndStyle!

Until next time. . .


A big thank you to Fragrance Outlet & Aquation  for providing me with product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who support Southern & Style.


  1. How do you like that Maybelline mascara? I read bad reviews of it, but I love it - once I figured out the best way to put it on, I always get compliments, and my lashes look soooo good. I also love the NYX lip butters- I have about 5 colors!

  2. Your photos are all really pretty - I like the idea of using the map for a backdrop! I'm also using Aquation and love it!

  3. Love the idea of using a map for your background. Very smart! I love the Estee Lauder lotion. I just started using it too.

  4. Your Insta feed looks so chic! I love it!!! And I love all the products too, especially the Eos lip balm - it's my current obsession!

  5. Red is my favorite color so love the shoes and can never have to much lip gloss.

  6. I love that you are sharing the stories behind the photos. So cool!

  7. That Magnolia and Mimosas hand cream sounds incredible!

  8. I've heard such good things about TULA. Think I might give it a try! Also, I love those turquoise shard bracelets. SO cute!

    xo, Amanda |

  9. Thanks for the photo inspiration. You take awesome photos. I am not super great with photos yet so I don't do a insta round up yet. I love the one with the shoes on the map. The map background is such a neat idea.

  10. Such a beautiful feed! You do a great job at flat lays!

  11. Your pictures are always so bright and cheery. I love them! I've been wanting to try the NYX Angel Veil primer but Target was out the last time I was in there and I haven't felt like going to our mall to go to Ulta. I love the stories behind the Insta posts!

  12. I love how you lay out your instas! Definitely inspires me to try that sometime

  13. So many great pictures and products. I love how you use towels as most of your backgrounds...such a great idea!

  14. All these products look so luxe! Love your photography style as well :)

  15. I love that you used a map in some of your backgrounds! So unique.

  16. Love this post :) I too have amped up my skincare routine recently because I just turned 20! I actually am writing a post about it. The Clinique skincare line and Fresh Rose Face mask changed my skin for the best.

  17. I would love to try that estee lauder. I have been getting into more of their stuff.

  18. You take great photos! And I'm going to have to look into some of these products!

    Greta |

  19. Love your vibrant Instagram photos and colors used!

  20. Thanks for your share, and i love these products for my skin


  21. I love that Bamboo perfume too!

    The Aquation line has really surprised me. The cleanser works so well (even removed my eye makeup).

  22. You style everything so beautifully in your instapics. I'm totally impressed, and now I want to go shopping for those things.

  23. I love your flat lays! The flats against the map is genius!! I'll have to try the Bamboo scent out too:-)

  24. I love the Too Faced Melted LIppies! My favorite is in Melted Fig, although that's more of a fall color! Can't wait to break it out!

    xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  25. Love your Lilly Pulitzer pics especially! Off to follow you on Instagram :)

  26. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


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