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Saturday, July 7, 2018

30 Questions for Self-Discovery...Answered!

Happy Saturday, y'all!
It's been a few days since you've seen me around the blog, life has been overwhelming the past month & I haven't been able to pull myself together to type out a post.
Expect a Ten on Tuesday with a life recap soon, but until then...I'm going to answer some fun questions that I found on Pinterest. Maybe y'all will discover something new about me while I'm on this journey to self-discovery!

1) How do I feel at the moment?
I feel good. A lot of major things have been going on around these parts lately & things are finally slowing down, just in time for us to start really preparing for Baby Upchurch. So good & excited!

2) What do I need more of in my life?
Time! But don't we all?

3) What would make me happy right now?
One of those new peach tea lemonade things from Chick-Fil-A. I've been wanting to try one forever!

4) What is going right in my life?
Currently, everything is pretty "right" right now.
My relationships are in a good place. I'm happier now than I think I've ever been.

5) What am I grateful for?
I'm grateful for the people I get to spend my life with. I'm grateful for this little one that will be joining our family in just a few months. I'm grateful for a big black lab that is sleeping by my feet as I type. I'm grateful for the freedom to enjoy the little things that life offers.

6) When did I experience joy this week?
The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because of time spent together with friends, fireworks, and because it's a strong reminder of the freedom that so many of us take for granted on a daily basis.
I definitely experienced many types of joy on the Fourth!

7) Share a small victory or success:
I made it through two weeks of eating low-carb, aka no desserts, pasta, bread and minimal starchy veggies! It was a success because now I know I can do it and I definitely want to stick to a loose version of this diet now & then go all out after baby gets here.

8) What's bothering me? Why?
Getting the water balance with my tomato plant has been a struggle, y'all.
It's a first world problem, but it's bothering me because I want homegrown tomatoes!

9)What are my priorities at the moment?
Taking care of myself & Christopher, enjoying our "alone" time before baby arrives, and getting the nursery finished!

10) What do I love about myself?
I love my empathy for others.
After teaching, I realize that empathy isn't all that common (especially among the next generation) and I hope it's something I foster in my child.

11) Who means the world to me and why?
My family. No matter what happens, they're mine & I love each and every one of them.
When things happen in your family, you realize how you want to hold all of them as close & as tight as you can.

12) If I could share one message with the world, what would it be?
Choose kindness.
It costs nothing to be kind and it can change someone's world.

13) What advice would I give to my younger self? Do I follow this advice now?
Don't be so worried about what people think of you. Do what you like & do what is right and everything else will fall into place.
I definitely follow this advice now, I didn't way back when.

14) What lesson did I learn this week?
To always bring bug-spray!

15) If I had all the time in the world, what would I want to do first?
Get in my kitchen and try out different recipes!
(Oh, and if I didn't have to clean up, haha!)

16) What's draining my energy? How can I reduce or cut it out?
The only thing draining my energy right now is this baby and he's worth it!

17) What does my ideal morning look like?
Sleeping in, then spending the morning on the porch leisurely sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book/magazine or listening to a podcast episode.

18) What does my ideal day look like?
If it was my perfect, ideal day-I would definitely be on vacation!
Preferably, the beach.

19) What makes me come alive? When was the last time I felt truly alive?
I'm most alive when I'm out having fun with the ones I love.
When Chris and I are able to get away and spend time doing things that aren't work, that's when I'm most myself and the happiest-for example, we took my niece and nephew hiking a few weeks ago and I felt great, I had a blast-it was the best.

20) Who/What inspires me the most? Why am I drawn to those inspirations?
My Grandma is always going to be one of the most inspiring people to me.
She was a wonderful hostess, had the most kind heart, but also was fierce in her fight for the things she wanted.
I'm drawn to those inspirations because that's exactly how I want to be remembered at the end of the day!

21) Where does my pain originate? What would need to happen for me to heal?
I used to worry over things people said about me or mistakes I had made (no matter how small), because a lot of the pain I have comes from disappointing people. However, time and learning to forgive myself is how I heal from those hurts.

22) What are my strengths? What am I really good at?
I definitely think that communicating is one of my major strengths & something that I'm really good at. Sometimes it takes me a little while to warm up to someone and be sure of myself in a situation, but once I am I can rock a conversation.

23) What is something I've always wanted to do, but was too scared?
Go on a trip somewhere, solo.
I've heard so many amazing things about traveling by yourself, but the thought of it has always terrified me!

24) What is something I would love to learn?
I really would love to learn a foreign language, but the time commitment seems so daunting.

25) What hobbies would I like to try?
I've always thought it might be fun to be able to sew or embroider, they're lost arts in today's world!

26) Where would I want to live in my ideal life?
I'll be 100% honest, the only location I can imagine myself living other than the home we're in now is when we're finally able to build a house at the farm.
Other than that, I don't want to leave my tiny small town.

27) Where would I like to travel in the next five years?
-New Orleans, Louisiana
-Charleston, South Carolina (yes, I've been, but it was only one day!)
-Disney World (maybe-if we don't have another little one by then!)
-Kentucky (I would love to see horse country, so I don't necessarily have one city or town that I'd like to see)

28) What can I do to take better care of myself?
Not be so lazy in applying my skincare every night.
I apply it probably 5 out of 7 nights a week, but every night would be ideal (I do manage to cleanse my face every night though, thank goodness!)

29) When have I done something that I thought I couldn't do?
I've never really thought that I couldn't do something 100%...but one time I did make strawberry shortcakes from scratch with about 5 minutes warning that they were wanted by my husband.
I impressed myself that night.

30) At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be?
I've already mentioned this previously, when I talked about my Grandma being my inspiration, but I want to be remembered as someone who was kind, fiercely loyal to those around her, loving, and of course-a gracious hostess that always made her guests feel at home.

Well, some of those got deep-didn't they?!
I hope y'all learned something or at least found these questions & answers entertaining!

Until next time. . .

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  1. can't wait to see your nursery! I also have never been to NOLA!


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