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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.46]

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Y'all-I have been such a bad blogger with my week-long break, but it was much needed!
I think it's so important to take those mental health breaks and to take time for yourself, it's important to recharge and never get burned out, especially on something that should be a creative outlet for you (like blogging!) 
One of the biggest and most exciting things that I want to recap is the last minute baby-moon that Chris & I went on Thursday through Sunday.
We had a blast, just relaxing and enjoying each others company. It was so important to me for us to take one last "just-us" trip before the baby comes in September because although we may go on trips just the two of us in the future, this will be the last one where we won't be missing him!
 Day 2 of our vacay was spent exploring the 30A, especially Seaside.
It was Chris' first time there & I loved showing him all of my favorite spots.
 We stayed at my favorite place in Panama City Beach, a condo in Emerald Beach Resort.
It's such a great spot that is centrally located to our favorite places and we love it.
Another favorite spot-St. Andrews! It's the opposite direction of 30A from Panama City Beach, but we love this little bay town. They have the best restaurants that aren't packed with tourists (I'm looking at you, Hunt's!) and the cutest boutiques, antique stores, etc. Plus it's always fun to stroll around the marina before or after your dinner.

After being at the beach, all I'm craving is seafood!
Luckily, I found this super easy and delicious sounding recipe from a blogger that I've been following for a long time-I can't wait to try it out.

Whenever we travel, I try to condense my products into as few bags as possible-my favorite travel case is this one from Vera Bradley. It has four zipper pockets inside (two are clear) and it hangs up, so once you get to your vacation spot, you can stow it on the back of the bathroom door or wherever you'll be getting ready.
I use mine for all of my makeup, brushes, and most of my jewelry as well!

I shared this over on Instagram; but y'all-without my planner & journals, I wouldn't lose my head.
My Q&A A Day Journal is a one-line question/answer journal for each day for five years. I'm on the fourth year now and it's so fun to see how my answers have changed over time.
I've filled up my PaperSource journal & have moved on to a bright, Lilly Pulitzer journal for the season-journaling really helps to keep my mind clear and I love the memories that I've collected over the years through my journaling.
I've been using the Essential Planner since the beginning of the year & I've really enjoyed the change in it from my Erin Condren that I've used in year's past. It's more affordable (at $36, with 20% off using the code TAKE20) and I love the organization that it provides.

I bought a three-pack of Soap & Glory's Body Butter's from Target during the after-Christmas sales and have been testing out the Smoothie Star.
Not only does it work so so well at keeping my skin hydrated, but it also smells amazing-pretty much like a wedding cake or some other delicious dessert-I highly recommend. 

If you're looking to add a furry-friend to your family; Good Housekeeping has rounded up the 20 Best Dog Breeds for Kids-it's no surprise that Labrador Retriever's are #1...I mean, look at this face?!

On Monday I had my 24-week doctor's appointment to check up on our little guy (who's doing perfectly!) and my sister & I stopped in at Lilly to see all the new pretty arrivals.
I couldn't help but pick up the new Tunic Popover in Mermaid's Cove; it just sucked me in-it's so pretty & still roomy on me at 5 months along.

Another travel-size thing I tested out on our vacation was the Glam Glow Supercleanse and I'm so glad that I tried it out...except for now that I'm addicted!
I've been having some problems with acne on my chin (thanks hormones) and after just using this for two days it had that almost completely cleared up.
My Sephora Play! box strikes again and makes me want to buy something new because it's so great!

Are you getting hitched in 2018?
Southern Living rounded up the best new wedding polishes for the year & some of them are so pretty!
I think "You Make My Dreams" is the prettiest of the bunch!

Adding this Pecan-Peach Cobbler recipe to my collection because those are two of my favorite flavors!
The recipe sounds really easy & can be made in advance and frozen-perfect for pulling out before a last minute get-together.

Until next time. . .

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