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Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Reading List

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Before Charlie arrived, I was reading up a storm y'all!
I knew that once he got here, my time would be very limited (I was definitely not wrong there) so I was trying to squeeze in as much as I could.
These 5 books I'm going to mention in this post were all so good which was a relief, because this past summer some of the books I tried to read I actually had to give up on!
Let's jump into some reviews. . .

I was so intrigued to read this book because I love the fact that the main character is around my age and is a teacher, which is my profession (at least what my degree is in!)
The main character, Callie, has a very type A personality with everything having to be planned and scheduled out.
That's definitely how I used to see myself, until l realized that sometimes if I let things go, then life can actually be so much better than my silly little plans and I think that Callie sees that by the end of this book as well.
It's got several different points-of-view to read from, which I always enjoy because I love to see the background of other characters.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book & would totally recommend you all check it out! 

If you've been around this blog before then you know my love for historical fiction and two of these books fall into that category-this one being the first.
Based in a western town with the focus being Lixie Miller, who was the widow of a very famous general, who famously cheated on her and died when discovered.
This book focuses on Lixie's adventures as she tries to find a new life after his death, and a way to take the focus off of the scandal.
It's got a little adventure, it's got a little love story, and it's got some sweet and interesting characters and is totally worth the read!

I'll be honest, what pulled me into this book was the beautiful cover-which you can't see in the photo but it's a woman standing in a beautiful red brocade gown. I was sold when I realized it was historical fiction as well.
This book is based in Denver, Colorado in the Spring of 1885 where a socialite from New York, Beret Edmondson has gone in search of her sister Lillie.
When she arrives, she discovers that her sister Lillie had become a prostitute and has been murdered which essentially blows Beret's mind.
What comes about from Beret's sleuthing is nothing short of an insanely well written crazy roller coaster ride of family drama, love, mystery, murder, and intrigue.
This is definitely one of the two two books I read out of these five.

This is actually a book in a series that I haven't read, but after reading it I feel confident in telling you that you can read any book in this series as a stand alone.
This book focuses on Cody and Andi as well as the love story of John Baxter, the family patriarch who lost his first wife to cancer and has remarried.
John's grandson, Cole has asked him to share his love story for a school project and although it's painful, John shares the story which is beautiful and painful and a wonderful lesson for Cole.
Cody & Andi's adventures in their relationship-breaking up, getting back together, getting engaged, breaking off the engagement, etc. is a bit of turmoil but the storyline is still powerful.
This is a Christian-based book (like several of these on the list are) and I love the addition of faith into these books.

Confession, I started this one earlier in the Summer when Christopher and I went to the beach. However, a lot of the time that I was pregnant I just didn't feel like reading very much so this one went to the back burner even though it was a good read.
Next to Nicholas Sparks, Elin Hilderbrand is one of my very favorite authors and I always enjoy her books that are set on Nantucket.
This book was about twin sisters who when their parents divorced, each lived with a different parent on a different island (Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard) and lived very different lifestyles.
This book is a journey of each of them making their way back to each other by the death of their father, ends of relationships, their mother being hospitalized, and a demanding teenage daughter.
Just as with most of her books, I laugh and I cried-especially at the end.
My most favorite part of this book are the parts written from one of the sister's Husky, Fish.
He has his own excerpts and they are just the best.
We seriously don't deserve dogs, not even fictional ones.

I really, really hope you all enjoyed this book review post & will consider checking out at least one of these books as I enjoyed them all.
I'm not sure when my next book review post will be up because I'm at a standstill with my current pick mostly because mom-life is ruling my life right now but I'm sure I'll find balance soon-maybe in 2019! 😂

Until next time. . .

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