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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.50]

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I am having the hardest time ever keeping y'all updated with Ten on Tuesday posts! You haven't had one since this one in July!
But you've seen lots of other fun posts between then & now, so I'm not 100% slacking, at least.
Today I'm back with a fun roundup of things from around the internet, pics of life lately, and all kinds of fun whatnot that ToT is famous for.

Probably the biggest life update that we have going on over here is that we welcomed Baby Charlie home in September!
I posted his birth announcement, then his birth story, and then his one month update if you're interested in getting caught up with our little man.

Since bringing Charlie home, he's had lots of adventures. . .
 Meeting big brother, Forrest for the first time!
I can't wait to see them grow together & become best friends as Charlie gets older.
 He visited his MawMaw & PawPaw Upchurch, Chris' grandparents.
We were so excited to bring them their littlest grandson to meet.
He attended his first Inter Se meeting, which is a women's club that I'm a part of.
He of course was loved on by all the ladies!
 We had our first trip to the farm with him & although he doesn't look too thrilled in the picture, I think he loved it!
We sat down in the pasture & watched Daddy get up a steer we were taking to market and we checked out our replacement heifers-Charlie approved.
 He also went to his first birthday party, his future bestie Anna Claire turned one and we wouldn't have missed for anything!
 His first seasonal jammies-we love these Carter's jammies!
 We had our first date night as a family of three!
One of our favorite little spots is a restaurant down on the river where they have an awesome buffalo chicken pizza so we took Charlie there for our first night back on the town.
 He's been practicing his tummy time skills and loves it (as long as he can look out the window while he does it!)
And most of all-he turned one month old!
The blanket he's on in this picture was a quilt hand-quilted for me by my dad's mom-my MawMaw so that made it even more special!

We had beautiful newborn photos done by my favorite photographer & friend in the whole world-Amy-Cole Photography!
I'll be sharing more of these in a big post, so keep a look out!

I loved Cynthia's guide on how to plant a window box garden!
I've got a live list for my handy-man and one of the things on there is to build some hanging boxes for our patio space-I'm thinking they will be beautiful for Fall, filled with Fall Crocus, Lead Plant, or maybe just classic mums!

Mama's been working on slowly getting her groove back, so when my middle sister comes over a few times a week, we venture outside with Charlie and Forrest for neighborhood walks.
The weather has been awesome the past week so we've been loving getting out in the fresh air!

Y'all-I finally found the best basic tee from Old Navy (which is obviously sold out because it's awesome), but now I want to pick up the long-sleeved option for Fall!
They probably have more color options in store, but I'm loving the maroon that's online (it's the color I bought the basic tee in too!)
Plus, at only $15 you can't really beat that price.

Just a few more life updates. . .
 I dedicated an entire blog post that you can read here to us being named the 2018 Outstanding Young Farm Family for the state of Alabama, but I just want to highlight this accomplishment in case you missed that post-Chris and I are just so thrilled to share our love of agriculture and are blessed to receive this honor as a family.
 After being named 2018 OYFF, we have been asked to speak at a few local meetings and had the honor of meeting our local state representative, Mike Rogers at one of those meetings.
Pardon my giant hair in this picture, but we were also asked to participate in "Cowboys in the Classroom" last week & with the local Cattlemen's Association we went and read to the students of our local elementary school and helped educate them about the beef cattle industry.

I have about zero sewing skills, but I also am trying not to spend a million dollars on this nursery for our little boy-so I'm trying to find ways to be frugal on things that "don't really matter" for example-the crib skirt.
I found a few that I like online, but they're all around $30 or upwards and I just think that's kind of I googled, or Pinterested actually, and found a tutorial for a no-sew crib skirt that my sister & I attempted for the nursery and to be honest with turned out pretty darn well. In fact, if I can convince her-we just might make another one in a different fabric!

Just a few farm and animal updates. . .
 The Sunday before we were induced, we spent our day with Willow (aka one of my horses) and Chris bathed and groomed her for me.
I hope that one day she'll be Charlie's horse & we'll all be able to ride together...but until then, I'll just be glad to be cleared to ride again!
 If you think we've forgotten all about Forrest you would be wrong-we still love our first born fur child more than ever.
However, a week from today he has an appointment at the University of Auburn's Vet School/Vet Clinic because he's been having some problems that started just after we brought Charlie home.
He started having pain while walking up the stairs (and our house has A LOT of stairs) and then stopped being able to go up them at all & also can't climb into/jump into a vehicle anymore.
He's a very large dog at 93 lbs so we can't just carry him around either.
Our local vet seems to think he might have a partially torn ACL or CCL (meaning surgery), so we want a second opinion before deciding on surgery.
So until his appointment/surgery Forrest has been living downstairs in our basement and getting regular potty breaks and loving/petting sessions each day...we look so forward to having him back upstairs with the whole family!
And just 'cause, I wanted to include this beautiful shot I took the day we brought Charlie to the farm for the first time-our girl's look good and all is right in the world.
And just a few more bonus pics/updates that never made it to the blog. . .
 The Cattlemen's Association hosted our first annual rodeo in our county and Chris is on the board, so we were there both nights-y'all it was SO fun!
I can't wait for next year already (and am so glad that I won't be pregnant for the next one!)
 Chris' sweet cousin Haley got married on Charlie's due date, but he held off so we could make it to the wedding 😉
It was such a beautiful ceremony and reception!
And I never got to share this picture, but the sweet ladies at our church threw us a baby shower!
Everything was beautiful & now that Charlie has been born and his name has been revealed, I can finally share the details from both of my showers with y'all!

Well, that was a huge picture & brain dump-but I hope y'all enjoyed it!
Hopefully I won't wait so long to do the next Ten on Tuesday 😊

Until next time. . .

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  1. Yay for baby Charlie! What a handsome fella! And sending Forrest all the best wishes for his surgery- poor pupper, I hope he feels better soon!

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