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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Candle Empties

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Hey y'all!
So sorry that posts have been sporadic at best around these parts lately; it's a busy season in my life and sometimes something has to give.
Today I'm sharing my "trash" with y'all & giving reviews on the candles I've used up since my last Empties post way back in October.
Usually I'll group my candles in with my regular beauty empties, but today I had a ton so they needed their own separate post.
This candle is such a classic (and this is such old packaging!)
It's a strong, manly scent that I've loved for a long time.
I will always recommend and always purchase this, especially for the colder months when I want that snuggly feeling.

If you're a fan of B&BW Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, then you'll like this one too.
I personally was hoping for more of a Chai flavor, because the Doughnut candle is a little too sweet for my taste.
It was okay while it lasted, but I wouldn't purchase again.
This is a layered candle with Creamy Pumpkin, Roasted Pumpkin Butter, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in it.
My tastes have changed over the years (this is a 2015 candle that I've been hoarding-y'all, I'm so ashamed!) but I just don't like the strong, powerful pumpkin-y scents even when Fall-time rolls around.
I forced myself to finish burning this one up this year since it was almost gone, but I won't buy any of those scents again.

Sonoma Apple Cider
This is a candle from Kohl's that I purchased on a whim and y'all-it was SO good.
It burned really well, the scent wasn't too overpowering but it was just right.
The price is also usually right on these Sonoma candles because Kohl's offers so many coupons and in-store discounts. I'll definitely be searching for more candles from this brand.

I feel like this is a Fall cult-classic for a reason; it smells SO good!
I love the hint of apple mixed with the caramel, it's not too strong either which is a must for me.
Definitely will repurchase this when Fall rolls back around.
If I ever had to pick one favorite Christmas candle from B&BW, it would be Fresh Balsam.
We always use a faux Christmas tree, so I really crave that pine scent each year to give the feel of a real tree and this candle answers that need.
It's really crisp and fresh, not overwhelming but it does fill a room beautifully.
This will be a repurchase year after year. (Oh, and can we talk about how beautiful the packaging on this one is?!)

I picked this up a few years ago & knew I needed to just burn it to clear out space in the drawers where I store all of my candles.
It's not my favorite scent ever, as I've said-I'm moving past those cloyingly sweet scents and this is definitely ultra-sweet.
It's not on my repurchasing list.
I am a huge fan of lemon scents. They're just so fresh & clean (plus, they make your house smell like you spent all day cleaning, when in reality you didn't!)
This candle is a favorite and I hope they have it again in the future because I love the natural and clean scent that's different than much of what B&BW carries.

I'll be 100% candid...I don't normally love the summer scents from B&BW.
But this candle smelled so yummy and fruity, it was sweet without giving me a headache and I loved the freshness it provided.
The jar is so pretty & will definitely be reused as well.
If B&BW has this again this summer, I would probably pick one up.

Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger
Y'all, this is an old candle-I know, I know.
I love all of the tea scents from B&BW and this was a nice, clean Spring-type scent that I wish would return.
I love the classic label and the fact that it's different, not just your every day repackaged candle.
If they were to bring this one back, I would most definitely pick up one if not two of them!
If there is ever a candle I don't really love, I'll make it a bathroom candle.
This candle ended up being a bathroom candle.
I bought it two years ago now at the Yankee Candle outlet and while it did have a scent unlike one of the others I bought there, it smoked up a lot when being lit (as you can see from the blackness on the jar). I also wasn't the biggest fan of the scent after burning it.
I really honestly don't like many Yankee Candles, so I wouldn't be likely to purchase this one again.

This was a Christmas gift a few years back from my brother & sister-in-law's and first of all, I love it because of the jar. The textured mercury glass is just so beautiful, I really love the look of it.
The scent was very light, a little fruity mixed with citrus.
It didn't fill the entire room, but it was nice when I wanted a little background scent.
I'm not a huge fan of Target's candles because I feel like they don't give you a lot of bang for your buck, but it was certainly nice while it lasted & the jar will be repurposed for sure.
Maple Pumpkin Souffle Signature Soy Candle
I know I just got finished saying I thought Target candles were a waste of $$$ and I still think that.
I picked this one up at a discount store (Dirt Cheap, if you have that) and I'm sure I paid a dollar or less for it.
The scent was pretty good before I lit the candle, but it honestly smelled like nothing when I was burning it. Total waste of less than a dollar.

If I had to pick a favorite candle from this entire post, it would be this one.
I purchased it on a whim at a semi-annual sale and fell in love.
I wish this scent had been made in a three-wick because it's such a great candle!
It's lightly sweet, with a little tartness. It even has the bakery/crust note of a pie in it that I love.
I wish, wish, wish that they would bring this one back (or heck, other pie scents too) because I would try them out for sure.

Well y'all, I know that was a little long but I loved sharing my empties with y'all & giving you an opportunity to see the things that I love and would or wouldn't recommend to y'all.
If I was able to find links to purchase any of these, then they're linked in the titles of the candles.

Let me know below if you've tried any of these candles & if so, what were your thoughts!

Until next time. . .


  1. I need to try the Balsam one. I love candles.

  2. I can't do the super sweet ones, either! Endless Weekend is one of my favorite B&BW candles. It's perfect for the spring/summer!

  3. You picked some great scents! I wish we had a bath and body works near me, I stock up every time I go out of town!


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