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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ten on Tuesday [No.62]

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Happy Tuesday, y'all!
It seems so hard to believe that October is almost gone...before we know it, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then time to decorate for & celebrate Christmas, and then 2020 will be here-it's insane how fast time seems to pass these days.
Let's round up some of my favorite things from around the internet and that have been going on lately!
We recently got to take a quick, last minute getaway to the beach with some of our friends and y'all-we had the most fun!
It was Charlie's first beach trip and he just loved the water and the sand, it was everything I ever could've hoped for.
I'm going to do an entire blog post sharing where we stayed, what we did, and what we brought for our one year old so be on the lookout for that!
I loved this story on Facebook about Cinderella & her glass arm.
Such a beautiful way for girls to see that princesses can look like them no matter what!
 Can y'all believe that we finally cut Charlie's hair?!
I've been honestly trying to get it cut since he was like 8 months old, but not many people will cut it before a baby is a year old.
So I made two different hair appointments, but we got the last minute opportunity to go to the beach & then we had to cancel for a funeral, so we just let it go and decided to try again later.
Thankfully, Chris & I have a sweet friend (who's name just happens to be Charleighe, too!) who just graduated from her cosmetology program and she offered to come to our house to cut his hair.
I'm just saying, if you have the opportunity to have your little ones first haircut at home, do it!
He didn't cry, he just sat in his booster seat and played with my phone and his monitor (two things he never gets to play with) and was pretty good. He was obviously wiggly, but not scared which was so important!
And most importantly, he looks like such a handsome big boy now!
Well, I've finally discovered a name for what I am...Grandmillennial 😹
That article I linked there describes me to a T-I even took the quiz to double check, definitely me.
Case in point; Chris tolerates taking me to estate sales and antique stores ALL the time. I love it so much!
A few weeks ago, my friend Chelsea and I hit up Kids Market & Mom in Irondale and I grabbed lots of goodies for Charlie for the Fall & Winter.
I spent right at $100 and got everything you see below, plus a book for my niece & a book for Charlie and a wooden pull toy that's shaped & painted like a John Deere tractor that I'm saving for him for Christmas!
 Three of the four shirts above are Ralph Lauren button ups that I got for great prices!
The bottom right is a Carter's/Osh Kosh and I loved the western vibe.
 Charlie needed a few new jammies in the next size up, so I grabbed him this dog set of two pjs that are originally Carters and the center ones are adorable smocked "C" pajamas that he looks so cute in and were so much more affordable than if I purchased them from a pre-order group or website.
 Since Charlie is a big boy now and is all about playtime, especially outside, I knew I needed to snag some play shirts for him.
The one in the center is from a favorite of ours, Carhartt and the outside shirts are Circo brand. I love that they are thermal so they'll be warm when it cools off for good!
 Halo Sleep Sack Size Large
I was so happy to find this light blue sleep sack for Charlie in 18-24 months because it's the perfect lightweight layer for over his pajamas that don't have feet. This size should last us a long time, too.
 You know you've got a big boy when you have to buy sweatshirts for him to play in at the farm, like this sweet John Deere one.
The Auburn one is so cute for cooler game days and was brand new with tags, too.
 I still need to work on Charlie's pant-wardrobe, but I got him two pairs of corduroy pants that are reversible with red gingham prints and two pairs of Old Navy pants, a dark brown & a bluejeans.
And lastly, some of my favorite finds were this sweet corduroy long-all with a C embroidered, a long-sleeve train tee with a C, and a rodeo cowboy sweater vest.
I don't get to go to coffee shops very often anymore, but when I do get to snag a Starbucks I love their pumpkin sweet cream cold brew and their bacon gouda breakfast sandwich-they are both so good!
Also, I'm still adoring my Freshly Picked diaper bag. I've had it over a year now and don't see myself stopping using it anytime soon.
I've got lots of favorites I could mention from Scarlet & Gold, but I think this blanket is my latest obsession-I think it would be precious for Charlie!
Scarlet & Gold Auburn Elements Blanket
If you don't like Auburn (what's wrong with you?! Just kidding!) then they have Alabama themed blankets, blankets that aren't team related, and simple football themed blankets that would be cute for any team.
If you purchase anything from Scarlet & Gold for the rest of the month of October, you can use the code ITSGAMEDAY for free shipping!
I have several podcasts that I listen to, but my latest binge-worthy one has been 22 Hours: An American Nightmare.
It is a true crime story and done by journalists, which was such an interesting take. It goes all the way through the crime, to the courtroom, and beyond. Very well done and I flew through it.
I'm getting to the point in the season where I'm ready to swap out my pots and planter boxes on the back porch with Fall plants and this article from Better Homes & Gardens gave me lots of good ideas to use!
Walmart Mulled Cider Candle
Okay, hear me out. I know everyone probably already has a million Fall & Winter candles from Bath & Body Works, but this one (that's less than $5 at Wall-Mart) smells so good!
I was able to grab it through grocery pickup, which makes it even easier and I've enjoyed burning it in my kitchen.
It gives a bright, spicy, punchy apple scent that will take you through Fall all the way into the Christmas season.

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed my Ten this week!
Until next time. . .

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