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Saturday, July 14, 2018

What I'm Reading Lately

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If you keep up with my blog, then it's probably been so long since I've updated y'all on my latest reads that you probably thought I stopped altogether 😂 It's literally been since March!

I've read three and a half books since then, but one of them was honestly so bad I immediately put it in my donate pile so I never had to even see it on my bookshelf again so I definitely don't want to share it with y'all & torture you too! The half book was one that I picked up on a whim from the thrift store and it was okay, just not something I wanted to focus on and I decided I was tired of forcing myself to read terrible books-so I didn't and I put it in the donate pile as well.
Don't make yourself waste your time reading bad books-read things you like!

When I was at the thrift store hunting for new books for myself and our little guy (it's the best place to find books on the cheap!) I stumbled upon two Elin Hilderbrand books and of course, bought them!
This book focuses on main character, middle-aged Dabney Kimball Beech and her life on Nantucket.
She lives a wonderful like with a pleasant husband, a sweet daughter who is successful in her own right, a job she loves, and a successful ability for matchmaking-42 successful couples in all.
The story absolutely drew me in from minute one and I was enthralled from the beginning, I stayed up many nights late into the night reading this book trying to finish it.
It has funny moments, touching moments, and just when you think you've got it figured out-you don't.
I don't often have good reviews of books that have me in tears at the end, but this one did and I still love love love it.
It's the perfect beach read, so grab a copy on your way for your last summer vacay!

Y'all know I had to squeeze in at least one historical fiction because they are my favorite genre. This story follows Isabella Bankmill as she journeys throughout London society as she comes of age and is on her way to finding her future betrothed.
She is pursued by two gentleman that are complete opposites of one another; Lord Bromby, who is dark, mysterious, and a talented poet. The other is David Beringer; a true gentleman, a philanthropist, and a man who shares the same Christian faith as Isabella.
I was a big fan of the novel from the beginning, simply because it is a historical story with a strong female lead. I feel as though it contained an excellent "lesson" if you will for those who are searching for their future life-mate because it truly is important to be like-minded and to know your partner well for the success of your relationship.
The book was well written and it kept drawing me in throughout the entire story, always frustrating me with it's direction, then consoling me with something pleasant, then taking a different turn. Some people don't like their reading to go that way, but I enjoy a book that keeps me guessing.

Although those are the only two books that I've read in the past three and a half months, I'm hoping that now that I've started back in earnest that I'll keep up with it.
It's really come in handy to have some good books to read with my inability to sleep well at night (& I'm sure there will be lots of long nights with a babe in my future that I might be able to sneak some pages in then!)

If you've read anything good recently, please leave it below as I'm always on the hunt for new books!

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, and I really appreciate the lovely review! :)

    1. You're so welcome-it was a great book (my sister has already stolen it from me to read!) and I can't wait to check out other books of yours!

      xoxo, SS


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