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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Most Recent Reads

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Y'all-since we found out we're having a baby, I have not felt like all.
That is so unlike me!
I normally always have one book going and try to finish them in a reasonable time period.
Maybe it's just because I've been so sick and so tired lately, but I just haven't felt inspired to read.

I did wrap up four books at the end of 2017 that never made it to the blog because of my extended blogging break, but I really enjoyed these books and wanted to share my thoughts on them with y'all just in case you're looking for something new to add to your Amazon Wishlist or your bookshelf!

It's no secret around these parts that I love historical fiction; it's my all-time favorite genre and all four of the books in this post fall under that category.
I am particularly fascinated by the Tudor monarchy and all the drama that went along with it.
This story follows the life of Elizabeth "Bess" Brooke as she joins life at court and falls in love with a  fellow courtier that just so happens to be married.
This story follows the in's and out's of their life at court and their eventual relationship.
It is very suspenseful in the best way and I really enjoyed it!

Another historical fiction pick, this novel takes place in an entirely different world than the first one I mentioned-it's based in a Western frontier town where many of the residents are single men. The basis of the book is that the men of the town have written back East for mail-order brides and faced with sending such a large number of women, the woman in charge of sending the brides comes West herself (with her assistant) and sees to it that the men are educated in manners and more before their brides come. This is an easy read, but it does have almost everything you would want in a light read; romance, suspense, likable characters-all the things you need to keep you interested!

Another of my favorite historical fiction topics is that of the Civil War so this book was high up on my list of interesting ones to check out.
It follows four characters; two women and two men (former Confederate soldiers) as they navigate life post- Civil War.
They each are dealing with problems from the past, but the link between all of them is a third former Confederate soldier who caused harm to both of the women during the war and so there is a theme of avenging the women that leads to a very exciting and suspenseful ending.
It was a bit of a slow read at first and took me a while to get into, but I really enjoyed the wrap up.

There aren't many books I'm willing to pay for full-price (for example, at Target or Barnes and Noble, etc.). I usually prefer Amazon prices or used books. However, a few years ago I picked up the book One Thousand White Women, which is based on a fictional "Brides for Indians" program started by the U.S. Government as a last-ditch effort to "Americanize" Native Americans and to subdue and assimilate them into American culture.
It was a beautifully written book that made a huge impact on my thoughts about Indian Removal, etc. (as a history major, I was very impressed by this book although it is fiction).
So, fastforward to 2017 and I see a book with a similar cover photo at Target I pick it up and see that it's the second book in the series (there is supposedly a third and final book in the works).
You don't have to read One Thousand White Women first, but it would be helpful if you did before reading this one. 
This book is a beautifully written tale in the form of journals of the last installment of the "Brides for Indians" program just before it was ended. The brides were mostly the un-wanted American women (from prison, sex-workers, "crazy" women, etc.) so they carved the freedom of this program and in turn, some fell in love with the Cheyenne way of life.
When this lifestyle and culture are turned upside down by white soldiers, this book shows just how far these women would go to protect their new lives.
It's beautifully written and if you have any interest in Western/Native American history, I highly recommend.

Well, those were the last four books I managed to read before my dry spell-but y'all will be proud to know that I started a new book this past weekend and have been slowly getting into it & can't wait to share it with you!
Let me know below what books you've been reading (or listening to via audiobooks!) lately!

Until next time. . .

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  1. one thousand white women sounds so interesting! adding to my TBR.


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