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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Six Books I've Read Recently

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It's so sad, but the last time I shared a book review blog post was almost exactly a year ago!
This whole first year with Charlie has been busy & overwhelming in all of the best ways.
I finally have started back into reading (& in this post I'll share which one of these books was the flame that caught up my fire again for reading) and I'm so thrilled that I have.
These six books were so good & I can't wait to share my thoughts with y'all!

A few months ago, Target ran a BOGO 50% of special on books, so I took that as an opportunity to pick up a few new books for myself and Charlie.
I'm a huge fan of historical novels & this one is a true story.
I've also been very intrigued by the Holocaust & the Jews that were in the concentration camps. Not much is known about the Jews who worked "with" the Nazis, so this book was an interesting read about a prisoner named Lale who became the tattooist of the Jews in his concentration camp.
It's all about his journey through the camp, his journey with love, loss, and how he was able to fight back in small ways.
It was a captivating read that I found myself finishing in just a few days.

This was a thrift store pickup (at my local store, you can buy hardback books for less than $5 a piece!) and although I had never heard of this author before, I really enjoyed this work by him and would definitely search out more.
This is a story of a father who is terminally ill, the losses he goes through, and the redemption he finds for him and his family in a beautiful, small coastal town in South Carolina.

This is the book that relit my fire for reading & I'm so thankful that it did.
I purchased this book from the Target BOGO sale as well & read it because I wanted to purchase it for a book club read and wanted to make it sure it was good for that.
Needless to say, it's one of the best books that I've ever read.
It was a Reese Witherspoon book club pick and now I know why-I literally read this thick book in two days.
It's the story of Kya, a girl who grew up mostly alone in the marshes of the North Carolina coast.
It's a beautiful story of family, love, mystery, intrigue, and a coming-of-age tale.
I loved the twists and turns, it had me guessing literally until right up at the end of the book.
If you don't read anything else, please read this one!

If you've been around here for a while, you'll probably remember me mentioning one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder (also by these two amazing women!)
I'm going to be fully honest here & admit that I don't love autobiography type books, but I wanted to make an exception for this one.
I loved some parts of it, other parts seemed redundant and uninteresting.
I think that if you really love MFM and Karen & Georgia then you would like this book, as it does share many interesting parts of their lives that kind of make them who they are.
But I was just kind of meh on this one.
The art throughout the book is totally sick in the best way though!

I just finished up this book a few days ago (& have already started a new one!) and it was so good, but I have to admit the ending kind of left me wanting more-but I guess that could be a good thing?
It's a story of two sisters, their mom, and their aunt who end up spending a Summer sabbatical on the island of Tuckernuck.
It's beautifully written, just like all of Elin's books, and I love how it is written from each characters perspective.
There's so much packed into it and it was a great buy from my local thrift store too!
I can't stress checking at your local thrift stores for books!

This was my first Mary Kay Andrews book & I'm not sure why I haven't read one of hers before because I really, really enjoyed this one.
This was my exchange book from our recent book club and I'm definitely smitten with this author now.
This book follows a young woman, Drue, who is basically trying to get her life together after her mother's death and a career ending kite-boarding accident.
She moves to Sunset Beach, begins remodeling her grandparents beach house and working in her father's law firm where she unravels a mystery that she has to solve.
It's full of twists and turns that I never expected and it kept me on my toes for sure.
I loved the element of justice in this novel as well!

Have y'all read any good books lately?
I've got to add more to my to-be-read bookshelf because I'm flying through them again, thank goodness!

Until next time. . .

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