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Saturday, August 4, 2018

August Goals [2018]

P.S. Another sneak-peak from our maternity photos with Amy-Cole Photography 😍

Y'all, it has been so, so long since I've done a goals post. I'm talking way back in January!
Thankfully, I did check some of those off like...
-redecorating our home (thankfully it's current state is neutral enough where it will be fine until I feel like decorating like Fall, or maybe even until Christmas!)
-having a fun night out with my biggest big sister (we had a blast seeing the My Favorite Murder podcast girls live in Atlanta!)

But. . . I also kinda failed at the others because there was so much going on in our lives and I fell off the wagon!

So instead of dwelling on what didn't get done, I'm going to share my goals for August with y'all.
At my last doctors appointment (34 weeks!) she scared me to death basically saying we could have a baby before the end of August, which I know is true but darn it if I wasn't planning on a September baby 😅
So I've got a to-do list that needs to get checked off. . .
~Reach 1,100 on Instagram
Obviously this is a selfish social media/blogger goal, but I am so close (currently at 1,085!) and would love to reach that goal that I've wanted for a long time!
~Complete Baby Upchurch's Nursery
We have all of the pieces, it's just getting things put away and things hung on the wall, etc.
As soon as our dresser & bookshelf arrive from our handyman who is painting them then the room can finally be finished! We also have a piece of artwork that I had commissioned coming for over his crib that should be here in 2 weeks!
~Add Baby Upchurch to Our Insurance
Technically this can't officially be done until he's made his arrival, but I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row so it won't be a headache after he's born.
~Pack my Hospital Bag
I have my list all written out & ready to go, I'm just waiting on a few things to come in from Target orders & then I can pack my bag and have it waiting. I'm also waiting on some sweet "coming home" outfits for our little guy so those can be packed as well.
If you have any hospital bag do's or don't's please leave them in the comments!
~Enjoy 2 Date Nights Before Baby
I know date nights will become a thing of the past, at least for a little while after we bring our babe home so I want to make sure we sneak in at least one or two before he arrives.
~Finish All Baby Shower/Gift Thank-You Notes
Y'all, if you don't send thank-you notes...why not?!
I think they are so thoughtful and sweet, especially when people have been so generous and kind to you as they have been to us.
My goal is to have every note out before baby comes.
~Repaint Our Front Door Hangers
With baby's arrival comes the arrival of friends & family to our home.
I want to make sure our front door hangers are repainted (they're just white and need touched up) so they are welcoming to all who enter!

Well, it's a lofty list but I'm hoping I can accomplish it all-I guess we'll see next month!

Until next time. . .

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  1. I feel like posting your goals holds you accountable to them, so needless to say, I love this. xx Courtney


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