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Monday, September 8, 2014

What to Wear: Country Concert

Hey y'all!

I don't know about where y'all are at, but here in 'Bama it is still SO hot! September and October are always the perfect months for outdoor concerts, I know there is a small rodeo that a bunch of my girlfriends and I are planning to go to and see Thomas Rhett (who puts on an amazing show, by the way!) and Farm Tour will be in Auburn pretty soon with Mr. Luke Bryan. (insert heart-eye emoji here)

I've put together what I think is the perfect late summer/early fall (in the southern states!) country concert outfit. At the end, I'll insert a few other ideas that I have just in case what I put together wasn't your cup of tea. Hope y'all enjoy!
Country Concert
There isn't one single thing that I don't love about this whole ensemble.
Kimono /Boots/Yeti/Earrings/Shorts/Top (Sold Out-Similar Linked)/Braid Tutorial/Necklace (Sold Out-Similar Linked)/Koozie (Sold Out-Similar Linked)

Let's start with this top, it's so casual and comfy looking-perfect to keep you cool if the sun is baking on you during an outdoor show.

The Kimono, featured in navy is perfect to toss on over the top for when the sun goes down and the night gets a little cool. It won't weigh you down, but will provide a little extra coverage.

These shorts are perfectly distressed, plus they're high-waisted so the top won't show off too much!

These boots make me want to scream, "Merica!" Aren't they just so much fun? From the stars to the bars, they keep in perfectly with the country theme.

The jewelry that I have chosen is Western/Native American inspired and is pretty basic. The earrings will bring interest to your face while the necklace will bring some weight to the simple crop top.

The hairstyle that I have chosen is the famous "Elsa-braid". It's just loose enough to be comfortable while keeping your hair out of your face and helping keep you cool in the hot sun, all while looking fabulous!

Lastly, is this koozie not perfection? Red, White, & Booze is ideal for the 'Merica themed boots and I can assure you, most country concerts call for large amounts of booze.

The Yeti I featured is perfect for keeping your cold cans just that, cold. And if you get home late (which you will) you don't have to worry about putting your left-over cans in the fridge because the Yeti will hold ice for days!
(Not that there should be any left-over beer!)

Here's an alternative ideas for your country concert outfits...

Kick Boot Jean - Storm Dark Destroy

If it's just too cool for shorts, these Kick Boot distressed jeans from American Eagle are a good choice for only $50. These jeans hold their shape so well, they have the perfect amount of stretch, while not becoming saggy throughout the night.

I hope y'all enjoyed this Country Concert version of What to Wear & I hope it helped you out with deciding what to wear to all of your fun concerts.

Let me know in the comments below what concerts you're looking forward to, country or not!

Until next time. . .
xoxo, SS

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