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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.10]

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Can you believe that this is my last post of the school year? When Saturday's post rolls around I will officially be on summer break (and hopefully celebrating with margs and shopping with my sister!)

If you're as obsessed as I am with the Royal family; you're sure to be dying over the photos of Pippa Middleton's wedding dress, etc.  I think both Pippa and Kate are so stunning and just the quintessential classic ladies-I love when the media talks about them and their families!

If you didn't know, Chris and I honeymooned in Savannah (almost two years ago now!) and so we have a love affair with that magical city.
This list by Garden & Gun is chock-full of Savannah's best restaurants, places to visit, places to stay, etc. 

Hold the phone-Alabama is getting a Southern Living Store!
Right now the only SLS is in Myrtle Beach, SC but Huntsville will be getting one at the end of the month (so is Destin, FL if you live close to there!)
I'm going to either have to plan a trip to the North end of the state or to the beach. . .

One of my favorite bloggers, Krista at Covering the Bases, did an interview for Draper James and I'm too obsessed with what she had to say (& her adorable DJ dress!)

This is the summer of the statement earring & I love them all!
From high end to low end, they are all adorable and add the perfect finishing touch to dress up any outfit. 
I'm going to have to pick some out for the Summer photo session that I just won with my favorite photographer!

Chris & I don't have any babies yet, but I love keeping up with a few of my favorite bloggers who happen to be Mama's-the mom life agrees with them all, but especially Victoria Strader!
Her sweet little boy, Beau just turned one and she threw the most perfect Farmer's Market Birthday Party.
It was so sweet (& would be fitting for our future little ones as well!) I'm just obsessed.

My sweet Mama gifted me a cute Kate Spade phone case (along with my iPhone 6S) for my graduation last year & although it has held up really well, it's scratched up & starting to fall apart, meaning it's finally time to search for a new one!
This, this, and oh-em-gee this one are on my short list (which one is your fave?!)

Is anyone else counting down the days until June 1st?!
I'm not trying to wish away my summer, but I am so looking forward to Nashville coming back on.
I just hope it's as good as it was before the dramatic last episode!

I'm always looking for easy (but also yummy) recipes for Chris and I to eat during the week especially using chicken and beef because those are the two proteins we always have on hand.
I think tonight I might try out this chicken recipe and maybe have a big green salad and some baby baker potatoes on the side.
That sounds like a husband pleasing meal 👍

Well y'all, we survived another school year & we survived another beginning of the week!

Until next time. . .



  1. Congrats on finishing up another school year! I hope you have lots of fun things planned for the summer :) I love Kate Spade phone covers too, I would choose the last one you linked - with the pink background & flowers. So adorable!

    Kristen |

  2. Congrats on finishing up another school year! I just finished my last school year ever (until I have kids) and it's SURREAL haha

  3. I hate to admit it, but I'm obsessed with Meghan Markel... what did she wear to the reception?? :) :)

  4. Yay for Summer Break! This of me in miserable Winter weather here in Australia while you're sipping your margaritas! :P Congratulations on finishing up another school year. All the best for the rest of your journey. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  5. I was so ecstatic when my school year ended!! I am a huge fan of those Baublebar earrings and the trend in general!! Great post gf
    xo, G

  6. I've never been to Savannah but I have heard wonderful things about it! I would love to go for a vacation sometime and explore. It sounds lovely!

  7. Yay for it being almost summer break!! This was such a fun post and I'll have to check out that interview Krista did! I love her blog!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  8. That's so cool your blogger friend got to an interview for Draper James. I loooooove her dress!

  9. Sooo many great links! Reading the Savannah post as we speak :) I visited two years ago on a girl's trip, and I cannot wait to get back! Glad to see on my last trip that I made it to at least one of the places on the list on my last visit!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  10. I'm from Charleston, SC, and I had no idea that Myrtle Beach had a Southern Living store! I don't get up that way very often, but that might be a reason to head north. :)

  11. Congrats on finishing up another year of school! Yes, I'm so looking forward to June 1st. Summer here we come!

  12. Yay for the end of the year and yay for margaritas! I am also obsessed with Kate + Pippa, her wedding dress was everythingggg

    Kayla |


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