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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Charlie: One Month

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 Y'all-I cannot believe that our sweet Charlie is already ONE MONTH OLD!
It seems like just yesterday we were waiting on him, then I shared his birth story, and now here I am with his first monthly update on the blog.
Weight: 9 lbs 10 1/2 oz
Height: 23 Inches

This is seriously the most irritating thing y'all-baby clothes sizing is just as bad, if not worse than grown up clothing sizes!
Charlie can still wear most of his newborn things, but they're getting pretty tight and probably won't last but a few more weeks. He can fit pretty well in some three month things (like the orange/blue outfit) but other 0-3 things are huge on him!

Charlie sleeps pretty well for a one-month old. He's a rockstar of a napper, but when we go to put him in his bassinet at night he doesn't really love that.
He has a "witching hour" between 9-12 where he doesn't really want to sleep, so we're trying to get past that.
Once he's asleep at 12 though, he really only wakes up once in the middle of the night.

He's eating every 2-3 hours during the day, and gets a little bit of a longer stretch at night.
He typically doesn't stay awake too long after I feed him, but when he is awake-man is he alert!

Our little boy has been so healthy from day one and we do not take it lightly how blessed we are for that.
I don't know if I can attribute that to him being a 100% breastfed baby, but I'm hoping that I'm doing my part in trying everything I can to keep him healthy.
(And yes, fed is best-no mom shaming here on this blog!) 

He really honestly only cries when he's hungry or wants his diaper changed. He also isn't crazy about being buckled into his car seat or when clothes are too-involved and I have to do a lot of buttoning or moving things over his head.

Riding in the truck
Going for walks in the neighborhood

Dirty/wet Diapers
Waking up alone (when he's in the bassinet in our room and we're in the living room/kitchen)
When Forrest licks his foot 🙈
Being in the carseat when we aren't moving/going anywhere

Being born/Coming home!
Our sweet boy is trying really hard to hold his head up and it makes me really happy and kind of sad all at the same time-it's all going so quickly

Places You've Gone:
The Pediatrician
Anna Claire's first birthday party!
The Farm
Nana & PawPaw's House
Gran & Papa's House
To the Barn for my Inter Se meeting (all the ladies loved you!)
Talladega/Calhoun County Young Farmer's Meeting (your very first YF meeting!)

Y'all, I'm going to be really, really honest here.
I was terrified of the postpartum part of pregnancy!
Everyone tells you how awful it is and all the internet/Pinterest posts tell you that no one tells you how bad it really is-so I'm thinking, it's going to be really bad...but it wasn't!
I honestly felt great from the time I got into my recovery room at the hospital, but I felt really really good when I got home.
My pain level was basically a 0 by the time I got home and just finding a routine and hitting our groove has been the best thing for me.
I'm doing okay with the sleep, if I need to catch a nap I can do that early in the mornings, but most days I don't even need one.

I'm super thankful that I didn't gain a whole lot of weight while pregnant & now all of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, heck some clothes I couldn't wear pre-pregnancy fit!
I credit all of that to being pretty conscious of what I ate and my activity level during pregnancy as well as afterwards, I'm just so much more thoughtful of how I fuel my body now.
This is an absolute must-have, especially for breastfeeding Mama's!
I'm so thirsty all of the time, so I try to keep my big Yeti full of ice and water at all times and within arms reach so that I always have hydration on hand.
This app was recommended to me by one of our nurses at the hospital to help us get in a schedule with Charlie's feeds (we had been writing them down on the marker board and it just got to be too much to keep up with there).
This app is really simple to use & keeps data on his wet/dirty diapers as well if you're trying to keep up with all of that data too.
I know that the use of pacifiers in breastfed babies is debatable, but Charlie has taken a bottle (when we were supplementing with pumped milk) from the beginning and has had his wubbanub from basically day 2 when he was under the bili-lights.
We've never had a problem with nipple confusion yet!
He has a regular Soothie paci that we let him use in his bassinet at night, but his wubbanub stays in his mouth so much better when we can watch him.
This was highly recommended to us & we love it! In fact, Charlie is sleeping in it right now as I type out this post.
This one is automatic and has different noises as well that Charlie likes. We also use it to just bring him around to different places around the house with us because it folds up so easily and is super handy to bring around.
75% of the time, Charlie is in his pj's, it's just a fact of life with a newborn!
These Carter's ones are a personal favorite.
They zip up, making them really easy for nighttime changes and are lightweight but warm enough that he only has to wear those at night.
They're inexpensive, wash well, and come in tons of patterns.
A lot of people who buy these seem to not like them, but I really love our Bassinest!
Like I've mentioned, Charlie isn't the best about going down-but once he's asleep for the night he sleeps really well in the Halo.
I love the swivel feature and how the legs go under our bed, so that he's right beside my side of the bed making it really easy for me to check on him throughout the night.
This didn't make it onto the graphic, but it should've because we use it nightly and it's been a big source of comfort for both Chris and I.
We just strap the little sock on him under his footie pajamas before bed & turn it on through the base station or the app.
It monitors his heart rate and oxygen levels and will alert us if either one drop or get too high throughout the night.
This will definitely be a must for us when he moves into his nursery too!
 If you had any products that your baby's loved for months 2+, please let me know below!
Until next time. . .

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