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Monday, August 6, 2018

A Farm is More than Land & Crops. . .

It's a family's heritage & future ❤🚜
Typically, on a Tuesday I would do a weekly recap, a roundup of all the little things I've been doing in the past week & fun things I've found around the internet.

And to be honest, normally I don't get 100% personal on the blog with y'all because we tend to be a pretty private family.

However, this past weekend was one for the books & I have to tell our story and put this down to remember and share because it's so exciting and important!

Friday afternoon, Christopher and I packed up and headed south for Montgomery. We checked in to our hotel room, (spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon & Apple tech support 🙈), spent another hour in the Verizon store buying Christopher a new iPhone because phones are important to farmer's y'all, had dinner at Wentzell's, walked by the river, and headed up to our room for the night.

Saturday was a jam-packed day for us, it was our full day at Commodity Conference for the Alabama Farmer's Federation and we were so excited to see friends, meet new friends, learn new things in seminars, etc.
The day was fun and tiring, so around 3ish we headed back up to our room, took a nap, then got up around 5 and got all gussied up for the dinner.

Over the past six months, there have been a ton of things going on in the background that I've mentioned here and there on the blog, but never really went into full detail on.

In March, Chris & I were chosen as one of three finalists to be Alabama's Outstanding Young Farm Family. We had went through an application and interview process to be chosen as finalists.
Over the next few months, we prepared and practiced, we worked really hard to prepare for an on-farm interview with three judges which happened the last week of June.

On Saturday night, all of that hard work came to fruition as we stood on stage with two other very deserving couples-but our name was announced!
It was such a validating moment for both of us because of all the hard work and dreams that we've poured into our farm and into this contest. To know that other's notice your dedication and passion is an awesome feeling-especially since farmers tend to get more criticism than compassion sometimes.
 We love what we do & we love this organization that we get to be a part of.
We're so excited to represent the state of Alabama over the next year and that we get to compete at National's in New Orleans in January!
 We have an incredible support system of both of our families as well as all of our friends, we are so thankful to have everyone cheering us on and helping out whenever we asked.
It's going through things like this that truly let you know who you can count on & we appreciate everyone so much!
There are so many exciting things coming in the next few months; mostly the arrival of our sweet little boy!
But we can't wait to see where we go from here & we look forward to advocating and supporting agriculture in the future.

Until next time. . .


  1. Oh my goodness, I've missed so many important things! Congratulations on the baby boy coming and the award!! And for a "real" farm not the instagram/HomeGoods farm. Sigh. How awesome is that!! You look gorgeous too!!

  2. How cool is this?! Happy for you guys- hard work def pays off!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Congratulations on your well deserved award! It shows through your writing that you put your heart into the farm, and that you are real hard workers. May success keep coming to your family along with the happiness of welcoming your baby :)

    Natalia | Lindifique


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